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Dr. Disrepect finally broke his silence on Twitch Ban and asked more questions than answers

Please see the update below.

[Original story 6/27/2020]

This is a strange week for the video game community. I mean, it’s stranger than the usual week, which is usually already weird.

There were some shocking accusations when things started Destiny 2 Streaming media SayNoToRage quickly developed into a budding #MeToo movement. Within just a few days, countless streaming and video game developers slipped from the wind, including Assassin̵

7;s Creed: Valhalla And other Ubisoft executives.

Then, the big blue Twitch streamer Guy did not respect” Beahm was banned, apparently permanent, the reason remains to be determined.

Twitch issued such a general statement, telling the truth is not worth printing, but I will still do so, because even the most modest transparency can not disturb large companies, we must also perform the duty of journalism.

here is:

“Like our process, when we have evidence that the behavior of the ribbon violates our community guidelines or terms of service, we will take appropriate measures. Regardless of the status or status of the ribbon in the community, these apply to all ribbons .”

Great, how noble. Despite being honest, Twitch does not have a particularly good reputation in this regard.

Most of the information we have learned so far has come from some internal sources, such as e-sports reporter Rod Breslau (whose work You should absolutely follow). He tweeted that the reason for the ban was not related to DMCA. His source told him the reason, but because of the sensitivity of the subject, he was unwilling to share the ban publicly:

Other than that, mom is the word.

But now Dr. Disrespect has already expressed his opinion and published a public tweet about the Twitch ban:

“Twitch has not informed me of the specific reason for their decision… In this difficult period, everyone firmly shook hands to show their support,” Beahm wrote.

I have some questions about this. First of all, it doesn’t make any sense. There are two major reasons that make it meaningless, and there may be several other smaller reasons.

Reason 1 — Why should I wait so long to issue this short statement? If Twitch forbids me, and I am the famous streamer, they did not tell me why. . . I will say so on Twitter. I won’t let all these mysteries and gossips spread online, at least to say: “Hey, I don’t know what is happening now, Twitch won’t tell me.” Beahm waited a day before posting any tweets. Maybe this is a case of forgiveness-maybe he camped in a remote wilderness-but for the moment, it doesn’t make any sense.

Reason 2- This sentence reveals only one data point-Twitch did not tell Beahm why it was banned. It excludes some other important factors, such as whether Dr. Disrespect is aware of his cause. He knew that no matter what happened, it made sense. Given the first reason, it seems that he rarely realizes that he does not fully understand the reason for the ban Did Twitch directly communicate this to him. If a source tells a reporter like Breslau what is going on, it must be known by the doctor himself.

unless. . . Even worse things happened. Twitch and a few people who knew what had happened were forbidden to tell Beahm anything. This makes people think of some very bad scenes, and I won’t go into it in depth-after all, it’s rude to guess about things of this nature. But this is certainly strange, and Dr. Disrespect’s statement only exacerbates our confusion and fear.

Frankly speaking, I hope all parties concerned will increase transparency. All of this opacity and nonsense are fuel speculation and rumors, and no one is worth it. As they said, the truth will be revealed. It always is. You can also tear off the band-aid and solve it. Twitch didn’t even tell Beahm why (assuming it was true), this fact is absolutely absurd. Of course, there is no way to treat your biggest star, even if I personally don’t like it. Very disrespectful

Hope we can find the answer soon.

Update 6/28/2020

It was interesting to see the reaction to this post online. Some people seem to agree that all of this is suspicious. Others accuse me-well, I’m not sure.

Wrote a bad, bad, bad article, somehow attacked the disrespectful doctor, or, I am a crazy Doc fan (the line “Fear of Fear” is clearly considered by some to be Very text Not mocking. Everything is lost in translation.

Others accused me of covering up opinion articles as direct reports, but my blog is almost entirely opinion articles. I rarely report direct messages. I am both a critic and a thought leader. I do not believe that I will speculate idly, and of course I have not made any allegations or any theoretical basis. I just said that things didn’t add up and the whole business was a little disturbing. It’s hard not to let your mind turn Very bad thing When we just don’t know anything, everyone Indeed Knowing something will not comment publicly because it is so “sensitive”.

We haven’t heard the substantive news from disrespecting Dr. or Twitch, and there are no new claims from any camp. This may be because Breslau stated that Twitch did not share information at all when issuing a permanent ban:

“Food worth thinking about,” Breslau tweeted on Sunday. Twitch did not issue specific reasons for the permanent ban on ribbons. After reporting sexual assault, MethodJosh was banned and Twitch never commented publicly or privately. Josh & Ice Poseidon was informed of “other violations of TOS”.

At the same time, there was a big conspiracy around this new Brime streaming service, streaming media Ninja, Shroud and Dr. Disrespect will obviously be used together. Theoretically, Tević captured Doc’s style in some way and tried to poach the ribbon to transfer to Brime, which is why he was banned.

I don’t think there are many reasons for this theory. You should read Paul Tassi’s breakdown of why it really doesn’t make sense (and no verifiable information).

Update 6/30/2020:

Therefore, a few days have passed since the disrespectful doctor today, and we have not heard of the new details of this story. For its part, this is a bit surprising. I can definitely believe that there will be more detailed information about this before the end of Monday, such as rumors, leaks, etc. But. . . The western front is quiet.

Now that Brime’s story has been debunked, there are two emerging theories about what is happening, although neither is certain.

Theory #1 It is essentially a criminal act, and even the FBI is involved in some way, although anyone should guess who the crime is. This will explain why everyone who apparently knows anything is still so quiet, because it would indeed be very “sensitive”.

On the other hand, this is just a situation where I can’t imagine staying quiet for more than a day or two. After all, once a secret is shared, it is no longer a secret. Such juicy things will almost certainly leak to the media. People with loose lips can talk, and at this time we will have a whirlwind of gossip. Therefore, for me, this very bad situation now seems to be much less than the previous few days, I think this is a good thing.

Theory 2 Twitch is only suppressing what they think is toxic. Streaming media services have not completely stood out from the recent controversy, and it seems that they are just acting quickly to eliminate as many “toxic” characters as possible.

Although Dr. Disrespect has not been involved in the latest #MeToo allegations, he has been involved in other controversies-namely, conspiracy theories about 5G towers and coronaviruses, and the hawkish views of well-known conspiracy theorist David Icke.

If Twitch decides to prohibit someone from selling these crazy ideas in a high profile, this will send a strong message, that is all, I would not be surprised. But the truth is, as my colleague Dave Thier said, we may never understand the whole story.

What do you think of all this? let me know Twitter Or Facebook.

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