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David Oyelowo, Angelina Jolie’s film “Come Away”, with a “comment bomb” as the target

IMDb lowered user ratings for upcoming movies, which are the prequels of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan”.

As it involves Hollywood, “voting groups” (also known as “vote stuffing”, “dislike mobs” and “comment bombs” and other nicknames) are a practice of increasing user-generated ratings and comments to influence audiences. Perception of movies, TV series or other content. For most of the past ten years, this practice has affected Hollywood projects, Including Marvel movies, Oscar winners and independent films are the same.

“As a filmmaker, your biggest worry is that there will be any smell in your film,”

; David Oyelowo explained that he starred and starred Go away, Upcoming features Received such an effort online. “In an era of too much content, people can only check the IMDb or trailer level to make subconscious decisions about whether to use the content.”

User ratings on YouTube, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have a long history Weaponization is performed to reduce possible awareness and interest in the upcoming features. 2016 feminine remake Ghostbusters Was targeted in the current campaign Make it the most “unpopular” website in website history.Many movies, including Dr. James Baldwin (James Baldwin) I’m Not your black And the characteristics of the heroine Marvel Captain Marvel,always Targeted online advertising campaigns.Many movies that have been targeted in the past involve Race or gender theme, or female or non-white actors as the theme.

For Oyelowo, Go away It is not his first film to suffer such harassment.he Saw a similar online response in his 2016 feature United KingdomWhere he played the prince Seretse Khama fell in love and married Ruth Williams, a white British woman, playing: Rosamund Pike (Rosamund Pike). “We angered racially negative speech so much that Fox Searchlight must delete our Facebook page,” Oyelowo recalled.

He said: “This is something I often experience in my career,” People who tend to appeal to content.These people seem to find The saddest. “

Traditionally, IMDb rating system measured from 1 to 10 stars can be used Show the title to users at least once after the title is publicly displayed.and Go away The film will be screened on high-quality video-on-demand and limited theater venues through Relativity Media on November 13th. Since the title debuted at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January, its ratings were announced earlier . Although the user ratings have been released for several months, the filmmakers noticed that the IMDb score has changed after the trailer was released on October 9. (The newly launched Relativity Media obtained the US copyright of the film this month.)

“For unreleased films-ratings should be based on people Watching a movie-obviously, the tone and nature of the movie Hit some people. “Oyelowo said. “The first thing I did was make IMDb Know if it’s because i know it’s right United Kingdom five years ago. “User Since then, the rating of the movie has been deleted.

Go awayDirected by Brenda Chapman, a prequel to the fantasy classic Alice in wonderland with Peter Pan.Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) play Alice (Keira Chansa)’s parents Peter (Jordan A. Nash) used their imagination to overcome a difficult family tragedy.

Many user comments on the trailer focused on the fact that the roles of Alice and Peter were portrayed by non-white child actors. “This movie is not rooted in race at all. It happens to be such a family, It may have existed in British history at that time, but it is not your normal state. Have seen it before,” Oyelowo said. “We realized we had a situation on hand, like After John Boyega played the commando, the people at Disney realized this. Star wars Or Halle Bailey The little mermaid. “

When it was released in July 2019, the cast of the 1989 Disney animated live-action adaptation headed by Bailey caused racist online repercussions. Some people believe that the mermaid is Hans Christian Anderson (Hans Christian Anderson). ) Fairy tales and animations are white. As for Boegaga, individuals on the Internet argued that the commando could not be black and launched a call to action calling for a boycott of the installment of the 2015 JJ Abrams administration.

In February 2019, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes announced that it would delete its ” “Watching” score (a user-generated percentage used to measure the audience’s interest in the title), which has been positioned in the movie’s pre-release stage in the past. Also in February 2019, YouTube’s project management director Tom Liang pointed out in a series of company videos, The product development team has started discussing how to fight against the “nasty mobs” and pointed out One option is to eliminate the feature altogether. (In the video, Liang Solve issues related to the site’s own content creators, not movie trailers. )

In the comments section on the YouTube page hosting the following Go away Trailers (there are multiple), users complain that “dislikes” disappear or are not counted. It is not clear whether this is the case or whether YouTube and its algorithms are excluding possible voting for targeted campaigns. YouTube did not respond Human Resources DepartmentRequest for comment.

For its part, Amazon’s IMDb has more than 250 million unique Visitors around the world believe that their user reviews are not the sum of all averages The comment is just a “weighted average”, and according to the “FAQ” section of the website, “various filters” are used to reduce things like vote filling and possible brigade. IMDb does not display filters, nor does it show how the algorithm recognizes and resists possible malicious ratings, so it does not affect the system. IMDb did not respond Human Resources DepartmentRequest for comment.

“Everyone who goes to the movies or shows has his own personal history and taste. This is How users vote on the title.Just because many critics or other IMDb users like A specific title does not mean that everyone has the same feeling. ” Concerns about possible false review ratings. According to a statement on the company’s website, the company did disable its message board in 2017 outside the rating system, on the grounds that the feature no longer provides a “positive and useful experience.” “They cannot say that this is freedom of speech. People should be allowed to say what they want to say Say,’Their platform is being used insidiously, whether it is to influence elections or to receive Oyelowo said he hopes the studio will become more proactive in their work In response to online racist attacks, such attacks may have a “wrong sense of scope and scale.”

He pleaded: “This is a small group of people. You have to know something. We are cultural curators. We can build the world we want to see by producing content of this nature.” He also hopes to see actions taken by technology companies whose site features continue to positively influence the pre-release and promotion of titles.

“We just spent a summer, and after the murder of George Floyd, all these companies felt the need to issue Regarding their company’s statement and their views on racial injustice, and how they will do it,” Oyelowo said. “This is indeed one of the main areas where these technology companies can improve. “

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