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Eagle News: Deshaun Watson (Deshaun Watson) went to the NFC East?

let’s go Philadelphia Eagles link…

If DeShaun Watson is traded, then these are the teams that need him most-SB Nation
Washington football team. Reasonable reason: This is a playoff team with excellent defense and enough offensive weapons, which is three-quarters away from aggressive offense. Washington has a lot of salary space, which means they can afford Watson and still get a weapon or two in the free agency market. Why not do this: Watson’s biggest sticking point in Houston is dysfunction. Although the ship has stabilized under Ron Rivera’s leadership, it is still the most dysfunctional ball in the NFL One of the team. Will Watson be happy? Hard to say.

Watson changed Wentz? Take a look at the possibility of a (unlikely) transaction-94WIP
In a world, the Texans believe that they can solve Wentz̵

7;s problem, and if they are to lose Watson, the introduction of Wentz is about a comfort price, just like the return they get from the players to join the quarterback. In the offseason, the key is the team’s evaluation of Wentz. If they still believe, money/money will not be a problem.

Deshaun Watson (Deshaun Watson) Frustrated, Texas General Manager, Head Coach Recruitment Process-Battle Red Blog
At this point, this is no longer accidental. Although the Texans promised to comply with their requirements in advance, the Texans blatantly ignored the wishes of their star players, almost intentionally. Deshaun Watson’s refusal to communicate with the team now is a completely appropriate response to such a hypocritical organization. Although the culprit of these actions is not yet clear, some people have guessed who should be held responsible.

Deshaun Watson is dissatisfied with Texans-on the cap
How much does the Texans cost Watson? It must be a lot. I have seen people say that the No. 1 pick in the draft is not enough. The first thing to consider is that Watson is undoubtedly a bet. He is among the top 5 QBs in the NFL. I don’t care about what Trevor Lawrence calls upside-it is still a gamble, and it will also be an expensive gamble. Although we can treat rookie contracts as cheap contracts (Lawrence’s contract averages about $9 million per year), once we look at the $27 million that Watson paid in advance, the contracts invested directly in Lawrence each year for the next 4 years US$16 million will directly reduce trade. It can still be affordable, but who do you want to be? In the next five years, will you hold Watson’s team for less than $30 million a year, or will you use Lawrence’s team for $16 million for the next four years?

Todd McShay’s mock draft is an unlikely result for the Hawks-BGN
I am very confident that the Hawks will not break this 42-year-old winning streak in April. The organization clearly did not pay enough attention to the position to occupy a place in the first round, let alone ranked sixth. Some people would think that Parsons should be an exception to the eagle’s rule. Few people would disagree that he is an intriguing talent, and Philadelphia needs help in this position. However, there are other opportunities to properly solve this problem. In contrast, there will not be much opportunity to potentially obtain a distinctive receiver. On this point, it is crazy how McShay’s simulation made the Eagles surpass Ja’Marr Chase, he may not even be Philly’s choice! It will be bananas to push Parsons to Chase.

Does Wentz want to go out? + Howie Roseman Speech + Guidance Change-BGN Broadcast
Brandon Lee Gowton (Brandon Lee Gowton) and Jimmy Kempski (Jimmy Kempski) solved the biggest topics and problems facing the Hawks entering the offseason!

What did Doug Pedersen do to Carson Wentz? -NBCSP
If anything, Wentz should thank Pedersen, who helped Pederson become one of seven-eighth quarterbacks in the NFL before the start of last season. It is hard to imagine what Pederson will do to Wentz between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. Moreover, if Wentz sees a substitute when he is statistically the NFL’s worst quarterback, which is a violation of trust, then he needs to look in the mirror and accept the facts he deserves. Pedersen is not perfect. Obviously, he was not doing well. However, one thing he did did not guarantee that Wentz would respond in his own way.

It is important to rebuild defensive capabilities in the offseason plan
When the Eagles evaluate 2021, what do they have in middle school? Avonte Maddox (Avonte Maddox) should be healthy, the Hawks need to find out where he is most successful-the nickel corner? Outside cornerback? Safety? – And pray for him to stay on the court – in his three seasons, his number of steals and appearances have declined. Nickell Robey-Coleman (Nickell Robey-Coleman) signed a one-year contract during the 2020 free agent market. The same is true for safety/corner/hybrid Jalen Mills. Are they going back to 2021? Safety issues Rodney McLeod (Rodney McLeod) suffered ACL tears at the end of the season? Can the Hawks count on him until 2021? Overall, the Department of Defense has raised many questions. The first step is to find the right coordinator and decide which option is best for the people here. Or, considering all the issues, what is the best defense method for the coordinator and ask the right people to adapt to the plan. This is a big project, which includes all three levels of defense. This is not a plug and play situation.

