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DJ Spinbad, real name Chris Sullivan, died at the age of 46.

Sullivan once confirmed Sullivan’s death for DJ comedian Russell Peters (Russell Peters) Go to America today Wednesday.

Peters said in a statement: “Christopher Spinbad Sullivan is not just a friend, a pioneer of DJ and mixed tape; he is my friend and brother. For his children Cary and Ko, he is Father.” “He will be missed regretfully, there is a hole in my heart.”

After Sullivan’s sudden loss, Peters said he was not sure when “life will return to normal and I can show it again.” He added: “When I do this, I feel empty on stage and I can’t look back at him.”

Peters recalled Sullivan’s figure on Instagram with emotional respect.

“This is a post I had hoped I would never have to do, but I had to be heartbroken and say goodbye to my brother, my friend, my DJ. I was once one of the most creative and smart people. Yes,” Peters took a series of photos of him and Spinbad.

He continued: “I can’t believe you are not here… Trying to find the correct photo of us makes all of me (offensive) cry because we have so many memories together… I love you my brother And I don’t know how to stay together.”

According to IMDb, DJ Spinbad has toured many comedy shows with Peters and has been hailed as a talk show by Canadian comedians for eight years.

The iconic DJ A-Trak paid tribute to Spinbad and pointed out his influence on music.

“His level of art in the mixtape… he sent everyone back to school. Those ’80s Mega Mix’ tapes changed the game, straightforward,” A-Trak, real name Alain Macklovitch, praised the Instagram photo Spinbad. “He left his mark in the history books. Always such a humble guy. It’s too sad. Send love to his family and close family.”

DJs from all over the world praise Spinbad for his talents and posts.

British DJ Yoda paid tribute to Spinbad by recreating the “80s legend” on a live streaming platform called Twitch.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is known for playing jazz in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. He also shared a photo of Spinbad on Instagram and wrote: “This 1 hurts… my friend and amazing DJ…May you rest in peace your mother. We have lost a great 1!!!!”


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