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Val Kilmer and his daughter Mercedes talked to USA TODAY about their new movie Petit. Kilmer also talked about the upcoming “High Aspirations”

; sequel.

USA Today

Val Kilmer knows that it is good to bring real pain and emotion to the cinema.

“It hurts when it happens. But as an actor, you want it to be hurt, you want to experience that pain,” Kilmer said. “Because the more effective you portray, the more people will be moved.”

This shows that Kilmer and his 28-year-old real-life daughter Mercedes (Mercedes) are in “Paydirt.”

The two played the father and daughter on the screen during the excessive drug trade and AK-47 shooting in the screen plot (available on demand, digital and theater).

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“100% real,” Kilmer said of his screening time at Mercedes. Mercedes is one of his two grown children since he married “Willow” actress Joanne Whalley.

In a joint video interview, Kilmer admitted half-jokingly that he didn’t want to go to that emotional place “five times a week.”

Mercedes (Mercedes) played a newly appointed district attorney in her film agency debut, and she is even more worried about the health of her dangerous self-ignoring screen father Sheriff Tucker.

Mottos such as “We are worried for you, my mother and I” and “No matter how complicated (how complicated) things become you, I will always be my father” erupted with real feelings in their tearful scenes. Mercedes said that working with her father was a huge challenge, and she tried to conceal the idea that she did have relatives with them.

She said: “(On the screen) the most difficult environment to create a father is to be with my real father.” “However, it is undeniable that our actual relationship does enrich the script.”

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When Mercedes met with writer and director Christian Sesma in Kilmer, he easily put Mercedes in his father’s Hollywood office and put things down. This happened by accident.

Like fate, Sesma has written a book in which the sheriff obsessed with locking his drug dealer nemesis (Damien Brooks) will have a pious daughter. No audition required.

Mercedes shot her father for a week in December last year. This kind of experience is eye-opening in respect of his father’s professional respect and engaging in acting.

She said: “This makes me keenly aware of how much I have lost without training to integrate disabled actors, and how much everyone has gained.” “It is great to see, for example, for the first time. The male protagonist who has speech impairment and sees that everyone can adapt to this situation skillfully and creatively.”

Ask Kilmer how he communicates effectively in the movie, and he can show his unhurried side. He blinked and said: “Whenever I am in front of the camera, I try to practice magic.”

In many scenes of “Paydirt”, actors wear scarves and high-necked winter clothes to cover up the scars of tracheotomy. In other films, director Sesma used visual effects to remove scars. Sesma said that the voice artist Jesse Corti called Kilmer’s dialogue “100%” in the editing room to capture these performances.

Kilmer always laughs at himself, inserting stupid moments into video calls by joking or showing off his long ponytail. He said: “I feel good, and my health is good.” “Mercedes feels good, looks good, and her body is good.”

He said that he is eager to appear in “Top Ambition: Mavericks” with Tom Cruise, a former film fanatic, even though he has kept the film’s privacy wall until July 2021. 2nd.

Kilmer won’t even say whether he has seen the final product. He said, “Can you tell from the look in my eyes? Maybe I’ve seen it.”

After putting on a pair of cool sunglasses, Kilmer asked if we could see his Tom “Iceman” Kazansky on the screen again. His immortal Ray-Ban sunglasses.

He said: “I don’t know if it’s a secret. And you never know what they kept or took from the movie. So you might see me in them, but you might not.” But there must be a hairstyle.”


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