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Deroy Murdock: Trump delivered two COVID vaccines in record time, confusing critics

Another week, another COVID-19 vaccine.

President Trump is accumulating virus inoculations in China as fast as the Middle East peace agreement.

After Trump facilitated the settlement between Israel and Morocco on December 10 (this is the fourth branch of the olive branch between the Trump-inspired Jewish state and its Arab neighbors in four months), Pfizer launched The vaccine for COVID-19.

On December 14, in Queens, New York City, an intensive care nurse named Sandra Lindsay became the first American to receive Pfizer vaccine promotion.

U.S. achieves milestone of over 1

million vaccinations

Exactly 9 months and a day after President Trump declared a national emergency for COVID-19 on March 13, Pfizer’s guns entered Lindsay’s left arm. On Monday, Americans started getting Moderna vaccine only one week after Pfizer’s vaccination.

This is revolutionary. Vaccines usually take 10 to 15 years to produce. The vaccination against mumps was a previous record. It took four years from concept to realization.

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Trump’s Manhattan Project’s “Operation Warp Speed ​​(OWS)” deserves its name. In any case, with one key exception, Trump’s critics have denied his praise for this amazing achievement. In fact, their comments painted a strange trajectory:

First, Trump’s enemies beg for a vaccine.

  • New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said on April 13: “I think unless you have a vaccine, the final solution will not appear.”
  • MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said on April 28: “Unless there is a new coronavirus vaccine, we cannot return to normal.”
  • Tom Wolf, the Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania, said on May 20 that he wants the economy to return to normal, but “I really think that unless we have a foolproof vaccine, this cannot be 100% fully achieved.”

Secondly, as in Gershwin’s tone, they all laughed when Trump promised to do what he wanted quickly and accurately.

  • Irwin Redlener, MD, sneered: “This is another day of POTUS in Wonderland.” He assured MSNBC on May 15 that “It is impossible to complete this work before the end of the year.”
  • MSNBC’s Ali Velshi said that evening: “You can’t convince yourself to get vaccinated.” “The fastest vaccine produced from start to finish is five years.”
  • MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin announced on September 16: “Trump’s remarks on vaccines have no basis in reality.”
  • “This is a promise from the president, not to scientific facts,” CNN’s Jake Audio pontificated September 18 “This is based on wrong information. It seems obvious that he is eager to be re-elected.”
  • Joe Biden’s campaign website still believes that OWS “lack of sound leadership, global vision or a strategy to ensure the necessary funding to accomplish this task”.

Third, Trump’s tormentors now pretend that he has nothing to do with keeping promises.

  • MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on November 17: “I just want to quickly verify the facts to remind everyone that the companies that produce these vaccines are not themselves involved in “quick action.” In fact, OWS The funding and deregulation of China have promoted the development of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.
  • When Sandra Lindsay took the first batch of Pfizer vaccines, CNN broadcast a live broadcast of Governor Gov. Cuomo via the Albany satellite. It’s as if he is the father of OWS. CNN.com’s story at this important moment hardly mentions Trump or OWS.
  • The Speaker of the California House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said: “Joe Biden is committed to eliminating and crushing the virus.” “This will completely change the rules of the game: a new president and a vaccine.” Then, bye Did Deng do this?
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer named it a “beacon of hope” on Monday. Schumer said: “Soon, many Americans will be vaccinated.” “Second, Joe Biden will be president. He has the experience and compassion to deal with the COVID crisis and will replace a pair of This person has no ability or even interest.” Schumer naturally ignored the ability and interest of President Trump, who quickly applied these vaccines to hospitals, nursing homes and soon pharmacies.

But, on Monday, Biden did the right thing. He said that shortly after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, he said: “The government should put this vaccine into practice through the “Warp Speed ​​Operation”.

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So what did Biden see other Democrats miss? What did President Trump do to get these vaccines into the American Delta?

  • The president is full of imagination, optimism and courage, and wants to envision a virus vaccine in China before 2021.
  • President Trump launched OWS on May 15 and recruited pharmaceutical companies to join this public-private partnership. Then he challenged them, pressured and embarrassed them until they delivered. He also pledged to invest approximately US$18 billion in this project.
  • President Trump rode the Food and Drug Administration and other federal agencies like a jockey. When they crossed the red tape, delays and the agency was overly cautious, he slapped them on the ribs with horseback crops.
  • The president then pre-purchased products from multiple pharmaceutical companies, thereby limiting their financial risks, even if vaccine candidates failed.
  • In an unprecedented innovation, Trump instructed drug manufacturers to produce millions of doses while conducting clinical trials. Therefore, within 24 hours of obtaining FDA approval, the truck began to empty the warehouse containing the vaccine.
  • The president did not dazzle or confuse the academic community, but instead assigned the Pentagon senior management to manage the process. Trump’s military uniformed officers hunted down the COVID-19 vaccine like an elusive submarine. This maximizes discipline and reduces patience for feeling injured. US Defense News’ Paul Crespo explained: “The military has added key logistical aspects of this large-scale operation.”
  • Trump often applauded and praised and publicly thanked the people who participated in this work, usually in front of the camera.

The nasty Trump company often calls the president a “bully.” Although he praised the OWS team, it is unclear whether Trump still bullied the medical researchers, medical executives and military logistics personnel responsible for this work. However, these organizations and individuals are likely to be inspired by Trump’s tough and hands-on “Dad don’t mess up” style.

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Trump’s enemies desire to have a lovely, lovely Mr. Rogers type in the Oval Office. “Grandpa Country” Joe Biden may be that person.

However, if the “Good Luck Speed ​​Operation” is led by a good man in a cardigan, then the vaccine now entering the US market will still be injected into mice.

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