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Destiny 2's Spire of Stars Raid Cave is short and in order, but I miss real raids

The Rise of Irony of Fate 1 sets the bar for what a mini-expansion could do

Today is the release of Stardust, Destiny 2 's last raid "hiding place "followed by The Right Raid Leviathan, which was packed in the base game, and the Micro-Raider Eater of Worlds, released with the first curse of Osiris DLC.

If you have not heard, the core idea of ​​"Lairs" is to connect a specific environment (in this case Leviathan and the ongoing narrative of the Cabal Lord Calus), which is a noble concept. Five months later, and I still have the same opinion of Eater of Worlds, the first experiment – it's … kinda cool. That's basically the same feeling I had after launching Spire of Stars.

The Spire of Stars power level recommendation is 370. I repeat that ̵

1; 370. Most players are currently grinding at 340. He has even reached this point, so it will take a while for the average player to finish can jump in and finish this cave. It's a huge point of contention, but listen to me – is fine .

It's an interesting development as Bungie tries to throw things up against the wall to see what sticks. On the one hand, they make raids hardcore again to avert the typical content drought. Getting raid-ready means something now. On paper, there are also three endgame PVE activities (Raid, Raidlair, Raidlair) every week after Warmind is on the table. By the same token, this uncharacteristically high performance level for normal mode really does seem like a goal, and once people find out about the hiding place and the most optimal setup, it could get boring again. Hell, the Prestige Raid for Eater of Worlds is still not live and it's been almost half a year. Most progression systems allow for better leveling and then make it easier for players to play the normal, then the hard (prestige). It feels backward here.

Spire of Stars typically starts with an activity and not a big fight – and this time it's a hot potato. The common method, and one of our groups we use for our blind run, is that four players are each assigned to one of four pillars and two guards have extra duty. The column players will fit around the ball, careful not to hold it too long, then throw it in the middle as soon as the "basket" has opened (two turns). Basically, you have to survive, repeat the process four times, and not blow yourself up. The "hot potato" aspect of this battle is a debuff called "Greed," and once you've got 10 stacks of it (about 10 seconds), you're dead. You'll get a cute little emote for your troubles.

After that, it's a jump puzzle (with swirling blades to boot – a neat-looking area, but a rather dull set of jumps) and a little more tunnel racing. All the work that comes from zone to zone is not nearly as cool as in Eater of Worlds, as much of it is made up of the actual Leviathan overtaking tunnels and not the galactic scale of the worlds.

Spire of Stars attempts to weave a story of cabal battles, and the next encounter has to do with an intruder on behalf of Calus, the ship's owner. Val Ca'or is the main opponent who tries to take Calus' Leviathan. It does not take long and you struggle with more add-ons in an open area, repeat the Hot Potato concept; This time with a huge tower, a new destination to dip into the ball (paired with a neat icon that calls for a mechanic that had great success before), and more additions and fewer structures to hide behind , This bit is not very hard, just tedious because the adds are so spongy – and it adds the same cabal you've been dealing with since 2014.

Next is the main event: a fight with Val Ca'or. He is protected by a shield, and to drop it you must, you guessed it, play a hot potato. That's the hardest part, and here's my group right now. Since most of us are in the range of 355-360, we will probably be back for the weekend. It's fun, but it's another battle with Cabal with a modified Centurion. The final battle of Eater of Worlds against a gigantic Vex with unique colored puzzle elements was much more impressive. Sternsturm picks up something because Destiny 2 's gun play and locomotion still feel top-notch.

Nevertheless, Destiny 2 is still very much in a strange place, how to go Find his identity. Perhaps the lowest point of a Destiny era for hardcore gamers has been the last five months or so. Bungie gave us the short Raid Cave in Eater of Worlds and said "have at it", and never provided a hard (prestige) mode all the time. It was the first time they ever withheld more difficulty, and the prospect of running three characters a week for just one hour of raid became a real shit after just one month – most of my group had broken the game (19659003 Bungie tries to "fix" this problem by deliberately slowing down, but I really have to ask "why?" The Destiny 1 Progress System was significantly better at the end of its life cycle than Destiny 2 and Bungie has regressed so far that 90% of the game's activities offer useless rewards. Look no further than Heroic Strikes – they demand a power level of 350, but offer rewards far below this question. This is after Bungie has made her more grindy and enemies in her spongier. I do not believe that anyone, viewer or creator, knows what to do with Destiny 2 .

Many longtime players will quickly point out that the first two extensions for Destiny gave us only Crota's end, a shorter raid and the Elders' Prison that was not a raid at all. My reply is that the first wave of DLC took place nearly four years ago – the landscape has changed. Bungie learned from his mistakes and gave us the massively popular Taken King expansion, which turned the game over with a giant raid, followed by Rise of Iron a mini-expansion similar to the Curse of Osiris and Warmind should have been

We should not go back with Destiny 2 . "Raidlairs" are a nice idea, but in many games would be a bite-sized event that takes place between the main courses. Bungie needs to reevaluate the way DLC refines it, because those little bits of two-hour story and "mini" raids do not keep people busy for months, especially when the harsh mode for one of them is delayed by half a year. Smaller teams have achieved more and Bungie can do better – they proved that with the second half of Destiny 1

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