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Demi Lovato’s ridiculously privileged crusade against frozen yogurt shops

dDespite a series of social media controversies involving A-rated celebrities targeting journalists, TV writers, and non-celebrity users, as well as corresponding discourses about these power dynamics, celebrities have continued to use their influence in an irresponsible manner in recent years. Absurd behavior. Complaint.

The most recent incident involved Demi Lovato and a popular frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles called Bigg Chill. The former Disney star is explaining her role in the dramatic saga after receiving backlash online after announcing on her Instagram that the company displays and sells sugar-free biscuits and other diet foods.

Lovato said in an Instagram video on Monday: “I̵

7;m in a situation that doesn’t suit me.” “My instinct said this, so I did it. I feel good about it. I am not satisfied. It’s some of its interpretation and the way the message was misunderstood.”

The incident quickly unfolded, beginning with a few paragraphs of text posted by Lovato in her Instagram story, calling the company’s “harmful information” and “eating disorders” possible.

“It is difficult to order Froyo from @TheBiggChillOfficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free biscuits/other diet foods at the counter,” Lovato wrote along with the #dietculturevulture tag. “Please do better.”

The “Dancing with the Dark” singer also posted a direct message exchange between her and Bigg Chill’s Instagram account, in which the store claimed that they were “not the vultures of food culture” and apologized for offending her. The store also defended itself on its Instagram story, tagged Lovato, and wrote: “The items we ship include diabetes, celiac disease, vegetarians, and of course many indulgent items.”

However, Lovato refused to succumb to this reasoning, sending the company a message that their service was “bad” and explaining that eating disorders are the second most deadly mental illness. [sic] excess. “Later, probably after the singer received some repression on social media, she suggested that the company label their snacks designated for people with dietary restrictions, and suggested that vegetarians should not “make food by catering to other groups of people”. Exclude a group of people”.

Although the singer claims that seeing the store’s dietary choices triggered a high level of publicity about her and bulimia, which is clearly beyond doubt, the allegation Lovato received on social media was that she had accused the woman The appeal of the small business owned is not only impulsive and ignorant, but also considering that she is an irresponsible group of radical online supporters who have sent death threats to Lovato, so this is questioned.

This phenomenon-prevalent in most of Stan’s major pop star communities-is actually a phenomenon that Lovato has resolved and condemned many times, which is in common with many of her famous colleagues (including Taylor Swift Swift ( Taylor Swift)) Recently different, Ginny and Georgia Actress Antonia Gentry (Justin Bieber) and Ariana Grande (Justin Bieber) and Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande) after publicly complaining that she was a joke on the show Yell out Popular daily After Morgan Stewart and “blogger” served as hosts on social media, she was accused of verbally syncing in 2019. In 2014, Lovato wrote a lengthy message instructing her “Lovatics” to stop telling comedian Kathy Griffin after replying to someone. Sending death threats she asked her who named “the biggest celebrity flush” after her on social media. (A year later, Griffin claimed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that law enforcement must intervene.)

Recently, Lovato solved this problem profoundly in her YouTube documentary series Demi Lovato: Dance with the devil It premiered in March. In the third episode, her friend and former creative director Dani Vitale revealed that she received thousands of hate messages every day after fans accused her of taking a fatal drug before an overdose in 2018. And death threats. Lovato admitted that although she has “amazing” fans, they may be “out of touch” and “not always have all the information.”

Lovato admits that although her fans are “awesome”, they may be “out of touch” and “not always have all the information.”

Reporter Rachel Brodsky once called on pop singers such as Swift, Grande and Lana Del Rey to explore the culture of harassment and harassment in their online fan base. independent, In Lovato’s documentary series called this moment “extremely rare.” Disappointingly, this awareness of the harm that her fans could cause with or without her actions did not extend to her actions on the weekend, presumably because she was able to act as 102 million Instagram followers. Promoting to her Instagram fans, despite the clumsy execution, still serves people with eating disorders.

However, as many people have pointed out on social media (including the employees of The Bigg Chill), considering that a considerable number of consumers eat because of their health conditions, the production and sale of sugar-free food does not in itself cause people to hate Eating does not encourage improper eating. Sugar is dangerous and even fatal. In addition, someone’s decision to choose sugar-free snacks may be caused by other factors that do not include unhealthy relationships with diet, such as preference for taste, maintaining a balanced diet, healthy teeth, or not wanting to exceed recommendations at all Daily sugar intake, regardless of our size, all humans must consider this. There is also an obvious fact that diet foods and beverages can be sold in almost any establishment that sells food, especially grocery stores and big box stores, and people with eating disorders will not generally cause eating disorders.

Even when Lovato defended himself before apologizing on Monday, he posted a 5-year-old photo on The Bigg Chill’s Instagram showing a display of Eat Eat, but no guilty cookies (Bigg Chill told TMZ they no longer sell The product), her criticism could have been better directed at the marketing of snack brands that may be problematic, rather than a single location business that most likely relies in part on partnerships with other companies. Even so, a culture that treats body size as a moral issue and encourages women to lose weight cannot be attributed to a brand, especially in this day and age when almost every celebrity influencer is promoting weight loss shakes and detox teas. These results It was quickly reflected. Products can misuse positive body information and health information to deceive consumers.

Considering the obvious shortcomings of Lovato’s weekend crusade, it seems like an obvious route to issue a thorough apology for launching the entire incident. This is when la Ariana Grande found itself out of fashion with a local donut shop in 2015. .But Lovato still maintains an upright stance, expressing his interest in working with The Bigg Chill, “to help make the message pass and [she] feel[s] Go in safely. “Like many celebrities who are accustomed to a privileged life and people who follow each of their requirements, she still does not understand that companies targeting various customers are not obliged to adhere to their personal needs, especially when she has enough resources to meet all of them. When she needs food, she wants to be given to her by a personal assistant, or she can go directly to another frozen yogurt shop that does not display diet food.

In any case, Lovato’s recent misjudgment, no matter how it distracts from the more important news, shows that not everyone with mental illness or oppressive beauty standards has a common experience. A tool for effective human voice.

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