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Dr. Fauci says you can stop wiping groceries – BGR

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview that people should spend less time wiping groceries and other items they bring home to prevent the new coronavirus infection.
  • The risk of catching COVID-19 from a contaminated surface does exist, but it is relatively small.
  • Fauci recommends that people concentrate on washing their hands frequently to reduce the risk of transmission.

Since the beginning of March, whenever I left home, I behaved like everyone I contacted was infected with the new coronavirus, and every surface I touched was contaminated. Wearing a mask and keeping a few feet away from other people can reduce the risk of transmission. The same goes for hand sanitizer or frequent hand washing. Avoiding touching your face with dirty hands is also a good idea to prevent the spread of fomite.

However, at the beginning of the pandemic, we didn̵

7;t know how dangerous it would be to touch groceries and other foreign objects, so I wiped them frequently and made sure to wash my hands frequently when handling bags and products. As we learn more about how the virus spreads, it is clear that the chance of getting COVID-19 from the surface is only theoretical, and I will no longer wipe everything. As long as you maintain good hand hygiene and don’t touch your nose, eyes and mouth with dirty hands, you should be fine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has just made it clear that people should not worry about wiping grocery bags and other products, but should focus on hand hygiene.

“We know that the vast majority of this virus is spread through the respiratory tract through droplets that are large enough. These droplets can basically be transmitted and can reach the human nose, eyes, mouth or aerosol. We don’t know exactly what aerosol is. Extent. We know that it does work, exactly how much it still works.” Yahoo Finance All markets summit on Monday.

Fauci said: “We also know that the virus can live on inanimate objects,” he added, “this is likely to be a very, very, very small aspect of the spread of COVID-19.” “We cannot say that it is zero. It is of course real and finite, but it is secondary.”

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that this new type of coronavirus can survive on frozen food packaging and is infectious. We have seen many other studies showing that the virus can survive on various surfaces for hours to days. Therefore, the risk of infection after touching the surface is real. But this only happens out of negligence.

Considering the risks, Fauci said people should not concentrate on removing items. He said: “I think the time spent wiping shopping bags is less than the time spent washing hands frequently.”

The health expert continued to illustrate how he handled his personal life. So you ask me what should I do when I come from the grocery store or someone gives me a takeaway bag. I do this often now because I don’t go to the restaurant to sit down. I want to maintain their financial situation. So I do a lot of takeaway. So I do have a bag that I can bring into my house. He said. “Don’t worry about the bag, I open the bag, and then I want to wash my hands thoroughly. This is what you should do. “

Fauci concluded: “I think this is naturally a public health measure, instead of worrying about touching things that may not be contagious, but just focusing on washing hands.”

Obviously, it is still a good idea to keep clean at home and wipe frequently used surfaces frequently. However, as long as you maintain good hand hygiene, you should not erase everything you bring home.

A few days ago, Fauci also added two new items to the list of recommended health measures against the new coronavirus. Experts say that people should open their homes and wear masks when they are not sure whether someone is infected. Other general principles remain unchanged. In addition to washing hands, Fauci also recommends the use of general-purpose masks to avoid keeping distance from people and avoid crowds.

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