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The Detroit Tigers officially appointed 46-year-old AJ Hinch as the 39th head coach in club history on Friday, and signed a three-year contract with him.

Xinqi said in a statement issued by the team: “I want to thank Chris Ilyich and Al Avila for giving me a chance and the opportunity to return to the group stage and lead this historic stadium.” “Last year was the hardest year of my life. This gave me time to think, which is an important part of this process.

“Everything that happened in the past year, whether personally or professionally, is true to me, and emphasizes the importance of doing things with integrity and honesty.

General Manager Al Avila appointed Hinch as a strong candidate almost immediately after Ron Gardenhire’s resignation on September 19 2017″ marked a theft scandal and was banned for one year.

“After entering the management search, we already know that AJ’s diverse baseball acumen, analytical knowledge and passion for the game are second to none,” Avila said. “However, we also know that there are some important conversations about AJ’s time in Houston.

“During the entire conversation, he was obviously regretful and used this time to think about the situation. We believe that because of this, he will become a better leader. This club club is entering an extremely exciting During the period, young players are ready and ready. I believe that AJ is the best candidate for this job, because we strive to bring the World Series champion back to Detroit.”

A thorough investigation by Major League Baseball on Astos’ method of stealing signs revealed that Hinch has neither approved nor approved the use of replay monitors to decode the signs of players, and twice Destroyed the video monitor with a bat.

He was suspended for failing to prevent players from cheating, for which he took full responsibility.

“Through the entire interview process, it is obvious that AJ has learned from his situation in recent months, which has profoundly changed him.” Ilic said, “Frankly, this is exactly what we want and need to hear. AJ has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are honored to lead him to lead our team.”

Xinqi played for the Tigers in 2003.

Xin Qi said: “I feel about baseball like many Detroit teams.” Xin Qi said, “No matter where you are, you always care about it and rely on it as a part of life, and I am so proud to be It played a role in developing this tradition together with Tigers.

“Having a talented young player core, dedicated leadership team and passionate fan base is exactly what I have been looking for in the team. Obviously, we already have this in Detroit. Now is the time to start playing championship baseball. I am confident that the organization is capable of doing this.”

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He will take over the Tigers at almost the same stage of the rebuilding, just like the Astros he took over in 2015, this team has lost more than 400 games in four years.

Two years later, he led the Astros to win the World Series championship. Hinch’s Astros won 481 games, entered the playoffs for four consecutive years, and won two pennants.

He also checked other boxes the Tigers were looking for. During his years in Houston, he was ahead of the analysis curve, but his background is deeply rooted in player development and scouting. Before being hired to manage the Diamondbacks in 2009, he was the Director of Player Development for the Diamondbacks.

Starting from the 2010-14 season, he served as the vice president of Padres scouts. One of his top scouts and best friends is Scott Bream, who is now the vice president of player personnel for Tigers.

Hinch also earned a degree in psychology from Stanford University and played for seven seasons in major leagues, including 27 games with the Tigers in 2003.

Alex Cora is expected to be rehired by the Boston Red Sox. The Tigers are expected to have to compete with the Chicago White Sox for the services of Hinch. But on Thursday, the White Sox announced the hiring of 76-year-old Hall of Famer Tony La Russa (Tony La Russa), which undoubtedly accelerated the process between the Tigers and Hinch.

Avila interviewed a long list of candidates before Thursday. The list includes Gardenhire employees Lloyd McClendon and Dave Clark, Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames, Royals substitute coach Pedro Grifol, Cubs third base coach Will Venable, Pirates substitute coach Don Kelly, Orioles substitute coach Fredi Gonzalez and Dodgers first base coach George Lombard, track and field Quality control coach Mark Kotsay, Brave coach Sal Fasano, Yankees coach Carlos Mendoza and Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin.

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AJ Hinch Management Record

Arizona Rattlesnake

2009: 58-75 (.436)

2010: 31-48 (.392)

Houston Astros

2015: 86-76 (.531)-Lost ALDS vs. Royals

2016: 84-78 (.519)

2017: 101-61 (.623)-Won the World Series against the Dodgers

2018: 103-59 (.636)-Lost ALCS vs. Red Sox

2019: 107-155 (.660)-Lost World Series vs. National