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Discord launched an audio channel function in the competition with Clubhouse

The game chat platform Discord has added a new feature called “Stage Channel”. These are described as “a special voice channel in which some people can speak while others can listen as listeners. This is essentially a defining function of Clubhouse, which is an invitation-only mobile application, earlier this year At that time, it briefly attracted the attention of the media.

In the stage channel, some participants are marked as lecturers, while all others are regarded as silent audiences. You might think of it like real-time streaming without video components, or like real-time podcasts. Or, wait-this is broadcast. Do you remember the broadcast? Because for a while, I didn̵


Due to the popularity of Clubhouse (a mobile application that was suddenly used by Silicon Valley and American media professionals), social media companies have been seeking this feature in the past few months. At the time, the consensus was that the main function of Clubhouse would be imitated by all other social media companies in use-now here is Discord and its response.

There were rumors last week that Microsoft was negotiating to acquire Discord for US$10 billion (approximately £7.2 billion). Microsoft has tried and has not built its own streaming media and community tool (RIP Mixer) for people who play games, so it is not surprising that they are interested in buying games that already exist.

For me, I like pure audio content because it’s easier to listen to when traveling (usually walking) than watching a video. Before I left home, real-time audio and streaming rather than downloaded audio greatly diminished this convenience.

You can learn more about how Discord’s new stage channel works and how to launch it on this Discord support page.

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