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Coronavirus real-time update: more than half a million deaths worldwide

As more than 10 million cases of the virus were diagnosed, 500,000 people died.

According to the “New York Times” database, the total number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has exceeded 500,000, and the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 10 million.

As countries around the world try to prevent new infections from reaching out-of-control levels while trying to get rid of the painful blockade, this grim sign was hit on Sunday.

About a month after the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the pandemic, the death toll exceeded 1

00,000. At the beginning of May, this number climbed to 250,000.

More than a quarter of all known deaths are in the United States.

Public health officials say the number of confirmed infections (which took about 40 days to double) may be greatly underestimated. Data released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that the actual number in many regions may be 10 times the reported number.

Kim Victory was paralyzed in bed and burned alive.

Soon, someone rescued her, but suddenly, she turned into an ice sculpture on the luxury cruise ship buffet. Next, she was the subject of an experiment in a Japanese laboratory. Then she was attacked by the cat.

Measures to deal with the surge and plan for peaks Weekend is obvious The Houston Methodist Hospital’s hospital requires nurses to perform additional shift work, put new laboratory instruments into production, can test thousands of samples per day, and place excess hospital beds in an empty unit, as patients fill up In the new coronavirus ward, these units will be reopened.

Melissa Estrada is among them. She said she tried to treat the virus cautiously, leaving her three children at home and always wearing masks at the grocery store.

But on the weekend, Ms. Estrada, 37, is fighting the virus in the hospital. She said she might have been infected with the virus during dinner with cautious relatives. Within a few days, all four adults and several children attending the party were positive.

Estrada (Estrada) said of her illness: “This is really very very terrifying.” She has been worried about letting her child lose her mother. She said: “You have heard that you think it is an elderly person or a person with potential problems.” “And I am very healthy. I don’t understand how I got so bad.”

During the peak of the virus’s first appearance in April, most patients who tested positive in the Methodist Hospital system were over 50 years old. Now, like Ms. Estrada, most patients are relatively young.

Trico Saranason, the nurse on duty in one of the Methodist’s viral wards, said: “What I saw was that they were very sick, and the young people were very sick.” “They struggled with breathing problems. . They have trouble breathing,” she added, “just like death.”

Drug manufacturers set prices based on the price of drugs used to treat viruses.

A few weeks after donating the antiviral drug rimcivir to hospitals with severe coronavirus patients, the manufacturer of the drug, Gilead Sciences, announced today that its pricing has been fixed at US$390 per bottle and approximately US$2340 per course of treatment .

The company said it would charge far less than the price of the drug in all developed countries. A large federal study found that the recovery time of ramcivir in critically ill patients was reduced by an average of four days. Gilead’s chief executive Daniel O’Day said in a statement on Monday that for four days in the hospital, the cost per patient is about $12,000.

Gilead said it will charge a higher fee to private insurance companies: $520 per bottle, or $3120 for five days of treatment. Mr. O’Day said that since private insurance companies want to get discounts from the list price, the list price must be higher. This also means that uninsured patients will be charged a fee of $520 per bottle.

Until recently, remdesivir was the only drug that could help severe Covid-19 patients. But the benefits of this drug are negligible, and this drug does not improve the survival rate of these patients.

The Ministry of Health and Human Services said on Monday that the Trump administration had reached an “amazing agreement” with Gilead. The company will provide 500,000 bottles of this drug by September, enough to treat 232,000 patients. The hospital will pay a wholesale price of $520 per bottle.

Gilead’s latest delivery of 120,000 courses of donated medicines is coming to an end.

The new supply will be allocated to the hospital as needed. However, after September, H.H.S. Will no longer participate in the sale of remdesivir.

Senior Democratic leaders once again called for negotiations to begin negotiations on another pandemic rescue plan, as coronavirus cases continue to soar across the country, and many existing disaster relief measures include The $600 expanded unemployment benefit is about to expire, and Congress needs no action.

California spokesperson Nancy Pelosi and minority leader New York Senator Chuck Schumer attacked the majority leader Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, Because he was reluctant to start another round of talks, and wrote to Mr. McConnell: “Now is the time for action, not continuous delays and political gestures.”

The two leaders wrote: “Because Americans struggle to pay rent and face eviction, and our health care and childcare systems are facing unprecedented burdens, Senate Republicans have been moving in your direction.” “We have overcome COVID The -19 pandemic is a bigger problem, but it is not without the government taking effective and effective action.”

