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Daily horoscope for October 30, 2020

According to your daily horoscope from Friday, October 30, 2020, there are many shops today.

The sun is still in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The moon starts a new day with the sign of Aries. In the afternoon, the moon enters Taurus.

What will today’s horoscope prepare for your zodiac sign?

When the moon is in Taurus, we will be shattered and we will be more trained than usual.

This is also a good time to look at your life from a material point of view.

The moon will become a full moon on Saturday.

The full moon is the release time, making Friday the ideal time to set intentions.

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Clear the confusion. Get rid of things that make your house unattractive.

Let go of what is not needed in the closet. If your drawer is full of paper, you need to shred it to start over.

Friday is the ideal choice for nesting, although we will all face some changes.

The full moon will intersect Uranus, the planet of chaos and miracles, which will make the next few days more stressful than usual.

Therefore, set up your day early and follow routine procedures.

If your birthday is today:

Celebrities who shared birthdays with you include Ivanka Trump and Henry Winkler.

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