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Douglas of the Jets may need to break the rule of Deshaun Watson

While the quarterback was still with the Texan, Jet General Manager Joe Douglas could not answer any direct questions about DeShawn Watson, but he was asked an indirect question about him on Wednesday.

How would it feel for Douglas to trade a few draft picks to get a player? His answer may disappoint Jets fans.

Douglas said: “Ultimately, we have to reach the position of the best team and the most stable team, and that is to do this through the draft.” “This is the most team-friendly market in the sports world. To make us truly a sustainable We must draft teams to compete for the Super Bowl.”

Douglas ruled out a deal with Watson, which should not be interpreted as. This is a hypothetical question about the Zoom call. There is no indication that the Texans are ready to trade Watson, and Watson has been asked to relocate. If they do, then the price tag will be too high, possibly starting with three first-round picks. This would go against the principle of passing the draft proposed by Douglas, but Watson may be a player worth breaking the rule.

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson
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Douglas did not go crazy in the free agent market last year, but chose to sign many players for short-term trades for less money. With the arrival of free agent agents, Douglas’ salary space is estimated at $76.1 million on March 17 this year (through “Over The Cap”). Will he be more aggressive in the free agency market this year?

“Compared with the same period last year, we are in a better position. I would say that our philosophy and position have not changed,” Douglas said. “Our goal and plan is to become a team that really builds a team through drafts and picks. Obviously, we use free agents to supplement our roster. If opportunity meets value, that’s where we have to be aggressive and find people. We are happy to help the team not only on the ground, but also on the cultural aspects of the building. Although our position is better, I think our philosophy remains the same.”

The new head coach Robert Saleh recently met with defender CJ Mosley at Jets Florham Park headquarters. Mosley opted out of last season and missed all but two games in 2019. This is his first season with the team. The Jets are expected to bring Mosley back in 2021. In the five-year, $85 million deal he signed in 2019, Mosley has four years left.

“He came over to say hello. It was great to see him,” Saleh said. “I am not going to discuss the details of our conversation. My expectations are no different from other players. For CJ, he has been his professional player since the day he was selected, and he has been the leader he has been serving every day. A way to become better…”

After six weeks of work, Saleh was asked what he thought of the jet’s prospects.

“We will get better. Saleh said: “We will win the championship here. “Give you a timetable, I hope I know.” I am going to Las Vegas. “

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