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Dbrand announced the launch of PS5 custom panel, challenge Sony to sue

As the title of this article implies, we are now the global leader in PS5 panels.

Sue us, Sony.

This project has been ongoing since we told you not to buy the PlayStation 5 look. Spoiler alert: This is why we tell you not to buy PlayStation 5 skins.

After moving more chess pieces to the four dimensions, we added a new production line to the plastic injection molding equipment and started work. The skills refined by the Grip Case we have developed in the past few years have given our organization a unique positioning to create OEM-grade panels: panels with all the precision you expect, attention to detail, and unnecessary exquisite packaging are from dbrand.

We will start mass production on PS5 panels before the end of the year. However, we will not accept orders until we are ready to ship the goods at our Toronto headquarters. If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it is a bad idea to sell products before they are finished.

If you are one of the millions who did not get a PS5 during Christmas, then stay calm when they see out of stock. We expect demand to exceed supply at launch, but rest assured that the panel will be permanently fixed in our product portfolio.

On the other hand, if you belong to one of the millions of scalpers who want to distinguish the overpriced PS5 through a custom panel, it is recommended that you sign up for the launch notification here.

is ours. Congratulations for surviving in 2020. We will work harder in 2021


When asked if they were afraid of Sony tearing it down, they replied that they encouraged the company to try this.

We are not sure that it is a good idea to say Sony, but I will not refuse to customize the PS5 panel at all. Sony is likely to develop its own version, so we will wait and see. Will Sony still sue dbrand or keep it and let consumers choose the panel they need from anyone?

In addition, dbrand will also provide the skin of the middle part of the PS5 and the Dualsense skin, which can be purchased separately and/or in a special bundle. As for the different panel colors, they will now turn black with some special pattern hints.

Do you want to order from dbrand or wait for Sony to release its official PS5 panel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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