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Eagle News: Trading Andre Dillard?

let’s start Philadelphia Eagles link…

Eagle Mailbag: Andre Dillard’s trading market, why has it changed from 6 to 12 now? -PhillyVoice
I do think the Eagles are willing to save some sort of draft pick in exchange for Dillard’s trade. However, it costs more to trade him than to keep him, so they must get a valuable return. Fourth round pick in 2022? I think that will be the best option they hope. Personally, even if I need other teams, I will not give up anything of value to Dillard. The guess here is that he will return to the roster in 2021 as a backup LT. Remember, Myrata has a history of back injuries, so even if Myrata wins a starter, they may need Dillard at some point this season. Maybe Dillard will show some positive signs if he has to participate in the game, he can increase his value, and if it still makes sense, they can reach his agreement in 2022? But now, I can̵

7;t imagine Howie is receiving a call from him.

Weapon X Mailbag: How does Jalen Hurts compare to the 2021 QB draft class? -BGN
As for what the consensus between scouts and league members might be, I think if Jalen Hurts participates in the 2021 draft, he will be the second or third line signal caller. The first layer I want to talk about is Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trey Lance. Maybe Mike Jones should be on the first floor, but I want to put him all on the second floor. My opinion is that in a separate third group, people will treat damage as similar to Kyle Trask (not Kyle Trask, not in play, but in shooting). How will I rank myself? Lawrence will be my QB1, and I hope Fields will be second. For me, they are on the first floor. I will put the damage on the second level with Wilson and Lance. If you want the biggest Hurts guy on this site, you can call it confirmation bias, but this guy has performed well in two of the best programs in the United States this century, and has better mobility than Wilson and Lance (although Compared to others, Hurts are more convincing) Guys, they are also great athletes).

Locker room live replay: Who should the Hawks choose to play when they are 12 years old? -BGN Radio
The audience of Brandon Lee Gowton, Shamus Clancy and BGN discussed their views on the failure of the Philadelphia deal, and the views of Jalen Hurts , The Eagles should be ranked 12th!

March Madness: It’s time to vote in the second round of our Eagles Media Field 64 Game-Across the Broad
[BLGNote:[BLGNote:[BLG注意:[BLGNote:Click the link, scroll down, and vote for me If you want, you can be in the Chris Gaugon area! I am the only BGN writer/podcaster left in the game. ]

Miscellaneous Draft Speech-Trigger Blitz
I mentioned DeVonta Smith several times recently. It’s fair to question whether he has any concerns. We do not have the official size of Smith. His unofficial is 6-0, saying he is 170 pounds. Someone I trust once wrote that Smith has a record of 165 this year. Hawks fans can easily be scared of Todd Pinkston, who is 6-2, 170. nothing much. Smith is playing on ST. I am not talking about becoming a returnee (though he did). Smith is a good stopper. He mixed it with the database. Yes, he has a slight figure, but this is not a shrewd player. He is strong mentally and physically. He is extremely competitive. I love people with that mentality. Security Boldin (Anquan Boldin) is slow (ranking 4.7 in the combined competition), but I really like his competitiveness, so I rated him in the first round. Smith lacks an ideal figure, but he does seem to have an ideal heart. You can watch the game tape to see how he dominated the best conference in the entire football world. In the 12th place, he is worth a try. There are risks to be sure. Also, look at JJ Arcega-Whiteside. He is big enough and didn’t squat in the NFL. Size is important, but this is only part of the overall picture.

Hawks Hall of Fame member Tommy Macdonald finds CTE worst-Inquirer
The news from a zoom conference call held this week at the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center at Boston University did not cause any shock to Tommy McDonald’s family. An autopsy of the brain of Eagles Hall of Famer died in September 2018 at the age of 84. He discovered that he was suffering from Stage 4 CTE, the most advanced form of brain disease that has always plagued NFL players. McDonald’s son Chris said on Wednesday: “This is not surprising.” “He showed all the symptoms.” According to research by BU Center Director Ann McKee, after studying the brains of hundreds of deceased football players, McDonald’s disease” The more serious the better”.

Free agent reveals that the era of the Browns is changing-Dawgs By Nature
Players no longer signed with Cleveland, but only cashed in a disposable salary at the end of their NFL career. Now, the players come to Brown because they want a chance to win the Super Bowl. (The salary that follows is obviously good, and we are not naive here.) Defensive player Malik Jackson talked about this topic at a media conference on Wednesday: “A Super Bowl contender team, this That’s what I want, especially in the atmosphere of this free agency and many one-year deals. I don’t want to go to any place trying to rebuild. I want to go somewhere with a stable team, I can enter a Place, without having to be that guy, I can just be a support role, have the opportunity to get a job, and struggle in the third setback. This is what I asked for.”

Report: The Colts renew free agent DE Al Quedin Mohamed to one year, $3.4M deal-Cowboys Blue
According to ESPN’s Adam Schft, the Indianapolis Colts are renewing the free agent defensive end of Al Quedin Mohamed to the new year, with a $3.4M deal. [BLG Note: Previously mentioned him as a potential Eagles free agent target due to the Jonathan Gannon connection.]

As far as Super Bowl LVI is concerned, the current odds are in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys-Blog Boys
This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t do much unless you count them finally reaching a deal with Dark Prescott. Considering the fact that Dallas has indeed lost the team’s quarterback, it is of course fair to include Darke in the team’s free agency market. However, he is obviously not a new player, so it is difficult to count him in the same way. Compare with others. Free agents have adjusted the way they look at many teams in the league, so what is their current chance of success in 2021. Two weeks before the free game started, our friends at BetOnline set the odds for the Super Bowl LVI, and they didn’t make the Cowboys too high.

Answering questions about the 17-game season-Hogs Haven
International games were part of the arrangement, but the application of the regulation was delayed for one year (perhaps due to concerns about COVID). As stated in the NFL press release, “The enhanced season will ensure that starting from 2022, all 32 clubs will play internationally at least once every eight years.” The league plans to arrange up to four international games each season, with a focus on Canada. Europe, Mexico, South America and the United Kingdom. Washington’s only international series was the 2016 game against the Cincinnati Bengals in London. When neither team’s kickers were able to score a key goal, they tied for a tie.

How will the 17 seasons affect NFL records? -ring
Now that the NFL owners have formally voted to expand this season to 17 games, it is time to see which single-season records may have dropped and which are still safe, and add one more game as planned

NFL’s new 17 season is robbery and hurt the game-SB Nation
How many NFL owners like football games? I mean, I really like this game. Judging from the latest decision to expand the regular season to 17 games, it seems that they are picking up money every time when the chips are down and the decision is between the sanctity of the game and the money. On Monday, NFL owners held a meeting and voted to add a regular season starting in 2021. Each team was told to have an additional matchup. This is an initiative prepared by the NFL Players Association to incorporate this regulation into the CBA. As a result, the preseason will be reduced from four games to three games, thereby organically incorporating the 17th game into the schedule. I usually believe in the idea of ​​”playing more football is a good idea”, but to expand the regular season, it is actually not needed-except for selling another stadium and putting more money into the owner’s pocket.

Suspicious Unfair Podcast #30: Career Day Hype, Exaggeration and Absurdity-SB Nation NFL Show
Kyle Posey and Ben Natan (Bleeding Green Nation) broke all the recent professional game day results and the absurd and ridiculous views that emerged from them, and went straight to the 2021 NFL draft!

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