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Cubs sign Kelvin Hererra minor league contract

The Cubs are building the best 2015-16 rescuers ever. I’m kidding, but hey, deeper depth will never hurt anyone.

The Cubs recently signed a close cousin Cody Allen (Cody Allen) with the former elite Indians (have been in a difficult period since then), and now the Cubs have joined the former elite royal soothing agent Kyle as a minor league. Vin Herrera.

(Skin signature discussed earlier here.)

Like Allen, Herrera spent a long time in Kansas City, but has completely fallen off her feet in the past year and a half:

(Via FanGraphs)

Only 30 years old, the lens here is that you can take Herrera into the door and see what happens with new eyes and data sets, and anything else, if he goes to the other end, that person may contribute in September ,That’s cool. If not, nothing will be lost in the attempt.

To get there, Herrera will have to change some basic knowledge of his pitching method, because the nearly 100 mph fastball that has caused him such a huge damage in the past is long gone. Last year, his speed dropped to 96 mph, and in limited maneuvers earlier this year, his speed was 94-95 mph. Obviously, this is still a playable speed, but he needs his gear shift or slider (or is it a new knife?) to really make him back down. He was never a big man, so he tried to keep the batters balanced enough that they couldn’t stop him. Can he still do this without high speed?

The highlight of your presence on Herrera is that it was actually just a decline in the 2019 season-he still performed well in 2018. On the less bright side, 2019 is also the first time his speed has dropped significantly.

We will see what happens when he starts throwing South Bend. Currently, this is a very crowded pitching team, and now the 60-person player pool is full. If the bears decide to add other members, they can of course withdraw them from the 60, but by then they will be exempted. Therefore, you actually only want to throw away those who are easily lost from the organization.

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