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SportsPulse: For the first time this season and for the first time in a long time, the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked first in the power rankings. Mackenzie provided the biggest ups and downs this week.

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Frisco, Texas-Ben Dinucci and Dak Prescott face to face on Wednesday.

“Hey,” the cowboy rookie quarterback told the veteran, “this is not what you said my rookie year will become.”

Prescott smiled.

Prescott said, “Go there and find you,” said the 23-year-old DiNucci, who is going to start the game in Philadelphia on Sunday night. “Complete the task. Trust the people around you. You will be great. Don’t think too much. Football.”

Cowboys teammates and coaches said that self-confidence is a trait that DiNucci does not lack. But he admitted that if you told him a year ago, he would hold this position, and he would ask you to pinch him. Prescott (Prescott) for 72 consecutive games (including the playoffs) Cowboys may require the same conditions.

When the Giants faced Dallas on October 11, Prescott led the league (422.5 per game) and Andy Dalton played two offensive fast breaks this season , Dinucci’s inactive activities are limited to bowling lessons before the game. Then, Prescott suffered a late-season compound fracture and dislocated ankle. Two weeks later, Dalton violently absorbed the heavy blow to the head, dropped his helmet, and once again hit his unprotected head on the grass at FedEx Stadium in Washington. Dalton is still undergoing concussion treatment this week, so he cannot practice. DiNucci got the first team victory when preparing to adapt to the Philadelphia Cowboys’ starting lineup. He said, welcome to 2020.

DiNucci said on Thursday afternoon: “I think in the past 10 days, from wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants until now, my phone can be called.” “This is everyone’s childhood dream, right? A chance to become the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. What more can you want?

“For me, this is a lifetime opportunity.”

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“Fire in his eyes”

The Cowboys chose DiNucci in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft, ranking 231st overall. The draft is in line with head coach Mike McCarthy’s long-term philosophy of training quarterbacks. At the scene, McCarthy liked DiNucci’s accuracy and mobility. After transferring from Pittsburgh, Dinucci played for two seasons at James Madison University. In 2019, he completed the best pass of the football championship segment, accounting for 70.9% of his passes, with a total of 3,441 yards and 29 touchdowns, with 6 interceptions. His efficiency has improved significantly since 2018, when DiNucci completed 68.3% of his passes but only had 16 touchdowns in 12 interceptions. In James Madison’s two seasons, he has performed well. DiNucci rushed for 1,002 yards and 16 touchdowns, averaging 4.4 yards per carry over the two seasons.

“People didn’t realize that he could run a little bit,” said the cowboy who ran back to Ezekiel Elliott. “So he will be able to get out of the predicament and make some contributions.”

Off the court, McCarthy is related to DiNucci. He is a native of Pittsburgh. McCarthy’s brother has coached on the eighth-grade basketball court of the University of Pittsburgh. DiNucci let McCarthy know that when they found themselves in the same Frisco elevator in January, McCarthy had just become a cowboy coach and DiNucci was in town for the FCS Championship. DiNucci’s elevator plan shows the confidence his teammates have noticed, because he is ready for the start of Week 8. Dallas showed confidence in the loss in Week 7, when DiNucci was pushed into the game with a score of 19 in Season 3. In 12 smashes, he completed 2 of 3 passes from 39 yards, and both fumbles failed (both Cowboys recovered). McCarthy said that a cleanup operation was needed, but DiNucci’s attitude when he told his teammates left a deep impression: it rained, the stands were empty, and we had no loss. Let us create energy and have fun.

He insisted on this message and received strong support from the first team in practice this week. Right back Zack Martin touted DiNucci’s swagger, receiver Michael Gallup praised DiNucci’s order because DiNucci’s voice was loud.

“Pitcher,” guard Jaylon Smith (Jaylon Smith) said of DiNucci. “Full of confidence. That’s my love: you see fire in his eyes.”

The Eagles “trying to eat you”

The fire did not confuse DiNucci’s vision with the reality he faced in Philadelphia.

In two games without Prescott, the Cowboys have scored 13 points, and the only touchdown was in garbage time against Arizona. The Cowboys’ offensive line has lost two starting tackles this season, and only one lineman left the 2020 starting lineup in the game last week. (Four-time all-professional right back Martin is expected to recover from a concussion this week.) At the same time, the Eagles were fired from the opposing quarterback with 9.16% of turnovers, ranking third in the league. Philadelphia’s defense averaged 220.4 passing yards per game (seventh) and 350.9 total offensive yards (12th). While studying movies, DiNucci saw the unit step up its offensive against Joe Burrow of the Bengals and Daniel Jones of the Giants.

Dinucci said of the Eagles: “I think this is their best choice.” The Eagles asked college scouts this week for a more in-depth analysis of the rookies. “They played a lot of men’s roles and tried to eat you. They played with Burrow and rookie and second-year player Daniel Jones earlier this year. In both games, their pressure tendencies were even greater. High. I will remain vigilant.”

Cowboys are also a reality. DiNucci has just begun chemical reactions with the cowboy relay army Gallup, Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb. Gallup emphasized the importance of motivating rookies through poor throwing or poor reading. DiNucci’s passing speed surprised Gallup, and he also hopes that the troubles of the offensive route will complicate the timing of the route. In any case, DiNucci’s arm talent left a deep impression.

Gallup said: “He has been dumping that thing.” “He has been very good. After a period of time, he will play, and he said: “My job is actually very simple, I only need to give you three A (catcher) ball, and then you can start working. It is not difficult.

DiNucci is eager to use receivers Stable and Elliott to stack the first serve, which also emphasizes the ball control ability of the team that allowed the team to get the highest 16 turnovers in the league. He said that he was ready to use his leg stretch to compete. He is also ready for the Hawks to show him something unexpected. Has already met the qualifications of this category.

“I’m striding forward,” Dinucci said. “Hey, this is 2020. What else do you expect? We are here. In week 8 of my rookie season, I have the opportunity to go there and do what I like to do during the Sunday night football game.

“I can’t be happier or more excited.”

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