Paired bald eagles were found in every county in New Jersey, this is the first monitoring in 40 years-NBC Philadelphia
A report released last Thursday stated that pairs of condors were found in all 21 counties in New Jersey last year, which has never been recorded during more than 40 years of monitoring by wildlife officials and volunteers. According to a report released by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, researchers found a record 220 pairs of nesting eagles, and 307 young eagles were produced last year. Another 28 pairs were tracked in the nest, but no eggs were laid. The report is consistent with the established trend of the national bald eagle population recovery, which was severely threatened in the 1970s and 1980s due to habitat destruction and the widespread use of DDT.

Report: The Dallas Cowboys have disbanded defensive coordinator Mike Nolan (Mike Nolan)-Blogs The Boys after being with the team for a year
Throughout the season, the Cowboys are more suitable for franchise than most groups, and they score higher in large-scale performances and scoring. Players are frustrated with this plan and feel that there are too many plans for 2021. In this case, usually, whoever is at the top must pay for it, and this is exactly what happens on defense. According to reports, on Friday afternoon, the Cowboys have fired defense coordinator Mike Nolan.

Voting: Should the Giants let Jason Garrett be the offensive coordinator or move on? -Blueprint
How much is Garrett’s fault? How much does it have to do with the injury of Saquon Barkley at the end of the season? The pandemic that broke the offseason? The learning curve for sophomore quarterbacks and young offensive lines? Lack of dynamic receiving weapons? Coach Joe Judge questioned his coaching team in a press conference at the end of the season. Gateman talked about Garrett. “In terms of the potential for Jason to leave, this certainly annoys you. Just imagine that anyone, any of you, will have your fourth editor in four years. This is the same thing. . It’s no different. We will adjust and adapt and do what we have to do. Obviously, Daniel is an important part of any progress we do. Of course we know this and can answer your questions.” Giant The team seems to want to take the path of establishing the continuity of the diagram and upgrading personnel if possible, and then forcing the third-year quarterback to learn the fourth offensive system in four years.

Washington fans feel good as they prepare to face the much-loved pirates on Saturday-Hogs Haven
Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay) became the top seed of the playoffs after two losses to the New Orleans Saints and second place in the NFC South. He scored 8 points in a game against the NFC Eastern Conference champion Washington football team. Washington fans are not really worried about this. Dan Snyder (Dan Snyder) has embarrassing ownership and Bruce Allen (Bruce Allen) management rights troubled for ten years, with Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera), Jason With the arrival of Wright (Jason Wright) and others, people have a feeling that the franchise may eventually turn around due to turning over. This sport is for capable football players, both on and off the field. .

The complete history of mediocre NFL division champions winning all-round-“Linger”
Washington entered the playoffs with a defeat. The Tampa Bay Bucs looked like a category in the league at some point this year. Nonetheless, there are nine reasons why you should not exclude the home team this Saturday.

Ten rings, the start of the 107 playoffs, a stage: which “old guy” QB performed best in the Super Bowl? -ESPN
If Ben Roethlisberger can say that, then go ahead and call these NFL playoffs “old guys.” Big Ben is not even the oldest. The five oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL are still playing, and some future stars, such as Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson, are watching football at home. The playoffs began on Saturday as a wildcard weekend, marking the first time a five-point guard age 37 or older has entered the same playoffs in NFL history. That’s Tom Brady (43), Drew Blaise (41), Philip Rivers (39), Roslieberg (38) and Aaron Rogers (37).

Why are epidemiologists so worried about the new Covid-19 variant, in 2 charts-Vox
The more infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus is more lethal. Not because it makes any individual sick, but because it benefits more people. More disease means more cases: more mild cases, more severe cases, more long-term complications, more hospitalizations and more deaths. No one can perfectly estimate the infectivity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus named B.1.1.7 first discovered in the UK. It requires more careful laboratory work on the animal to fix it, which may take several weeks. However, preliminary estimates have found that its infectivity is 30% to 70% higher. Now, this variant is popping up globally: in the United States, throughout Europe, Asia, and other places. This is especially worrying considering that the spread of the pandemic is still reaching new heights in the United States and elsewhere.

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