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Dr. Deborah Birx was appointed as the US Global AIDS Coordinator during his tenure in the Obama administration, but he still knows more about the doctor.

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Washington – Deborah Birx, who coordinated the White House’s response to the country’s worsening coronavirus crisis, has achieved extraordinary success: President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pello Xidu was angry at her.

Pelosi said in television interviews over the past two days that she was dissatisfied with Birx because he expressed disapproval of the president when the president publicly declared his government’s response to the pandemic, or agreed to Confirmed Coronavirus Therapy.

Pelosi told CNN on Monday that she did not have any “confidence” in Burks, saying that she “benefited” Trump and did not do enough to set a record for his wrong medical request.

Despite the increasing death toll, Trump has been praising his administration for handling the crisis for months. The President also advocates bad treatments, such as the White House Coronavirus Task Force press conference in April, where he suggested that sunlight or disinfectants can cure the virus.

At the same time, Trump accused Birx of taking the “bait” on Twitter on Sunday’s talk show. The virus is now “extraordinarily widespread.” This information may be seen as weakening the White House. Efforts to curb panic about the epidemic. .

With the advent of the pandemic, criticism from both sides flew up. Since March, the virus has infected more than 4.6 million Americans and killed approximately 155,000 people.

Burks stated in CNN’s State of the Union address on Sunday that the Trump administration’s efforts to contain the virus have not been successful.

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She said: “What we see today is different from March and April.” “It is very common. It enters the countryside like urban areas.”

64-year-old Birx has been the main face of the government’s response to the coronavirus. She is a respected doctor who served as the US Global AIDS Coordinator during President Obama’s tenure.

For months, she has been able to navigate her role without criticism from Trump or his Democratic critics. There have been rumors that Trump may remove him from office, but her name once surfaced and may replace the Secretary of Health and Public Affairs Alex Azar (Alex Azar).

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When asked about Pelosi’s criticism on Sunday, Burks said she “very respected the spokesperson.” But Birx also said that her assessment of this pandemic has been straightforward.

She told CNN: “I have never been called Pollyannish or a non-scientific or non-data-driven person.” “Moreover, I will put my 40-year career on those who use data to actually implement better procedures to save more lives. Basically.”

Former colleagues and supporters defended Berks, who has been criticized by some of Trump’s allies, but has never been as direct as President Monday.

Public health expert Stephen Morrison said: “Her career has never had such an experience.” Morrison has known Bilkes from the moment he took office in the Clinton administration. “This is unprecedented.”

Pelosi’s criticism of Birx stems from her “disruption of trust and confidence” in the White House’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and this response has now been extended to Birx, strategy and international research Said Morrison, director of the Center’s Center for Global Health Policy. Think Tank in Washington, DC.

In an interview with USA Today, he said: “This shows that the environment here is deteriorating.” But “if she leaves, the situation will get worse.”

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Katy Talento, Trump’s health policy adviser, who left the White House last year, said that Trump’s tweets were not an attack on Berks but a response to Pelosi’s comments.

Tarento said: “I think that Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues will try to abuse Dr. Burks’ assessment… to criticize the government’s response, which makes him frustrated, which is understandable.” Tarento and Birx cooperated to implement and continue to implement George W. Bush’s presidential era legislation, namely PEPFAR (Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief).

She said: “I think this is very important to her, you know, we have been popular for a few months, this is the first time that any misunderstanding of her has occurred.”

Burks is not the first member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force with which Trump clashed. Anthony Fauci, the long-term director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has contradicted the president on some controversies related to the pandemic, which aroused Trump’s criticism.

When asked on Monday about Fauci’s comments on hydroxychloroquine, Trump said: “I disagree with everything about Fauci.” Trump has promoted antimalarial drugs as COVID-19 treatments, despite including Fauci. Of experts said that there is no scientific and effective research to prove its effectiveness.

Trump said: “I like him. But we disagree on things.”

Members of the task force responsible for coordinating the testing efforts in the United States said on Sunday that the country needs to “keep moving” from the debate on hydroxychloroquine.

The Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, General Brett Giroyle, said on NBC News “Meet the Media” that “from a public health point of view, hydroxychloroquine seemed very promising at first,” but “By that time, there have been five randomized controlled, placebo-controlled trials that have no benefit to hydroxychloroquine.”


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