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Discord adds an audio-only stage channel to Clubhouse-like presentations

Discord has become the latest company in Clubhouse. It introduces a feature called “stage channel”, which allows you to broadcast real-time audio conversations to a group of listeners without worrying about people talking to each other and some other pitfalls brought by traditional voice channels. The so-called stage host can ensure that everything goes smoothly. They have the ability to mute someone while speaking, or even move them away. As a listener, you can indicate when you want to talk. After the host shares your work, you will be taken to the speaking queue and then moved back to the audience.

Currently, the stage channel is only available for community servers. Unlike servers, you may set up party and chat conditions for you and your friends. These servers have special requirements. For example, Discord says that the community must clearly publish rules for members to follow. Nevertheless, even with these guidelines, stage channels can be widely used. According to the current situation, Clubhouse is only available on iOS, and someone needs to invite you to join the platform before you can use the app. In contrast, Discord and the corresponding stage channels can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the Web. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, this feature sounds like a match made in heaven by Discord. It is already a place for audio conversations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people and organizations have flocked to host events such as book clubs and concerts.

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