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COVID real-time update: Doctors found severe mental illness among a small number of coronavirus patients

New York (WABC)-With new details about the potentially disturbing potential impact of the coronavirus, doctors around the world now say that they have seen patients with this virus suffering from severe mental illness.

Doctors say that a small number of COVID-19 patients who have never had mental health problems develop these symptoms a few weeks after being infected with the virus.

Many of them have no serious coronavirus cases.

Experts say this may be another example of the virus affecting neurological and cognitive abilities.

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The following are today’s headlines:

Louisiana Congressman Luke Letlow died of COVID-1

Luke Letlow, the newest member of the Republican Party in the U.S. House of Representatives in Louisiana, died of COVID-19-related complications a few days before he was sworn in on Tuesday night. He is 41 years old. Letlow spokesperson Andrew Bautsch confirmed the death of the elected congressman in Oxner, Louisiana State University Health Shreveport.

Nnuchin may start to stimulate direct deposits tonight
Despite the ongoing political battle, there are signs that Americans may receive actual stimulus payments within a few hours on Tuesday night.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Twitter that a direct deposit of $600 can reach the account as early as tonight, and the paper check will be deposited in the mail tomorrow.

Colorado finds first COVID variant
Today, Governor Polis and state health officials announced the first case of COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7 in Colorado, which was found in the UK.

The Colorado laboratory confirmed the case and notified the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This person is a male in his 20s. He is currently isolated in Elbert County and has no travel experience. Public health officials are conducting a thorough investigation. The person is recovering in isolation and will remain there until approved by public health officials.

Cuomo announces updated quarantine guidelines
Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced the latest quarantine guidelines for New York, which are consistent with the latest CDC guidelines.

According to the new guidelines, as long as no symptoms are reported during the quarantine period, individuals exposed to COVID-19 can terminate the quarantine after 10 days without testing. After reaching the 10th day, the individual must continue to monitor the symptoms before the 14th day, if any symptoms develop, they should immediately self-isolate and contact the local health department or their healthcare provider to report this change and determine whether the test should be performed .

Vaccinations in veterans nursing homes start in New Jersey
New Jersey officials have begun vaccinating the coronavirus in three veterans care homes, and a state agency approved the use of the Atlantic City Convention Center as a vaccination site.

State officials said Tuesday that the residents and staff of the Paramus Veterans Memorial will be vaccinated from Monday, and the vaccine will begin next week at the Veterans Memorial in Menlo Park and Vineyards.

Governor Phil Murphy said: “Our veterans are by our side when we need it most.” “Now it’s our turn to protect them by distributing life-saving COVID-19 vaccines. Even though this pandemic is still there. There is no end, but these vaccines will undoubtedly reduce the risk of serious illness or death among the residents of our Veterans Memorial.”

New York City Expansion and Open Store Plan
Mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) announced the expansion of the store opening plan, which aims to help New York small businesses in the COVID pandemic. The expansion will continue until September 30, 2021. The plan allows retail stores and restaurants to use sidewalks to sell prepackaged foods and expand the number of restaurants that can use sidewalks for takeaways as part of New York City’s economic recovery plan.

FDNY received COVID-19 vaccine, but NYPD must wait
New York City firefighters started receiving COVID-19 vaccination from Tuesday, but there is still some confusion about when to provide doses to NYPD officials. A few days after the department started using the Moderna vaccine to vaccinate EMT and nursing staff, the vaccine was ready for use. Earlier this month, a survey showed that more than half of firefighters were unwilling to accept it, so the fire department issued a memo to make people confident about the shooting. FDNY employs nearly 11,000 firefighters and it is one of the largest fire departments in the world.

The fired boss says the COVID-19 bet at the Tyson factory is “high morale”
A manager of Tyson Foods was fired for betting on how many workers would be contracted at a pork factory in Iowa. He said the office swimming pool was a spontaneous fun and was designed to boost morale. Don Merschbrock, the former night shift manager of the Waterloo plant in Iowa, said he did this to show that the seven fired supervisors were not the “evil people” described by Tyson.

He told the Associated Press: “We really want to clear our name.” “We actually worked very hard and took good care of our team members.”

McConnell blocks the $2,000 home inspection bill
Senate Majority Leader McConnell on Tuesday blocked the Democrats from pushing President Donald Trump’s immediate request for an increase of $2,000 in COVID-19 relief checks, asking the House of Representatives to vote and saying that the House will “start procedures” to resolve the issue . The Republican-led Senate is following closely behind, pressing the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives passed a vote by an overwhelming majority on Monday to meet the president’s request, because as the virus crisis worsened, the president requested an increase in the check from $600. More and more Republicans, including the two senators in the runoff election in Georgia on January 5, have expressed their support for more Republicans. But most Republican senators oppose increasing spending, even if they are cautious about competing with Trump. The outcome of the meeting into the rare holiday week is very uncertain.

The 18-year-old parents were killed within a few days after contracting the virus, and COVID-19 completely resolved her
A Chicago family is mourning the loss of COVID-19 for their 18-year-old daughter. Sarah Simental’s parents said that she had no other health problems, but the virus took her so young life. COVID-19 killed the high school student within a few days.

“She called me crying and said,’Mom, I will miss Christmas.’ I have to assure her that there is only one day on the calendar and when she comes home, “We will spend Christmas with you.” “…Unfortunately, she didn’t.” Her mother Deborah Simental said.

Nose picking is not just hair-it’s dangerous during the coronavirus era
We teach children not to do this. Unsanitary. It’s creepy. Let us become a reality. Most of us-use our noses-according to the only study (small and old-fashioned) that seems to have only been done on the subject, about 91% of them do so, which may reveal that even scientists Think less about this problem. However, looking around the world, it is not uncommon to see a person’s nose held high with his fingers, or cautiously or not so much like Queen Elizabeth. Aside from jokes, nose picking is serious.

Kamala Harris receives the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday. When the vice president-elect was vaccinated more than a week later, the president-elect Biden accepted his live on national television. After the vaccination, Biden assured Americans the safety of the vaccine and urged them to get the vaccine immediately after the vaccination.

FTC warns of fraud before second round of payments
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned people that looking forward to a second stimulus inspection is looking for fraud. As the timing and number of the second round of stimulus checks are still being worked out, the federal government once again issued a warning to look for fraudsters. The Federal Trade Commission issued the following recommendations:

1. The government will not require you to pay any money in advance to get this money. Anyone is a liar.
2. The government will not call, send text messages, send emails or contact you on social media to ask you for your social insurance, bank account or credit card number.
3. Nothing to make money earlier or faster. Anyone who says they can contact you now (or soon) is lying and is a liar.

Trump’s hesitation on COVID-19 relief bill will delay stimulus payments for the unemployed
The US$900 billion economic rescue plan signed by President Donald Trump last weekend will provide important assistance to millions of families and businesses in trouble. However, he postponed the signing of the bill for nearly a week, which meant that it would take a lot of time to get financial support. The package Trump signed at a private club in Florida on Sunday will extend two unemployment benefits and provide assistance to 14 million people who expired last week. It will also provide small business loans and cash payments of up to $600 to most individuals. In addition, it extended the moratorium for a month. The measure does not include assistance to states and localities that have been forced to lay off workers and cut services due to the exhaustion of tax revenues, which may drag the economy in the long term. This legislation extended the two federal unemployment assistance programs to mid-March and added a supplementary grant of $300 a week. But because Trump signed the bill on Sunday the day after the two plans expired, this may make the unemployed pay a week of benefits, and will not restart payments until next week.

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