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Cutting the wires used to be a way to abandon cable TV and save money. Then big companies jumped in and screwed it up.

In 2017, YouTube launched a sweet offer-most of your favorite cable channels, no equipment rental or contract, only $35 per month. The duration is not long. In 2020, the platform will increase its rate to $65 per month.

So this week, when T-Mobile announced that it will debut on Sunday at a price of $10 per month, we will be eye-opening.

Advantages: If you like channels such as AMC, Hallmark, MTV and Nickelodeon, you will like T-Mobile’s “Vibe” product because it all costs-an Alexander Hamilton. However, if you need a DVR, you need to spend an extra $5 per month. And, if you can’t live without sports, news and some local channels (NBC, ABC and Fox), you will have to pay $40 a month. Oh, you need to be a subscriber of T-Mobile or Sprint. Verizon and AT&T customers are not eligible.

Update: T-Mobile hopes to help more pay TV customers get rid of the shackles through its new streaming service TVision

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The point is that T-Mobile has approached the great dream of a la carte TV, which is a dream that customers have been dreaming of for many years. Why do I need to subscribe to all those channels I don’t want and a swollen cable package?

Cincinnati-based writer Jared Newman wrote that T-Mobile’s move “created some small cracks in the traditional pay-TV bundling. So far, its competitors have been unwilling or unable to compete Rival”.

How does it compare to competitors?

Let’s take a closer look at low-priced products:

Philo: Streaming services that focus on entertainment, sports, and news are the lowest in cable TV prices, charging $20 a month. It offers twice the number of channels as Vibe, and channels such as Discovery, A&E and Animal Planet are not visible to T-Mobile. There is no charge for DVR.

Sling: Rates start at $30 per month, but registration can be confusing. Some channels are available in the “blue” package (including CNN and E!), while others are available in “orange” (ESPN), 30 per month USD, plus USD 5 for DVR service.

From there, you can buy AT&T Now and Hulu’s Live TV for $55 a month, or YouTube TV and Fubo (specializing in sports) for $65 a month.

Philo TV CEO Andrew McCollum pointed out that “I’m very pleased” that T-Mobile is “trying to bring greater flexibility to the market and provide people with new options at lower prices.”

But he added that the additional cost of DVR, the channel is less than Philo, and more importantly, the number one streaming TV platform Roku is not available, which makes its deal less sweet. Also, please note that only T-Mobile subscribers can get it.

At the same time, the more expensive T-VisionThe $40 package from T-Mobile does include NBC, ABC and Fox local channels. This is one more network than Sling is available-Sling only has local NBC and Fox channels, not nationwide channels. Unlike Sling, T-Vision packs all sports and news in one package.

Newman said: “You can’t underestimate how many people just want sports, news and local TV stations.” “This is a breakthrough.”

Of course, the people at Sling tell you that if you really want all the local channels, you should buy an antenna and then receive the channels this way. The old bunny ears of yesteryear have been replaced by newer and more powerful antennas that plug into a power outlet and usually come with a portable tuner for stronger signal reception.

Many smart TVs are aimed at cutting into the crowd, such as Insignia and Toshiba’s Amazon Fire TV Edition brand TVs, and even display the local programs currently playing on the menu screen through the antenna.

Of course, if you really want to save money by saving money, just buy a $50 antenna, skip cable alternatives altogether, and stick to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But, heck, have you heard that Netflix also plans to raise interest rates?

The most popular plan allows subscribers to watch HD videos on two screens at the same time. The price for new subscribers has increased from $12.99 per month to $13.99 per month, and the premium plan ($15.99) can The price that allows you to watch a four-screen ultra-high-definition screen is $17.99.

Is it time to cut this thread?

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