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Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Album Review

This comment mentions rape and sexual assault.

At the 2008 American Music Awards, Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato)-then Disney’s actress starred Yingyan-When the red carpet reporter asked about the inspiration behind her pop punk solo music, he laughed. “Believe it or not, I’m only 16 years old. I’ve experienced a lot of things,” she replied with a dignified giggle. “Hurry up, how much heartbreak did you have when you were 16?” the man insisted. “Oh, a lot.” Lovato retorted immediately.

In the following years, although Lovato dutifully played a chaste pop star (despite being fascinated by metal music), she struggled under tremendous pressure from the media and the music industry (child star, we Often forgotten, it is workers). Behind the scenes, Lovato is caught in eating disorders, self-harm and drug abuse. She recently revealed that she was raped when she was 1

5 years old; although she reported the assault to an adult, the perpetrator was still working with her. After entering the treatment facility for the first time at the age of 18, Lovato remained transparent about his efforts in addiction and recovery.

After six years of sobriety, Lovato relapsed in the summer of 2018. On July 24, she took an overdose of opioids, which caused 3 strokes, heart attacks, multiple organ failure, pneumonia, permanent brain damage, and persistent vision problems.As she explained in a recent documentary Dance with the devil The drug dealer who supplied Lovato with drugs that night sexually assaulted her and killed her. It was a miracle that she survived.

Lovato’s seventh album shines with documentaries and confession interviews, Dance with the devil… the art from scratch Control the narrative. The 28-year-old has incorporated her own personal struggle in 19 songs; the pop star who once claimed to be eager to get rid of “all demons” seems to have accepted the reality that she must live with them. In the powerful song “Anyone”, Lovato tried to find solace in her art, but ultimately failed. She wrapped her belt and said: “Billion stories/100 million songs/When I sing/I feel stupid/No one is listening to me.” Written before she relapsed, this is a call for help in a lonely and desperate place Voices. The cunning “Dancing with the Devil” outlines the steep slope that leads to excess: “a little red wine” becomes “a little white line” and then “a little glass tube”. “ICU (Madison’s Lullabye)” reproduces the moment when Lovato woke up in the hospital, legally blind and unable to recognize her little sister.

After these three melancholic songs, Dance with the devil Expand to reveal the information that Lovato is (or intends to be) the person today; there is a lot of shedding skin, a rewritten ending, and mention of reaching heaven. Although Lovato’s previous record was 2017 Tell me you love me, She dabbled in pool party R&B and electronic pop music, where she explored a range of influences, from the soft rock of “The Art of Restarting” to the haunting cover of Gary Jules’ “Tears of Fear” “Crazy World” . The goal of “Lonely Man” is to sing in the stadium and is named after Romeo and Juliet, weakening the positive resonance with the most urgent thoughts: “The truth, all of us are dead, so you better go before love yourself.”

In nearly an hour, this album tried to cover a large amount of ground, eliminate years of trauma, and reconstruct Lovato’s public identity. She provided a unified state of her recovery (her “California Sober”) and her sexuality. In sequels like “The Type of Person I Like in 2015,” Lovato fully embraced her curiosity and overflowing heart. “I don’t care if you have a dick/I don’t care if you have a WAP/I just want to love/You know what I’m talking about,” she said in a TV interview. “Like, I just want to fucking share my life with someone at some point.”

Lovato is certainly not the first pop star to speak out about the perpetuation of sexual and emotional abuse in the music industry; like Kesha, she is worried about her outspoken refusal to publicize because of poor publicity or isolation. Fan base. But even if Lovato shows optimism or optimism, it is difficult to go beyond the core of the tragedy. The synthesized “melon cake” is named after the birthday dessert Lovato’s team served her. Even though Lovato confidently declares that melon cake is history, the image is so frustrating that it is difficult to concentrate on anything else, especially if it was originally intended to be an interesting song. But isn’t this something that many of us do in order to survive? We try to learn from our lessons and reshape our trauma; we use humor as a defense mechanism; we move on because internal or shame exacerbates the destructive spiral.

One of the rare moments Dance with the devil The 1:1 entertainment of Lovato’s life goes beyond “Meet Last Night”, which is a duet with Ariana Grande. Both artists have experienced terrible tragedies and responded with grace and compassion, writing songs for themselves and any trauma that might see them reflect their own experiences. But “meeting him last night” is not the purpose of catharsis, at least there is no clear purpose. Instead, under the shadow of “him” (obviously Satan), the two lost innocence and deceit, these three ridiculous trivialities. In an album that is completely focused on reality, this is the closest thing to escaping from reality.

At the other end is the music video of “Dancing with the Devil”, which reproduces the amazing details of the night Lovato overdose and the subsequent battle for her life in the ICU. There is a machine that cleans blood through a vein in the neck, a duffel bag is filled with drugs, and a sponge bath gently leaves a mark on the “survivor” tattoo on the neck. Even though Lovato co-directed the video and pointed out that sharing her life experience was part of her recovery process, the visual effects were almost unnecessary voyeurism: the artist reproduced them with his self-evident assumptions The worst moment.

Dance with the devil Please believe that Demi Lovato has experienced enough. There is no doubt that music will appeal to listeners who are self-reliant and see Lovato as a role model, just as they have been forced to justify their life experiences since she was the teenager on the red carpet. This moment of makeup brings us closer to her than ever before: the launch of a four-part documentary, multiple album versions, and endless press conferences. But the duality of music and the blunt force of delivering music showed Demi Lovato, and the artist was Demi Lovato. This is an enviable position: to have such a painful story that the emotional catharsis we feel in real life eclipses what she wants to create on the album.

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