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The Detroit Red Wings seem to have a hard time believing that things will continue to deteriorate. Filmed in Detroit on February 27, 2020.

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No team needs elite talents more than elite teams Detroit Red wings.

When the NHL suspended the game for three weeks due to the Corona Virus pandemic on March 12, Wings was the only and only one of the 31 teams that were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The team at the bottom of the standings. The Wings did not deliberately rush to the 31st place; they got there organically.

In short, they are really so bad.

But how do they get there?

The wing of the United team can score, a defender is an offensive threat, and a goalkeeper has won for them.

When the Detroit Red Wings lost to the Carolina Hurricanes on March 10, it guaranteed that the wings would be completed in the last place. (Photo: Duane Burleson, Associated Press)

They only won 17 games and were the only team that did not win at least 25 games. Four of these victories resisted somehow Montreal The Canadian who has just advanced to the first round of the playoffs.

The Wings’ 39 points trail Ottawa’s 30th place by 23 points. Their minus 122 goal difference is much worse than minus 40. Before the end of the regular season, 10 of the 10 players with a plus or minus of 25 or worse were Red Wings. As of the trade deadline, two more are Red Wings, including Andreas Athanasiou, who scored the worst NHL negative 46 scores in only 55 games.

Their special team is ugly, especially the strong game. When coach Jeff Blashill put the best player in the team into a unit, this didn’t even work. In the beginning, lack of depth, due to the accumulation of injuries, the wings were further exposed, resulting in 293 individual game losses. (And, no, this does not include retired LTIR residents Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen.) The loss of Danny DeKeyser was injured in eight games this season, taking away the wings of their most reliable defensive player.

In advance, from November 23 to February 11, Anthony Mantha’s defeat-after a month of layoffs, he played four games in December and then missed another six weeks -For a team that scores so hard, it’s hard to hide. When Mansa was injured in November, the Wings averaged 2.36 goals per game-the league’s second-lowest scoring leader, the LA Kings, averaged 2.53 goals per game throughout the year, while he left Scored 1.79 goals. Just when Wings seemed to be able to send two offensive players, Filip Zadina suffered a leg injury at the end of January.

The wings need sparks. They need a player who can move the needle during rebuilding.

View wing options:

Choose number 1?

Choose number 2?

Choose number 3?

Choose number 4?

All this put them into the draft lottery drafted by the NHL on Friday to solve the situation of the elimination of the regular season and the possibility of a 24 team “returning to the field” playoff form to win the first place in the finals. The sex is 18.5%. They can only fall to the fourth place in the draft.

Who will be the first pick?

Alexis Lafreniére, expected to be the first choice in 2020 (Photo: Dany Germain / Val-d’Or Foreurs)

Alexis Lafreniére is considered the top talent in the draft. The 18-year-old player is a skater in Rimouski Oceanic, the main junior lacrosse league in Quebec, and he has contributed 35 goals and 77 assists in 52 games. This performance earned him the Canadian Hockey League Player of the Year Award for the second consecutive season; Sidney Crosby (another product of Rimouski Oceanic) is the only player to receive the award in a row.

Lafreniére is not in the same echelon as Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews, but he is a top striker and he will add depth to a team as desperate as Wings. Lafreniére’s birthday is late and he is not eligible to participate in last year’s draft in less than a month; he turned 19 on October 11. He may walk with Wings in the 2020-21 season and provide them with scoring options that surpass Mantha, Dylan Larkin, Tyler Bertuzzi and Robby Fabbri.

Over the past four years, Wings’ ranking has gradually declined, from 25th place in 2016-17 to 27th place in 2017-18, and then to 28th place in 2018-19, falling to the lowest of the season point. Lafreniére will accelerate their pace towards the playoffs.

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