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Derrick Evans resigned after the mob entered the U.S. Capitol.

Derrick Evans (Derrick Evans) is facing federal charges for mobs entering the U.S. Capitol, and he has resigned from the House of Representatives in West Virginia.

In a one-page letter to Governor Jim Justice and the House of Representatives, Evans said: “I hereby resign and become a member of the House of Representatives, effective immediately.”

The House of Representatives issued Evans’ statement again, expressing regret.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and deeply regret any harm, pain or embarrassment that may be caused to meCaused my family, friends, voters and West Virginian. “Evans said.

“I hope that this action I am taking today will eliminate any interference from the state assembly so that my colleagues can work seriously and build a brighter future for our state. More importantly, I hope this will be useful for starting the recovery process. Helped so that we can all advance together and become “a nation under God.”


The mob that swept the US Capitol undermined the constitutional responsibility to count the electoral college votes and prompted the evacuation of the representative, Senator and Vice President Mike Pence. One woman was fatally shot while trying to climb into the room, three others died in a “medical emergency” and 50 police officers were injured. The Capitol Police announced that a police officer was injured in the riot.

Evans, a Republican from Wayne County, had just been sworn in to the House of Delegates. He argued that he was recording history and was swept by the masses. But his own video depicts him yelling “Move! Move!” Before the security alarm went off, before passing through the Capitol gate.

He will definitely be the office director for the first time. In the recent general election, he won the first place with 8,227 votes in the two-person region.

Evans vowed to uphold the Constitution last month. All representatives swear: “I solemnly swear (or promise) that I will support the U.S. Constitution and the West Virginia Constitution, and will do my best to faithfully perform the duties of a senator (or representative).”

Several of his fellow Republicans, including Steve Westferr of Jackson County, Ben Queen of Harrison County, Joshua Higginbotham of Putnam County and Jason of Berkeley County Barrett has publicly stated that Evans should resign or be forced to quit.

Roger Hanshaw

House Speaker R-Clay’s Roger Hanshaw described the events in Washington, DC as shocking today. He expressed his happiness that Evans resigned.

“Unfortunately, on behalf of Evans participated in the events that occurred this week that threatened the history of making the United States a beacon to the rest of the world: the peaceful transfer of power. Earlier today, on behalf of Evans, he decided to resign and resign from the West. The position of a member of the Virginia House of Representatives. Now, we return to the work of rebuilding the political atmosphere of the country.” Hanshaw said.

“In announcing his resignation, Representative Evans expressed responsibility for his actions and apologized for the harm he suffered. In this period of overheated, hyperbolic political anger, I think this is the good thing we all take now. The first step.”

The legislature is scheduled to hold a one-day meeting next Wednesday to elect leadership and set rules. The lawmakers are already looking forward to a motion and vote to expel Evans.

Han Xiao said that, instead, delegates can start working hard to solve many challenging problems facing the country. The legislative body is about to hold a 60-day plenary session on February 10.

“Now it’s time to turn the page; it’s time for us to move on; it’s time for us to heal,” Han Xiao said.

“We are faced with a huge job, from responding to the pandemic, curing the economy injured by work stoppages, helping those whose livelihoods have been disrupted, getting our children back to the classroom and providing them with quality education, and finding new ways in our The state opens up employment opportunities and investments, and continues our work to truly make West Virginia the best place to live, work and support a family. The legislature has only 60 days to complete this task.”

Evans was arrested on Friday and faced two federal charges after sweeping the US Capitol with a mob this week.

Both federal misdemeanors are punishable by fines and possible jail time: access to restricted public buildings and violent entry and wrongdoing on the grounds of the Capitol.

After a brief federal court hearing on Friday afternoon, he was released with a personal guarantee.

The charge of entering restricted government buildings is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine and up to one year in prison. However, if “violation of the law causes significant bodily harm”, the penalty may be greatly increased.

This fee applies to any buildings or buildings of great significance visited by persons protected by the Secret Service.

The second charge, violent entry and misconduct based on the Capitol are also misdemeanors and may be sentenced to six months in prison.

The affidavit from FBI agent David DiMarco stated that investigators relied heavily on copies of Evans’ own tapes, comparing their voices with those in Evans’s videotape promoting the state campaign. The agent also relied on Evans’ enthusiasm for himself.

In the video of the crowd leading to the entrance to the Capitol, Evans recounted: “They are now issuing a statement saying that if Pence betrays us, then you better get your idea right because we are violently attacking this building.”

The FBI agent described Evans with a smile and said: “I’m just a messenger, so don’t hate me.”

Evans was injured in the crowd outside the Capitol. In less than 30 seconds of the video, Evans said, “We’re there! At the beginning it was yelling “Our house!” our home! “

Ten seconds later, he pointed out that law enforcement was an obstacle: “We are at the door now. There are policemen stopping us now.”

FBI agents shouted in the video, “The door is cracked!” It took a minute and a half to describe Evans. When the people in front of the crowd seemed to successfully pry open the door and start to enter.

Ten seconds later, Evans shouted: “We are here! We are here!”

The video showed that the crowd passed the security check room, surging from the door of the Capitol, and the alarm sounded. When Evans enters the area called National Statuary Hall, he will celebrate and say his name: “We are here! We are here! Derek Evans is in the Capitol! At another point, he wore a motorcycle helmet and pointed the camera at himself.

Evans said in a Facebook post on his “Derrick Evans-The Activist” page that after the incident, he was taking a bus to West Virginia and stated that he was “Independent member of the media in the history of film.”

He said: “I want to assure you that I have no negative interactions with law enforcement agencies, nor have I participated in any damage that may occur.”

In a statement released on Thursday night, Evans’ lawyers also made the same argument.

Alliance lawyer John H. Bryan called Evans an activist and “journalist” in a three-page statement. He recorded the day while sweeping through the crowd. event.

“Given the sheer size of the group, Evans had no choice but to enter,” Brian wrote. Evans continued to shoot inside. His video shows that when he entered the Capitol, the public had already entered the Capitol. The footage of Evans showed that there was no riot. The protesters can be seen walking around calmly. “

In a press release issued on Saturday, the US Department of Justice described it in this way:

“Derrick Evans, 35, of West Virginia, was charged with one count of knowingly entering or staying in any restricted building or site without legal authorization; and what happened inside the Capitol An allegation of violent entry and misconduct. Evans was detained Friday.

“Allegedly, on January 6, 2021, Evans, representing the newly elected member of the West Virginia House of Representatives, broadcasted his own video link on his Facebook page and encouraged the crowd to enter the U.S. Capitol illegally. In the video, Evans was allegedly seen crossing the door to the U.S. Capitol and yelling: “We come in, we come in! Derek Evans is in the Capitol! ‘”

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