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COVID-19 may complicate Pelosi’s path to becoming speaker next year

As a speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi’s bailout bill sent to Trump by Meghan McCain in Florida stated that, in addition to “healthy people under 65,” front-line workers, the House Republican Party (GOP) ) Rejecting everyone’s consent to pay directly to 000 people, except for “healthy people under 65”, everyone wishes a Merry Christmas (D-Calif.) Seeking support to maintain Gavel̵

7;s re-term tenure, her allies pay close attention to a potential wildcard that may complicate her path next month: COVID-19.

After the Democrats were exposed in the November polls, Pelosi has already faced a much smaller number of MPs in the next Congress, which means that she has suffered fewer Democratic defections than she had two years ago. The 15 people are much less. Members must attend the House of Representatives meetings to vote on the Speaker, excluding the possibility of remote voting by members throughout the pandemic.

Due to a combination of factors, the Democrats may face difficulties on January 3. Pelosi locked in the support of the Democrats to continue to serve as speaker, but coronavirus concerns (disease, isolation or other circumstances) prevented enough people from entering the Capitol. Record their votes.

Pelosi’s failure to gain the support of half of the voters will at least lead to chaos in the whole process. In the nightmare of Democrats, mathematics may go further with the support of the Republican Party, resulting in a Republican spokesperson.

“It can be said that in theory, we have six to eight people with Covid, while the Republican Party does not. They might choose [Kevin] McCarthy. “The representative said. John YalmersJohn Allen Yarmuth (John Allen Yarmuth) (D-Ky.) Refers to the Republican leader of the House of Representatives.

Members were reminded of their vulnerability this week, when five more members of the House of Representatives tested positive for COVID-19. Since the pandemic in the United States about a year ago, the total number of infected members has reached at least 35.

With this in mind, Pelosi’s supporters say that this is the outbreak of the holiday, not the opponents of the Democratic Party. This is the biggest threat to Pelosi’s expected victory in the speaker election next month.

“We are in a medical crisis, right? No one will get sick. This is the X element here.” said a Democrat from the House of Representatives from the Pelosi League who spoke on a sensitive topic anonymously. “We need everyone to be healthy. …that is the greatest fear.”

With the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine, these concerns have been alleviated. In order to protect the continuity of government, members of the House of Representatives and Senate now have the opportunity to receive the Capitol vaccination from the attending physician.Pelosi and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mickey) Mitchell McConnell GOP strives to avoid chaotic Trump fighting for the election college bipartisan, the bicameral group urges Trump to sign the COVID-19 relief package, Megan McCain said, except “Healthy people under 65” were vaccinated before the front-line staff, everyone wished Merry Christmas.More (R-Ky.) Was one of the first shots on Friday.

“When distributing vaccines, all of us must continue to wear masks, social evacuations and other science-based steps to save lives and crush the virus,” Pelosi wrote on Twitter as she is receiving vaccination.

However, many members of the House of Representatives told Hill that they were able to stay healthy year-round by sheltering and avoiding the Capitol completely. The emergency rules passed by the Democrats in May allow lawmakers to vote remotely or through proxy voting. This means that older members, those fighting cancer and other diseases, or those caring for children do not have to fly to Washington to vote every week. For example, on December 18, nearly 90 Democrats voted by proxy.

But the proxy voting rules are invalid in the new Congress. If members want to vote for the speaker on January 3, they must attend the Capitol in person. After the speaker votes, the House of Representatives will adopt a new package of rules to manage the 117th Congress.

This makes physical participation equal to Pelosi’s success, because the Democratic Party is expected to get an absolute majority of 222 seats, and at least three moderate core group members have stated in the record that they do not intend to vote for Pelosi in January. . 3: On behalf of Connor Lamb (Pennsylvania), Jared King (Maine) and Elissa Slotkin (Elissa Slotkin)Elissa Slotkin (Elissa Slotkin) (I.).

