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Destiny 2 is about to end, but the next expansion is delayed

Every year or so, a senior developer of Destiny 2 will write a large number of blog posts to examine the problems of MMOFPS and propose solutions. I have always thought, “It may be good, it depends on how they implement it.” But these plans are always vague and often disappointing in reality. Well, what makes me very happy is that the newest Blogblast proposes some very specific changes, which are definitely welcome. Likewise, it sounds like they may continue their destiny for many years.

First, the long-term news from the 3,600-word post by Deputy Game Director Joe Blackburn: This fall’s annual expansion “The Witch Queen”

; has been postponed to early 2022. This is appropriate when the story of fate is close to a certain conclusion. Players originally expected to end this situation in Lightlight in 2022, but this is clearly not the case-there are two ways.

Concept art for Destiny 2: Witch Queen armor, apparently Nova equipment.

The concept art of the strangest armor set that the Witch Queen comes with is painted with alchemists and element symbols. It seems that someone used a gel pen to let Eris Morn loose in the closet of the laboratory.

Blackburn said that Bunge realized that “we need to add an undisclosed chapter after Lightfall to fully complete our first legend of Destiny.” 1) Oh, so Lightfall will not end. 2) Oh! Even the end after Lightfall will only be the end of the “first legend”! Oh! He said that the current position is called their “Legend of Light and Darkness” and there is no hint of what might happen. Before Bungie releases their mysterious new thing in 2025, I will be satisfied with more expansions of Destiny, and after hell, I will also accept more Destiny.

The delay of the Witch Queen may be worrying, because the delay of “Beyond Light and Shadow” last year made the final pre-expansion season very thin. At least they have a lot of time to plan for this, and this year’s season plan does sound promising.

The biggest news for the next season 14 is that Bungie is about to retire. Non-exotic weapons and armors will no longer be restricted and can be injected into their power levels. This sets a timer for how long it can be used in the final game, causing a large number of beloved weapons to be boxed and leading to a large number of replacements for the old collection. Although Bunge did not completely eliminate the sunset (which would make me mourn too much and I don’t have to dismantle it), they are ending it. Congratulations, if the equipment can be injected to the highest energy level of 1310 this season, then the next season will also be a good thing forever.

Blackburn said: “In season 11, we introduced the infusion cap, which is an iteration of the infusion, designed to keep Destiny’s gear game fresh between release and release, and to create an ideal content for us. A healthy ecosystem.” “Although we still believe in these goals, it is clear that our execution is out of time.”

If Bungie can prove interesting results, I myself would be cautious in theory. they do not. It is really annoying to grind up new armor, especially the reissue of the sunset weapon in a new roll. Sunsetting also uses Special Ammunition to make the current meta lack the true lack of kinetic weapons. Goodbye, bad system.

Looking forward to the unnamed season 14, more changes…

  • The power limit is being reduced, and the future cap will only increase by 10 per season. Ok. Although at this point, why keep it?
  • Destiny Content Vault has the first Destiny’s Glass Vault attack. It will also have another world number one race, because people already know how to complete the raid, so the challenging triumphant car re-enter the top of the list.
  • Ikora will no longer silently walk around the tower, but will actually become part of the story.
  • The migration will finally arrive. The so-called Armor Synthesis allows players to turn armor into general accessories to be used on other equipment (no, you don’t need to prepare for hoarding-it will consume your Collections). Black Armory’s Ada-1 will return to perform this operation and use the materials needed to transfer the smoke obtained through bounty or payment of silver (real money micro-transaction cash). I have many fashion plans.
  • Shaders are no longer inventory items. Just unlock them and we can customize the decorations on the screen with a new look to easily apply them. Long live.

Come take a look at the new custom screens that will be launched in the 14th season of Destiny 2.

Oh, what I will show you…

Bunge also plans to adjust the static state of PvP in this season and the next two seasons. Static hunters and Titans will be exhausted, warlocks will correct errors, and freezing will reduce damage. I still think that Stasis is irreversibly bad for PvP, because in first-person games, slowing down or freezing is always not fun, but I guess what it is?

Other promising future plans…

  • In the “Trials and Competitive PvP” (trial PvP) to end the “3-peek”, that is, the method of removing a sword other than ammunition to obtain a camera with a third-person perspective and look around for corners. If they have ammunition, you will only be able to equip them. Ok.
  • Fight cheating by doubling the size of the security team.
  • Buffing’s underutilized Light subclass, I think so far is…most?
  • Try to make “trial play” less boring, so that players would rather jump off a cliff than actually play the game.
  • The Stasis weapon that really fits your energy and power slots, not just the new and peculiar ice launcher we currently have.
  • Please note that the cross-platform game will arrive in Season 15. Please note that unless the console administrator specifically joins the PC party, PC and console players will not be able to match in PvP.
  • Continue to adjust the cauldron by rebalancing the guns, introduce new weapon privileges, and may make the guns’ attention much greater than current capabilities.
  • Yes, Lie of Felwinter, the shotgun that dominates the cauldron, will become a nerd. Although it’s bad news for PvE, it still does: Venom cells may also suffer severe damage.

Ah, many good things. Yes, some of these plans are vague statements of intent that we have heard before, but a good enough plan is very specific to me. It is a relief to swallow their pride and end the sunset. Reducing power consumption is long overdue. The violence of destiny, exploration and raids are so good that I would have continued without these changes, but now my complaints will be much less. Even though I am skeptical of the more vague claims of repairing the crucible, the crucible has been destroyed and ignored for a long time.

I didn’t outline everything because hahaha, so please read the blog post by yourself. How do you feel about it?

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