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When “The Bachelor” aired on Tuesday night in Detroit, it was not the battle between Claire and Joseph, or the trailer for Taixia next week.

The fact that WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) erroneously announced the 2020 election results shows that President Donald Trump has gained support from voters in Michigan.

Fact check: Election day is until Tuesday… Maybe Joseph was indeed shocked by Claire’s actions last week.

The explosion occurred during the episode of “The Bachelorette” that aired at 8pm. A screen graphic appeared on the left side of the screen, showing the simulation results of several games.

According to the graph, it is reported that with 100% of the votes, President Donald Trump defeated Biden with a 44% win rate.

Real-life polls show that Biden is currently ahead of Trump.

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The figure also allows Republican challenger John James to defeat Democratic U.S. Senator Gary Peters by 50-46%, and Democratic U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin (Elissa Slotkin) defeats the Republican Party Competitor Paul Junge (Paul Junge) 52-46%, etc.

This mistake is almost as fascinating as Yosef’s face-off against Clare in a strip dodgeball game, and she encourages bachelors to take off their clothes. almost.

WXYZ-TV vice president and general manager Mike Murri apologized for the unexpected test of the system on Wednesday morning, which will be used for actual election night coverage next week.

Murray said in an email: “WXYZ accidentally aired the election results map tonight. This is part of our test of the system we will use during the election night coverage.” “The results displayed are randomized by the system. Produced. We apologize for the confusion caused. We have taken steps to ensure that this situation does not happen again.”

Some viewers in the Detroit area came to Twitter to express their surprise at the wrong result. The detective has also been posted to YouTube.

And since this is 2020, conspiracy theories about repressing voters have even appeared in at least one tweet.

As for the trailer for Tayshia emerging from the swimming pool, it seems that Clare will leave the show next week, and it has been rumored for several months.

Fact check: Chris Harrison said to Clare in the trailer: “You just blown up the bachelor.”

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