All it needs is a packed bar. Infected customers. Then there was a crazy party.

This is a toxic combination that has led to a new wave of COVID-19 cases in the Pointe community of Grosse. At least 30 new cases in recent days have been linked to an outbreak at a popular bar in East Lansing, nearly 100 miles away.

After Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub reopened earlier this month, it attracted more people, including some college students from wealthy Grosse Pointes who were unknowingly infected and brought the virus home. They said that according to the multiple families currently being segregated, one of the students who visited the Harper department store was linked to a friend who held a large family party in Gros Puente Woods, with dozens of friends attending There is no mask and social distance during the party.

On Monday evening, June 8, people lined up outside Harper’s in East Lansing. (Photo: Phil Friend)

The parents said that the party took place on Friday night. Parents said that the host had symptoms during the party and fell ill on the weekend and was tested for COVID-19 on Monday, although he didn’t share positive results with friends until Tuesday night.

By then, the virus had spread among college students hanging out in the summer.

A mother said: “I am very frustrated.” His 19-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID-19 after a campfire with Gross Puente and friends. “I’m sad. We stayed at home as ordered, and then let our guard down-now it is.”

The mother, who asked for anonymity to protect the privacy of her family, said that her daughter had not been to Harper’s or attended a party at Grosse Pointe Woods, but was infected after attending a campfire with friends who had been in contact with students who had gone Harper’s. Now that her entire family is in isolation, she feels worried, anxious and fearful.

The mother said: “It’s everywhere-I get it. Maybe she should not (go) the campfire. “So now we wait for the test results and pray…Prayer is what we have.”

Ingham County health officials said that as of Friday night, the number of COVID-19 cases related to the Harper brewery had increased to 76.

At the same time, the law firm (Grosse Pointes) continues to feel the influence of university lawyers. The law firm included 23 new COVID cases on Friday. This is 30% of all new cases seen in Wayne County that day, with a total of 76 new cases. Grosse Pointe Park is the most infected.

Grosse Pointe Park MP Aimee Fluitt wrote on Facebook on Friday: “Even today, 12 new cases have been diagnosed, which is the biggest jump in a day ever.”

Two days ago, she pointed out that Gros Point Parker had only seen two new cases.

In the COVID-19 case, this upward trend has many advantages in Grosse Pointes. A family canceled his son’s graduation party. Youth sporting events have been cancelled. Some parents are wary of hiring college students as nanny.

Nicole DeLano, a resident of Grosse Pointe Park, said: “This is not a theme of keeping quiet and will not affect affluent communities like ours. “Knowledge, isolation and testing will stop our community spread. Please practice the CDC guidelines… This seems an impossible feat. “

On Friday night, the city of Gross Point Park resolved the increase in cases on its Facebook page because the city’s COVID-19 figure rose from 2 to 6 to 12 in three days.

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“Over the past week or so, after the number of Cape Gross has stabilized for about a month, the total has increased by about 10-15. Due to today’s surge, New York City is asking residents, neighbors and friends to continue. The following operations:

  • If you are sick, stay at home.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbows when you cough or sneeze.
  • Put on a mask and keep a distance of 6 feet.
  • Wash your hands often with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Grosse Pointe Park MP Aimee Fluitt also delivered a COVID-19 speech on her Facebook page, but before the advent of the new wave.

The article on Wednesday wrote: “The numbers have not changed for a long time, but today two new cases have been diagnosed.”

That’s Wednesday. By Friday, the number had jumped to 12, and Gross Point Park officials asked the public to be vigilant, paying attention to social distance and masks.

As Fluitt warned on Facebook: “It’s not over yet. Please continue to take precautions. Put on a mask and ensure safety.”

According to Wayne County Public Health Records, the following is a classification of COVID-19 cases as of Friday at Cape Gross:

  • Grosse Pointe Park: a total of 63 cases. 7 people died. 12 new cases.
  • Grosse Pointe City: 41 cases in total. 3 people died. 0 new cases
  • Grand Puente Farm: 56 cases in total. 4 people died. 5 new cases
  • Grosse Pointe Woods: A total of 118 cases. 18 people died. 4 new cases
  • Grosse Pointe Shores: A total of 15 cases. 2 people died. 2 cases

Friday marked Michigan’s sixth consecutive day of rising COVID-19 cases after the curve flattened. This achievement has reopened many businesses and restored people’s lives to normal, at least in a short period of time.

To date, more than 62,000 cases have occurred in Michigan and nearly 5,900 people have died.

At the same time, Harper’s has been temporarily closed to update the brew bar with new security features. It announced this news on June 22 and stated:

“During the COVID pandemic, this was a very difficult time for everyone… We lined up on the public sidewalk in front of the building. We tried to instruct customers in line to wear masks and socialize There are signs on public sidewalks and banners on railings. Our supervision of the lines on stairs has been successful, but trying to get customers to follow our recommendations on public sidewalks has always been challenging.”

It continued: “Since we have no right to control the boundaries of public property, the dilemma we face is to keep it open, let this situation continue, or close until we can devise a strategy to completely eliminate the boundaries… we have chosen Temporarily shut down to do two things-implement procedures to eliminate wiring, and modify our HVAC system to install air purification technology when conditioning and recirculating air.”

This restaurant did not resolve the COVID-19 outbreak related to its business.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail previously said: “In view of the number of people affected by this outbreak, we think this is a higher risk than usual going to restaurants or bars.” “There may be more people who have not been infected by COVID-19. Found. We need help from people who have been to Harper’s house on the date of exposure so that we can control the epidemic. We need everyone who is exposed to stay at home.”

The Ingham County Health Department urged anyone who visited East Lansing Bar between June 12 and June 20 to be quarantined for two weeks from the date of their visit.

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