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Despite the hope of a COVID-19 vaccine, Bill Ackman once again opposed the market recovery


Check the 3 “Strong Buy” stocks in all boxes

Some people say that the deadlock is a function of the U.S. Constitution, not a loophole, and we may discover this. The results of the election have yet to resolve some issues, but a few things are clear: Democratic President Joe Biden is the winner of the presidential election. We are looking at the prospect of splitting the government-a Biden government led by the Republican Senate and a Democratic House composed of minority parties. JP Morgan Chase strategist Marko Kolanovic (Marko Kolanovic) believes that this may be the best result. “The Republican Senate majority should ensure that Trump’s pro-business policies remain unchanged, and if Biden is confirmed, we should be able to look forward to a easing of the trade war. Kolanovic pointed out. Investors’ concerns should be eliminated – Democrats will back Trump The tax policy of the times may focus on active bureaucratic regulation-Kolanovic believes that the market is ready for profit. Even in a bullish environment, buying stocks is always a challenge, but TipRanks provides investors with the necessary range of indicators. In order to sort out the raw data of the market and expose these gold nuggets. These include analysts’ consensus ratings, upside potential and smart scores; each indicator provides investors with a data point, and when they are all aligned, they will issue a A strong signal. The analyst consensus is simply that this is the average value derived from all analyst ratings. The upside potential comes from the stock’s collected price target. This is a mathematical average that indicates that the stock is within a one-year time frame The Smart Score uses known market success predictors to assign a score that points to the long-term performance of the stock. With this in mind, we used the TipRanks database to identify the three stocks that selected these three checkboxes. Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) We will start from a diversified company with production lines in food and animal feed, as well as industrial alcohol and renewable fuels. Pacific Ethanol sells its products on the global market and has achieved significant growth in the second quarter of 20 years Even taking into account the recent losses, the company’s stock price has risen by 795% this year. Since July, the company has been expanding production in response to the demand for alcohol disinfection, thereby achieving an increase. After the coronavirus crisis, the The sales of alcohol for hand sanitizers have always been the main driving force of Pacific Ethanol. Taking into account the new production and sales potential, the company has raised its 2020 profit forecast to between US$66 million and US$86 million. Like many small stocks Like the manufacturer, Pacific Ethanol has been losing money until this year, but COVID-1

9 has changed this situation. Earnings turned positive in the second quarter and remained unchanged in the third quarter. The sudden shift has made investors favor the stock. HC Amit Dayal, a five-star analyst at Wainwright, believes that there are many reasons for the optimistic outlook here. “Investors should note that management stated that although the company has a clear understanding of the price, it is delivered to The amount of specialty alcohol for customers may change quarterly. Given that disinfectants are the key end market for specialty alcohol, the positive news related to the COVID-19 vaccine has put some pressure on the stock. However, we believe that with any increase in economic activity in the short term, the demand for disinfection products will remain at a high level. We believe that the improved balance sheet and cash flow will enable the company to invest in previously neglected business areas, which may result in insufficient business contribution. “Dayal believes. Consistent with these comments, Dayal rated the stock as “buy” and set a target price of $16. This figure indicates a potential growth potential of 174% for the coming year. (To watch Dayal’s track record, Click here) All three recent comments on PEIX are positive, which makes the consensus rating a consistent “strong buy.” PEIX stock is priced at $5.82 and has been growing rapidly in 2H20, but Wall Street Expect to see more growth here. The average price target is $16.50, which means that the price of Pacific Ethanol has increased by 183%. (See PEIX stock analysis on TipRanks) The New York Times Company (NYT) our next Stocks are a legend in the publishing industry. The New York Times Company has its own newspaper of the same name, as well as a series of other media assets and Times-related brands. The company has a market value of $6.4 billion and has more than 30 commercial assets. Its core brands are each It attracts 150 million readers per month and more than 6.5 million subscribers. In the fast-paced and chaotic news environment as of 2020, the New York Times has benefited from what people need to know. Although it has declined in recent weeks, The stock is still up 20% so far this year. Analyst JP Alexia Quadrani said that NYT, which covers JP Morgan Chase, said: “NYT is still our favorite mid-cap stock. We think the growth story of digital subscribers will continue and will Will last. It is likely to be 10 million ahead of management’s 2025 target. Over time, the increase in ARPU and profit margins will also make the stock’s earnings look cheaper, which will offset the shrinking valuation. Although the stock price may maintain a greater range of fluctuations in the short term until we have a better understanding of the trend in 2021, we believe that today’s sell-off creates an attractive entry point. “Quadrani rated the stock as “overweight” (ie, buy) and set its price at $50. The price target indicates a 30% potential in the next 12 months. (To view Quadrani’s track record, click Here) The analyst consensus rating of NYT is consistent, based on 4 recent comments. The average target price of the stock is $53, which is 37% upside in one year from the current trading price of $38.53. (please (See NYT stock analysis on TipTannks) Raytheon (THO) last but not least is Raytheon, which mainly produces recreational vehicles. RVs are a very popular way of leisure, and they have gained modest amounts during the “corona time”. Growth because it meets the requirements of social evacuation while still allowing families to vacation together. Thor has seven brands, including well-known brands such as Airstream and Heartland. The company has a market capitalization of US$4.8 billion and annual revenue of more than US$8 billion . Earlier this month reported that the third quarter revenue has recovered from the brief decline at the beginning of this year. The third quarter revenue was 2.32 billion US dollars, the highest level in the past four quarters. Since the third quarter of last year, earnings have been consistently On a downward trend, there has been a continuous surge, jumping from 43 cents per share to $2.14. Leisure stocks have recently recovered, and BMO Capital analyst Gerrick Johnson has been evaluating the industry. Johnson in “Raytheon Industries” writes: “Leisure company stocks usually rise or fall more in retail performance than revenue or earnings per share. We believe that after this quarter, investors’ focus will shift. Retail has caught up with investor expectations… We think… Thor (THO) will have the longest leg in terms of consumer demand…” Speaking of sales figures, Johnson added: “Last quarter, management Tier sounds very optimistic about the 2021 fiscal year and expects the current strength to be strong. To this end, Johnson rated THO’s stock as “outperform” (ie, “buy”), and he set a target price of $110, which means that The stock has 26% upside potential from current levels. (To view Johnson’s track record, click here.) Once again, we are looking for stocks with strong buy analyst consensus; Thor has 4 recent buying reviews. The stock’s average target price is $115, which indicates that the stock has risen 32% in the next 12 months. (See TipRanks’ THO Stock Analysis) To find great ideas for stock trading with attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Buys to Buy, a newly launched tool that combines all the stock insights from TipRanks in together. Those featured analysts. The content is for reference only. Before making any investment, it is very important to conduct your own analysis.

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