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Cumbrian County officials will blame the correctional officers who did not wear masks in two recent private celebrations and take other precautions against a coronavirus outbreak in the county prison.

The county government reposted eight photos posted on Facebook to the “Daily” on Wednesday and Thursday. They said these were two correctional staff gatherings in October. One of them was described as barbecue and the other was Halloween. Party.

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One photo shows a man in a chef’s costume standing side by side with two men and two women on an outdoor gazebo. In the same incident, 19 people stood together in a group photo of another person, sitting very close and posing. The vast majority of people in the photos shared with The Daily Journal do not appear to be wearing masks.

Social media photos are not public documents, and the Daily Diary is published without the permission of its owner.

Locals from the Police Civil Association No. 231, representing prison corrections officers, contacted the Daily Daily earlier this week, saying that four police officers and one prisoner had tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the prison was isolated.

Union lawyer Stuart Alterman said: “Warden (Richard) Smith’s public denial, lack of leadership and ignorance of public health practices are not enough to make him and his own facilities Other positive COVID cases that have emerged have disappeared.” PBA news released on Thursday. “They used to call him the “garden”, now they should call him “the watchman of the super communicator.”

The relationship between the county and the PBA had been miserable before this week, most recently because the county planned to close the prison and fire most officials. The PBA disclosed a new COVID case and blamed the city for this, which caused a strong response from county officials.

Smith and Deputy Warden Charles Warren confirmed that one prisoner and four police officers tested positive, forcing the prison to quarantine.

Smith and Warren stated that it was the picture on Facebook that attracted attention and identified the person in the picture as a prison staff member, including pointing out that they were an escort and that they had recently tested positive Of prisoners’ escorts.

Smith and Warren said the officers also tested positive for the coronavirus and accused them of spreading the disease.

“Last weekend, they had a Halloween party,” Smith said. “More than 20 police officers from this prison attended. No masks. No personal protective equipment. No social distancing. Therefore, inmates in my prison who can’t walk, can’t just bring COVID, unless the COVID is caused by someone. Brought him in, whether it is an official or a staff member.”

On Thursday, the county deputy chief executive Hirata also stated that “the correctional officer tested positive for COVID and brought the COVID into the prison from outside.”

She added that the prisoner was quarantined when he arrived and was only released if he was not infected.

Hirata said: “Before we knew he was positive for COVID, the prisoner was infected from an asymptomatic correctional officer.” “As essential employees, they should take appropriate precautions to reduce the risk of COVID.

Hirata said: “Obviously, from the Facebook posts and calls we received, they did not wear masks outside of working hours, nor did they have social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID.” “Those important employees risked themselves as family, friends, colleagues, etc. The risk of satisfaction.”

When asked whether the police officer can be subject to disciplinary action, Hirata said that this will be decided after contact tracing is completed.

She said: “Discipline may happen to people who violated county policies and went to high-risk states without isolation.” She said that this needs to be confirmed.

Smith said the two police officers standing next to each other in a photo tested positive for COVID.

Warren said the prison health precautions are very effective. He accused employees of the outbreak.

Warren said: “Once these people leave this building, I won’t be able to control them.” “Staff, this is dangerous. Did you know? When they are dangerous, they yell for rewards.

“When you go out, you will live unscrupulously, knowing that the virus is still active in the community, and then you turn around and go to work, it is possible to give it to a colleague or family member, but you give it to a Reluctant prisoners, they have no choice but to be imprisoned here, which shows that you don’t care.” Warren said.

“For them, where is the human factor?” Warren added. “They should care about what they are doing and take responsibility for it.”

In his comments on “Daily Diary,” Smith also targeted critics.

He said: “Ultimately, in the long years, I have been working very, very hard. I have a good reputation.” “In the past few years, I have had a lot of people trying to destroy this reputation. And that will not occur.”

The warden pointed out that the media reported “about ongoing activities in the prison”.

He said: “And (Deputy Warden Charles Warren) even I really haven’t started telling us what we have experienced in the Cumberland Prison in the past three years.”

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