To complicate the math, the health concerns of several Democrats have nothing to do with the coronavirus, which prevents them from entering the Capitol for most of the year. In addition, some COVID-19 cases may dim Pelosi’s prospects.

The representative said: “COVID is a wildcard.” Hank JohnsonHenry Hank Johnson (Henry (Hank) C. Johnson) Democratic Senator announces a bill prohibiting discrimination in the financial services industry. Five key points from CEO lawmakers, saying goodbye to John Lewis. (D-Ga.). “If we have a sick member who can’t come back, and we only have four votes in favor, it will put us in danger for the arrival of the 117th Congress-a smooth coming.”

Johnson warned that the chaotic speaker vote on January 3 would highlight the party’s differences at the completely wrong time-just two days before the two special Senate elections in his hometown, which would determine who controls the next two years. House.

“This may have an impact on the game[s] In Georgia, this is disturbing. “He said.

To avoid this, many of Pelosi’s allies informally whipped the Speaker’s critics, hoping that they would support Pelosi for party unity or at least vote to “attend”, which would not affect the majority. As part of this promotion, some lawmakers used to force them to return to the Capitol to offset “disapproval” votes, warning critics that they threatened the health of sick colleagues.

“These members who exercise political privileges should take this into consideration-by doing so, they make those who are fighting a truly incurable disease have to take risks to offset their political privileges,” said the second democratic lawmaker.

The lawmaker added: “It’s frustrating because it becomes something bigger than it should be.” “It’s like a quaint anecdote, people can say they voted for Colin PowellOvernight defense: Biden selects retired generals for the head of the Pentagon. The House of Representatives passes a week-long expedient spending bill. The Senate refuses to block Trump’s efforts to sell UAE weapons. Colin Powell praised Biden’s choice of the Pentagon chief:’Superb choice ‘No, unfaithful voters will not re-elect Donald Trump for a second term Either John LewisJohn Lewis Worst’s election concerns were avoided, but the Americans still failed to fail in a real way. Obama appeared in three campaign advertisements in Warnock, Georgia..

“This is no longer an opportunity to express one’s opinion; this is a result vote.”

However, some of Pelosi’s allies saw a glimmer of hope in the pandemic because it was related to her success in retaining the gavel on January 3. In short: They said that this might give her critics (those who had promised to voters objected)-the convenient excuse was not on the floor that day.

The third Democrat in the House of Representatives also spoke anonymously to discuss strategic issues: “The COVID may be a useful way to solve some strategic gaps.” “If you have a member, box yourself in this way, and in their family Having a sick or old relative, or having a new baby, or other strategically absent person is such a method, their commitment, while lowering the denominator to help Pelosi.”

Of course, it is not clear how many legislators may be isolated in the first week of next year. But health experts warn that during the long holiday in December, the number of cases has surged due to the cold weather forcing more and more people into the house. Some Democrats admit that it is inevitable that members of Congress will be affected like everyone else.

The fourth Democrat in the House of Representatives said: “Obviously, it is worrying that there are 435 people across the country. It is hard to imagine that no one will be infected with the virus on January 3.”

Pelosi is the first female speaker of the United States and is no stranger to challenging leadership over the years. Recently, she narrowly defeated a big resistance with 220 votes in 2018. Despite the meager profits, there is still an overwhelming feeling among Democrats that she will find a way to use this method again next month-Coronavirus or None.

“Some of the usual suspects voted against her. But I think people have realized this, and of course a message was also conveyed at the core meeting that for the usual brands, this may not be a year. Jim SimsDemocrats debate whether Trump investigating the fate of Biden won a bill from House Democrats to invest $0 billion in STEM research and education overnight defense: Pentagon IG audit on contractors’ use of COVID-19 funds | Democrats to stop Tron Putin’s troop withdrawal from Germany is optimistic, Obama criticizes Trump’s foreign policy more (D-Conn.). “We are a vulnerable group, but Pelosi is very good at her job. So she wants to make money.”

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