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Welcome to the weekend! I’m Winston Gieseke, the Special Edition Editor-in-Chief of Charity and Palm Springs Desert Sun, bringing you the latest developments in the Golden State.

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California passes landmark plastic recycling law

Governor Gavin Newsom (Environment) is working hard. Earlier this week, he issued an executive order banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars in California from 2035. Now, he has signed “the first international law requiring plastic beverage containers to contain more and more plastic beverage containers. A large amount of recycled materials”, according to “Mercury News”.

The goal is to reduce the large amount of plastic waste we generate in the oceans, roads and other parts of the state.

The measure requires companies that produce beverages sold in plastic bottles to use 15% recycled plastics by 2022, 25% recycled plastics by 2025, and 50% recycled plastics by 2030.

“This is the most ambitious and aggressive recycled plastic content law in the world,” said Mark Murray, executive director of the Californian Opposition to Waste, an environmental group based in Sacramento.

The bill AB 793 follows the state’s mandatory recycling measures for other materials. California currently requires 35% recyclable materials in glass bottles sold in the state. Newsprint must be recycled 50%.

According to “Mercury News” reports, California sells 12 billion plastic bottles every year. According to state statistics, although about 70% of them are recycled, there are still more than 3 billion bottles that are not recycled at all. Many of them end up in landfills or littered outdoors.

California’s warm and dry autumn may bring more fire hazards

If you have been hoping to be free from wildfires, You may be disappointed. This year, there have been 8,000 wildfires in California. Meteorologists say that starting this weekend, most parts of California will face greater fire risks than usual.

In most areas of NorCal, fire weather monitoring will be activated this weekend. When the temperature returns to three digits, it is expected to release weather monitoring for parts of SoCal next week.

It is expected that the heat in the ground of the Sacramento Valley and the interior of Southern California will reach 100 degrees, and the heat in the desert area will reach 110 degrees. Dry weather may fuel the already burning wildfires, including the August building in Mendocino County, the SQF building in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Visalia, and the Creek Fire near Fresno.

Alex Tardy, a meteorologist at the San Diego National Weather Service, said: “The outlook predicts that November will have above-average temperatures and very little precipitation.”[Conditions] Start with [this] time. “

He said that the current fire weather risk is extremely high, and we are likely to remain in this state when we fall.

Disneyland is eager to reopen

It seems that Disneyland is not currently the happiest place in the world. In fact, it may be the most frustrated, because it has been closed since mid-March, causing major financial problems for the park and the city of Anaheim.

Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, said: “We are ready to open up with a responsible attitude. Now is the time to open up responsibly. It is very important to open up with a responsible attitude.”

On the financial front, the “Orange County Roster” reported: “Since the closure of Disneyland, Anaheim’s budget deficit has risen to $100 million, and the city’s unemployment rate has risen to a historical high of 15%.”

But you know what happens when you want a star… On September 16, Governor Newsom stated that “very, very soon” an announcement regarding the reopening guidelines for California theme parks will be issued. Hakuna Matata!

California leads the way in COVID cases, lacks jobs in San Francisco and does not wash neighbors’ cars in Los Angeles

California has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the state, with 800,000 cases. According to the Los Angeles Times. Considering that we are the most populous state with approximately 40 million people, this is not surprising. The Golden State accounts for 12% of the US population, but only 11% nationwide.

About 15,000 people have died in California. However, our death toll is lower than in less populated states. In New York, for example, the death toll is reported to exceed 33,000. As of Wednesday, Texas has reported 15,267 deaths. New Jersey has reported more than 16,000 coronavirus-related deaths. On Friday, the death toll in Florida exceeded 14,000.

Are you looking for a job in the Bay Area? The competition is eight times that of January. According to “Mercury News”, in the San Francisco metropolitan area, every job vacancy is competing for 11.4 people, which is much fiercer than the competition for one of the best economies in the Bay Area earlier this year. in the world.

On Friday morning, two earthquakes shook SoCal’s Coachella Valley There is only a few minutes between each other, which is 3.0 amplitude, then 3.6 amplitude. Both are located 6 miles east of Desert Hot Springs, just outside Palm Springs. There were no reports of other earthquakes or aftershocks, and no property damage or injury.

Finally, in the bizarre California law news: Have you ever thought about washing your neighbor’s car? Maybe he or she did you a favor, and you want to do something good for them in return? According to majlaw.com, if you live in Los Angeles, you may want to reconsider because it is illegal to wash your car without permission from your neighbors.

happy weekend! There will be more California news on Monday.

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