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Don Blankenship seems to be sending Trump a message with a primary victory in West Virginia

After entering the race months after leaving the prison and then a race-baiting, conspiracy-laden campaign, Blankenship's election day with all of his opponents focused on him, causing a real concern that a last-minute surge of The Candidate Could Make Him a Republican Candidate

Blankenship, a meek, meek candidate who looks unlike President Donald Trump's personality, has thrown himself into the race as a "Trumpier Than Trump" candidate. But after the president on Monday urged the Republicans to reject Blankenship and reject one of his two best opponents, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey or Rep. Evan Jenkins, former CEO of Massey Energy CNN said in an interview Victory Tuesday night would send Trump an important message.

"He will learn a lesson if I win," said Blankenship confidently, after meeting a handful of followers here in rural Fayette County. "You should not go blind and oppose any doubt or favor unless you look at their records and do not depend on the people who run the swamp you want to dry up."

Blankenship told the Trump broadside He surprised him ̵

1; though he did not curse, he recalled – but argued that the tweet would only cost him a few points in a contest he wants to win easily.

He added, "Before he gets up politicians in state elections (he needs) to find out what they stand for and not what the establishment says to him."

The fact that Blankenship is able to win is deceptive that his two opponents largely ignored him from the breed. Even in the Fox News debate last week, Jenkins and Morrisey fought each other and left Blankenship to win the debate and gain the necessary momentum in the eyes of many political activists.

However, this brought a new focus from his opponents. [19659002] Morrisey's campaign released a new digital ad on Monday targeting Blankenship over the collapse of the Upper Big Branch Mine. Jenkins struck Blankenship's candidacy at a media event in Charleston before the Monument to Coal Miners, arguing that Trump's tweet had made it clear that the Republicans could not support the coal baron.

"It was a great indication of support," Jenkins said. I think it will send a clear message.

GOP Groups Try to Stop Blankenship

That the race is near at all, has shocked many Republican activists, especially in West Virginia, given the view that Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is at his Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his allies launched a last-ditch attempt to stem Blankenship, which they viewed as an almost safe disaster for the party in November.

Trump's Monday tweet came after McConnell and GOP hit the whites Wrapping up with two Republicans who are familiar with the effort, but voters have previously ignored Trump's urge – including in Alabama, where he assisted Luther Strange over Roy Moore in a GOP main and trick play, and in Pennsylvania, where a later Trump election campaign does not support Republican Rep. Rick Saccone at Democrat Con or passed by lamb in a special Marriage Rule for a Pittsburgh-area house seat.

Trump's news came days after his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., had blasted Blankenship on Twitter and massive spending by foreign groups in the race. To date, these groups have spent more than $ 7 million on the competition, including substantial money from a McConnell-affiliated super-political committee that attacks Blankenschiff and supports its opponents.

And establishment republicans have made that public does not want blankenship in Washington

  The ex-coal coal executive feared the GOP could be their nomination in West Virginia's senate race

"I'm pretty confident that when they're done, people will understand their decisions and make a good choice," said Senator John Cornyn Texas Republicans near McConnell, on Monday. "Of course I think Mr. Blankenship would be problematic as our candidate."

Sen. South Dakota Republic Republican John Thune said Blankenship's candidacy was in McConnell's GOP leadership room on Monday afternoon

In response to Trump's opposition and established Republicans, Blankenship has spent millions of its own money on television and television Digitally spent ads and not so much on the payroll (he only has a handful of full-time aides).

Blankenship and his assistants have no idea how much money he spent on this Senate bid, he told CNN.

"There" There was no budget, "said Greg Thomas, the Blankenship Campaign Manager, with a smile.

The candidate repeated that.

" I have an idea, "he said, looking up. as if he was trying to tab the number. "But I do not know if I know within a million or two million dollars."

Unclear what GOP does when Blankenship wins

A big one Question about a possible Blankenschiff victory is whether the McConnell-oriented forces, which support the GOP candidates, the National Republican Senate Committee, and the Senate Leader Super PAC, would be spending money on his offer to impeach Manchin in November.

These groups disrupted all ties to Moore's campaign in Alabama after the Republican nominee in a special election in December with allegations of child abuse and sexual exercises had been confronted. And they stayed out of the race when Trump got back in and agreed to Moore days before the election.

Asked whether Blankenship would face a Moore-like treatment, a Senate Leadership Fund spokesman said the group did not want to raise any hypotheses, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee's advisers did not respond to requests for comment. But while the views among Republican strategists were not unanimous, some of which say that a personal feud with McConnell Blankenship in the long run did not condemn failure, sources in McConnell's orbit were grim in their assessments of Blankenship's chances, the general ones Win elections.

"If Don Blankenship wins the area code, Joe Manchin skates for reelection in November," said a McConnell Republican.

Blankenship has repeatedly rejected this thinking and told reporters, voters and anyone who would listen that he could beat Manchin. And though it's an unlikely number in this Senate race, the West Virginia coal baron has been ubiquitous for years, even long before the 2010 Upper Big Brand Mine disaster killed 29 people.

Even if McConnell-oriented groups withdraw from the US race should win Blankenship, it's not clear if Trump would support him. Helpers from two Dons have been in touch with Senate Blankenship's offer, according to Thomas, but it's an open question as to whether the President would go back to his tweet and back the coal baron.

Several White House officials did not respond to questions about these interactions, but one official put Blankenship's candidature on Monday night to the test.

"Don Blankenship, who wins this seat, dramatically reduces our odds of winning in November," the official said, responding to a full day Blankenship telling reporters that the White House is misleading its candidacy.

Since his release from prison last year, Blankenship is planning his comeback and trying to rehabilitate his image. However, because of his time in prison, the opponents of Blankenship largely ignored him.

"I've been underestimated all my life," said Blankenship Monday. "Every step in my life." Much of Blankenship's closing argument has focused on his ability to review McConnell in the Senate, a number he has often criticized personally and nativist throughout the race. An ad he attacked attacked McConnell's Chinese in-laws, suggesting that the powerful Republican Kentucky Republican was committed to China's interests.

Blankenship told CNN that he remembers meeting McConnell in the 1980s but knows little about him personally. And the coal baron, who was barred for part of Trump's presidential run, has never met the president, a fact he thinks explains why Trump has rejected his candidacy.

"If I had met Trump, he would do it to support me," he said with a smile.

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