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Also: it’s not too late to send your California ballot. If Joe Biden wins the White House, who will be replaced by Governor Gavin Newsom to replace Senator Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris)?

Happy Friday! Are you ready for Halloween? I’m Winston Gieseke, the charity and special column editor of “Desert Sun,” and it feels like Halloween for most of this year. After all, I have been wearing a mask and eating sweets for the past eight months. But this does not prevent me from providing you with the latest information on this latest state.

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California EDD director resigns

If you are one of the people still waiting Earlier this month, it was reported that more than 1.6 million backlog claims will be processed in California. You may see some changes because the state’s Employment Development Department will soon have a new sheriff.

According to a report by KCRA 3 Investigates on Friday, Sharon Hilliard, who was appointed director of the organization in February, has resigned.

Hilliard said in a memo quoted on the radio: “Since I walked into the EDD building 37 years ago, I have always been honored to be a member of the Employment Development Department.” “I was only 19 years old at the time. Looking back, I can’t imagine how lucky I would be to work with so many caring, strong and professional people, determined to provide the best service to California citizens. With a sad heart, I announce my retirement from December 31, 2020. “

In addition to the backlog of work, this troubled department has experienced a lot of fraud during the COVID-19 epidemic, and legislators in many states have been calling for Hiriad to resign for months.

Nearly 12,000 Californians may be homeless again

The Roomkey project is a national plan During the coronavirus pandemic, this has sheltered thousands of homeless people. Governor Gavin Newsom launched the project in April. As a result, most of the state’s 58 counties have implemented a $150 million plan. Based on the state’s homeless population, More than 28,000 people in the area have received housing.

But several counties have ended the program, leaving customers nowhere to go. On December 30, statewide funding will end, forcing many other companies to shut down their plans completely or provide additional funding to allow people to stay longer.

According to the “Desert Sun” analysis, only 5% of Roomkey customers found a permanent home in the statewide. Among Roomkey customers in Riverside County, 43% (approximately 375 people) remain in one of the many hotel units in the state’s fourth most populous county, while 29% are homeless and become emergency shelters or No ability to be tracked.

A subsequent state plan called the “Homekey Project” aimed to transform old hotels and motels into affordable apartments, but not all counties received funding. Among those counties that have such services, some counties report that they hope to provide an affordable life by the end of this year, while others say that their Homekey project will not be liveable until mid-2021 or even later . The largest project in Binhe County that can accommodate anyone (including those currently in hotel rooms) will not open to the public until May 2023.

This means that nearly 12,000 people (mainly gathered in the largest county in California) will face the possibility of returning to homelessness from the pandemic.

Is it too late to send California ballots?

In four days, election day will come, Some people are worried about whether the postal department can deliver voter ballots to county election administrators on time. However, Ben Christopher wrote for “California Affairs” and reported that election administrators and legal experts said California voters need not worry.

This summer, state legislators passed a law requiring all stamped ballots to be mailed before the voting deadline 17 days to find a way to get from the voter’s mailbox to the county administrator. This is to ensure that even a catastrophic postal disaster will not deprive voters of the post.

However, if voters are to be very cautious, they can always bring their ballots directly to the post office, or put them in coin boxes or polling centers managed by the county.

So far, 8.7 million votes have been returned, accounting for almost 60% of the total votes in the 2016 California presidential election.

And don’t forget: even without a mask, you can still vote in person on election day, but you will have more choices because most counties have fewer voting centers than previous elections.

Seven Riverside County firefighters tested positive for COVID-19; as many as 80 were quarantined

Seven California firefighters in Riverside County Fire officials said this week that in the past few months, COVID-19 has tested positive and another 80 cases have been or are being quarantined.

However, the entire team only accounts for 10% of the county fire department. No stations are closed and there is no impact on services.

Of the 7 patients who tested positive, only 1 had mild symptoms. Cal Fire Captain Jesse Dofelmire said the others were asymptomatic.

It is believed that these cases may have occurred as early as June and have nothing to do with a single source. Firefighters are constantly at risk of exposure to COVID-19 because they are the first responders who often interact with the public.

As of Thursday, about 24 firefighters have not been quarantined, but their stations and cities have not been disclosed to protect their privacy.

As of Thursday, there were 67552 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Riverside County, of which 1,306 deaths were attributed to the disease. About 60,490 people have been recovered.

Newsom’s children return to California’s private school classroom

Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) said on Friday that his four children, Politico reports that children between the ages of 4 and 11 return to the classroom and begin to use a “step-by-step learning” approach for face-to-face learning.

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many schools in California are still closed, including most public schools in Sacramento County where the governor lives.

Newsom’s children go to an unnamed private school in Sacramento County, which uses a mixed schedule that alternates remote and face-to-face education. It is expected that full-time school will resume next month.

Newsom said: “We absolutely believe that social and emotional learning in class is the best place for children, and of course the best place for parents.” “Therefore, we have an absolute responsibility to do our best to support our region so that they It can be reopened safely, with emphasis on reopening safely.”

Newsom vote, a joke about choosing a successor to Kamala Harris

In other Newsom news, The governor is one of the 8 million Californians who have voted this year, and Newsom called this number “very impressive.”

The Sacramento Bees reported that Newsom met Sacramento Kings player Harrison Barnes when voting on Thursday. The governor said that Barnes was about who did not make a suggestion, as for who should replace Kamala Harris in the Senate, if she is elected vice president, he is the only person with whom he has spoken recently.

“Every other person I met seemed to have a strong opinion,” Newsom said. “I haven’t even handled this decision personally because we have to make a decision after election day whether there is a choice.”

Politico said that at least ten California Democrats are serious, including Secretary of State Alex Padilla (Alex Padilla), and their supporters, donors and staff are arguing. When Senate seats are opened in California, the governor can appoint alternative candidates without having to call a special election. Newsom’s draft pick will play a role in the remaining two years of Harris’ tenure.

That’s it, guys. Safe weekend, well informed! And don’t forget to set the clock back to one hour before going to bed on Saturday.

In California, a summary of news from the online newsroom of USA Today. Also contributed: KCRA 3, Politico, Sacramento Bee.

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