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Director David Fincher’s latest movie “Mank” didn’t make its debut on Netflix until December 4th, but that didn’t stop the movie from causing Oscar buzz, much better than streaming. The release was more than a month earlier.

This ancient Hollywood film captures the sound and time of the moment, chronicling the alcoholic film screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) and the prodigy Orson Wells (Tom Burke) ) “Citizen Kane” co-created in 1940. The film also flashes back to Mankiewicz’s difficult encounters with actress Marian Davis (Amanda Seyfried) and media mogul William Randolph Hirst (Charles Dance) in the 1930s.

According to the early reaction of members of the media who saw the early screening, the first film directed by Fincher, “Mank,” has become a contender for the Oscars since its release in 2014.

Pete Hammond described “Mank” in the “Deadline” column as “one of the best movies I have ever seen” and added: “At this point, it is difficult Imagine other movies will bring more heat to the Oscars.”

“Expect to be nominated for the best picture, directed, Alderman as the best actor, a comedian Amanda Seyfried (Amanda Seyfried) as Marion Davies (Marion Davies), Eric Stunning black and white photography by Erik Messerschmidt, design by Donald Graham Burke, sweet costume design by Trish Summerville, Kirk · Film editing by Kirk Ba​​xter, music scores by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as well as makeup, sound and visual effects (in many locations Generated by digital magic),” he continued.

Other critics hyped up on Twitter.

Collider’s editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub hailed “Mank” as “one of the best movies of 2020” and pointed out that movie lovers “will love this movie.”

Clayton Davis of the variety show said that “Mank” is “technically worth appreciating.”

He continued: “Production, photography, sound and scoring are its strongest elements, and #Oscar’s first choice.” “This is an AP film history course for film fans, which may alienate some ordinary audiences.”

Kate Erbland of IndieWire praised the film’s “extraordinary craftsmanship” and “Amanda Seyfried’s strong transformation”, but she also pointed out that the film was “obsessed with Picking and picking things in history that may shock people who seem to be movies on the surface. For.”

She added: “Plus the Upton Sinclair chat, it’s more than anyone needs.”

However, the thriller Esther Zuckerman appreciates the historical aspect of the film.

She wrote: “The thing about MANK is not so much a movie about “Citizen Kane” as it is because this is the source of inspiration for the movie, and these situations are watching capitalism corruption during the depression.”

David Sims of The Atlantic sees the film as a commentary on the film industry.

He wrote: “MANK is a great great movie. It tells how writing on a Hollywood machine feels like throwing pebbles on a giant, and how exciting and terrifying it is to think that one time may actually knock him down. “

However, not everyone is a “Mank” fan. The movie made Mike Ryan of Uproxx want more.

He wrote: “On paper, David Fincher’s “MANK” is a movie I *should* fall in love with, but just appreciate it.” “The way it is carefully crafted, filmed, and performed is incredible. But This story made me feel indifferent. Now I know more about Mank’s feelings about the California Governor’s game in 1934 than about Orson Wells.”

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Eric Kohn of IndieWire writes that “Mank” is a peculiar maze of movies, an exciting and unpredictable way to deconstruct Hollywood history in its own language.

He added: “No, you won’t get a definite backstory for “Citizen Kane” (Osen is also unscathed.)

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