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Easter in Urbi and Obi’s Pope: “Christ Risen hopes that he will not be disappointed”

Pope Francis conveyed his traditional Easter message to the city and the world “Ulbi wait for Obi”, emphasizing how we celebrate this event today, so that we have no hope of disappointment: “The crucified Jesus is resurrected “.

Vatican news staff writer

The church proclaimed a good news all over the world: “The crucified Jesus has been resurrected as he said. Pope Francis said at the beginning of the Easter live message: “Alleluia! “.

He delivered his City and the world information Just like last year, due to the coronavirus security measures, the same is true in St. Peter̵

7;s Basilica.

He just finished the Easter Sunday Mass that presided over the meeting, and a small group of people attended the meeting. The cathedral’s feature is the avalanche roses sent by the Dutch flower shop. Traditionally, flowers bloom on St. Peter’s Square every Easter, but they have to stop temporarily due to the pandemic.

The Pope pointed out that the Easter reality of the resurrection provides concrete and tangible hope and comfort, but its information does not provide us with the “rage floor of the sea or reveal the magic formula” that “we may wish to escape the dilemma of the real world” .

Among them, the spread of epidemics and social and economic crises has particularly hit the poor, but he also pointed out the “shameful” fact that “the armed conflict has not ended and the military arsenal has been strengthened.”

Hope not to be disappointed

Easter’s message of hope tells us succinctly, “Jesus who was crucified on the cross has risen from the dead”, Pope Francis said, adding that God the Father raised Jesus and he took on his own weakness. , Weak and fulfilled his will to save, the burden of our sins, and even our death. Therefore, the Pope said: “The Father has exalted him, and now Jesus Christ lives forever. He is Lord.”

The Pope pointed out that the wounds that Jesus suffered on his hands, feet and sides are “the eternal imprint of his love for us”, and all those who have experienced physical or mental suffering can seek refuge in them, “receive the grace of hope.” “. Will not disappoint. “

Hope and unity during the pandemic

Pope Francis went on to say that the resurrected Christ brings hope and comfort to those suffering from the pandemic, the sick and the bereaved. He also prayed that God could “maintain the heroic efforts of doctors and nurses.”

He emphasized that everyone, especially the disadvantaged, needs assistance and is entitled to care. Vaccines are indispensable. He called on the international community to “commit to overcome delays in vaccine distribution and to promote vaccine distribution, especially in the poorest countries.”

The Pope said that the resurrected lord comforted the unemployed and those suffering from financial difficulties. He prayed that Christ could “encourage public authorities to take action so that everyone, especially the families most in need” can be helped to avoid falling into poverty. This is a sad reality and the epidemic has greatly worsened.

The Pope also mentioned the psychological impact of the pandemic on young people, who are often forced to stay at home instead of going to school or visiting friends in person. He stated that he “keep close relationships with young people all over the world.”

Hope to bring peace to our world

When he visited Haiti, he quoted St. John Paul II’s words: “All kinds of poor people must start to hope again”, and his thinking also turned to “the beloved Haitian people” and urged them to “look into the future with confidence and hope” and “do not Will be overwhelmed by the current difficulties. He emphasized the close relationship with these problems, and can finally solve their problems.

Pope Francis prayed for young people in Myanmar, “committed to supporting democracy and expressing their voice peacefully” so that “only love can eliminate hatred.”

He recalled the immigrants fleeing war and extreme poverty. They believed that “the light of the resurrected Jesus is the source of rebirth.” As we have seen among them, they are the path to Calvary. “The Lord has suffered.” face”. He pointed out that this requires concrete signs of unity and human fraternity in all respects. He thanked the countries that accepted asylum, Lebanon and Jordan cited the violence of many refugees fleeing neighboring Syria.

He prayed that the Lebanese people “seek the support of the international community” during this difficult time and insisted on becoming “a country of encounters, coexistence and diversity.”

The Pope emphasized that “May Christ our peace” cease the armed conflict in “the beloved and war-torn Syria”, where millions of people are suffering.

He also pointed to the “deafening scandal silence” that Yemen has suffered.

Looking forward to the Libyan country, he pointed out that there is finally hope to end the decade of bloodshed and turmoil. On all these lands, he encouraged all parties concerned to “commit” to end these conflicts and allow “people who are tired of war to live in peace” and rebuild their lives and communities.

Living as siblings

The Pope went on to say that the resurrection takes us to Jerusalem, where “we ask the Lord to grant peace and security” so that it can “embrace its calling” and become a “place where everyone can see each other as brothers and sisters”. He encouraged Israelis and Palestinians to “rediscover the power of dialogue” in order to find a solution that “enables the two countries to coexist in peace and prosperity.”

Pope Francis also reviewed his visit to Iraq last month and prayed that the country will continue to embark on the “road to peace” and “realize God’s dream of hospitality for a human family and welcoming all his children.” .”

Overcome the war mentality

Then, the Pope’s thoughts turned to Africa, especially in the Sahel region of Mozambique, Nigeria, Tigray, and Capo Delgado, where it suffered from internal violence and international terrorism, and prayed that the conflict could be reconciled through “dialogue” The spirit is resolved peacefully. And true unity”.

The Pope lamented that too many wars and too much violence haunt our world. He prayed: “May our peaceful Lord Jehovah help us to overcome the war mentality.”

He added that the prisoners of conflicts in eastern Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh could be released and the arms race could be curbed. He recalled that Sunday, April 4, was the International Anti-Personnel Landmine Awareness Day, and said that these “insidious and terrorist devices” caused many innocent lives or maimed every year. He also emphasized that “without these tools of death, our world would be better!”

Healed by the wounds of Christ

Finally, Pope Francis recognized that Christians sometimes celebrate Easter in many places under such strict restrictions, and sometimes cannot participate in liturgical celebrations. He prayed that these restrictions and all restrictions on freedom of worship and religion around the world could be lifted so that everyone could pray and praise God freely.

The Pope said that in these difficult circumstances, we must always remember that “we have been healed by the wounds of Christ”, and according to the resurrected Lord, “our suffering has now been manifested… where there is death, now There is life” .

He concluded: “We pray that the benefits of healing will spread throughout the world. Happy Easter everyone!”

After delivering his Urbi et Orbi Easter message, the pope delivered his apostolic blessing.

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