Although Capitol Hill has widely acknowledged the need for another bailout package, McConnell and the Senate’s top Republicans have pushed to postpone any negotiations or legislation until the chamber returns from the two-week July 4 recess. House Democrats in May have approved an amount equivalent to their public offer: a huge $3 trillion stimulus plan based on previous legislation.

However, Republicans have repeatedly stressed that Congress should wait to see the impact and implementation of the $2.2 trillion stimulus plan that became law in March before distributing another round of taxpayer assistance. Even if several economists pleaded with Congress to continue spending and maintain the unemployment rate expansion, the Republican Congress still has differences on how to balance the need for relief and the call to reduce spending.

American Roundup

The number of cases in Florida has increased fivefold in two weeks.

All weekend, Florida broke the previous record of new coronavirus cases and reported 9585 infections on Saturday. 8,530 were also reported on Sunday.

Thousands of people flocked to Jacksonville to form a six-hour queue and they need to pass a road test. Coronavirus explosions have occurred in Orange County, Orlando: nearly 60% of the cases have come from here in the past two weeks.

Most of the surge in the number of cases in Florida is due to the reopening of beaches, bars, restaurants and other social activities.

“I am one of the people who contribute to 9,000 people a day,” Ian Scott, a 19-year-old college sophomore in Orlando, tested positive on Friday. He didn’t know how to get it.

He said: “We saw positive, positive, positive, positive.” “Our generation said:’Let’s overcome it. Let’s suck for two weeks, sit in our room, play video games, play our Mobile phone, complete the online course, it’s over.”

Mr. Scott was almost free of illness and was not bad when the test results came back. Patients like him can help explain the fact that the number of daily cases in Florida has increased fivefold in two weeks, but the mortality rate has not increased so far. National records show that the hospitalization rate has increased, but has not reached the crisis level.

Rest of the United States:

China approved candidate vaccines for use by the country’s military.

A candidate for a coronavirus vaccine has been approved by the Chinese government and can be used by the country’s military.

CanSino Biologics, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in the northeastern city of Tianjin, said on Monday that its Ad5-nCoV vaccine was awarded the country’s Central Military Commission’s one-year “Military Special Needs Drug” title. The candidate is being jointly developed with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

The name indicates that the vaccine can be developed through the military’s system for producing drugs for use by the Chinese military, but only for military use. Military and government regulatory agencies have other procedures for approving such civilian vaccines.

“Ad5-nCoV is currently limited to military use. Without the approval of the logistics support department, its use cannot be expanded to a larger vaccination range,” CanSino said in a document.

CanSino has conducted Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials of the candidate vaccine. It said that these trials “showed good safety”, “Overall clinical results show that Ad5-nCoV has the potential to prevent diseases caused by SARS-CoV-2, which is the official name of the new coronavirus.

According to Reuters, CanSino refused to mention whether the trade secret refused commercial vaccination or mandatory vaccination.

Buyers need to be careful: mask duty-free cards sold online are fake.

credit…Ministry of Justice

Cards for sale claiming to be free of masks during the coronavirus pandemic Federal officials say this is fraud.

These business cards are about the size of business cards and bear the red, white and blue eagle logos. The cardholder does not need to abide by the law, requiring them to wear masks in public.

“Wearing a mask can cause mental and/or physical risks for me. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), I don’t have to disclose your condition to you.” The card reads that the card spells “posture”, And wrongly named the “Americans with Disabilities Act.”

There is also a warning that companies or organizations may be reported to the “Freedom of Breath” organization, which is behind the scenes. One of these cards has the Ministry of Justice logo printed on it and lists the legal phone numbers where you can file a complaint about violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

These cards are sold online for at least 500 boxes for $49.99.

These cards were created in response to complaints, and the salesperson said in an email as “an educational tool” to help people “understand their laws and human rights so that they can withstand illegal, unscientific and unconstitutional tasks” .”

Lenka Koloma, founder of Breath Freedom Agency, advertised on her Facebook page and then sold the cards on a website created through the commercial platform Shopify. This site is not available on Sunday afternoon.

The original Facebook group and the “Breath Freedom Agency” website on the Wix platform were also deleted.

Britain will lift restrictions on bars, restaurants, hotels, barber shops and salons, and other venues on Saturday, but the city of Leister in central England may not be included after the outbreak of bird flu in the area.

Mayor Sir Peter Solsby, Tell the radio station LBC On Monday, the government was considering whether to “extend the current level of restrictions for two weeks after the restrictions were lifted in other parts of the country on July 4.”

According to data from the British Public Health Agency, since the beginning of the pandemic, this city of 340,000 people has recorded 2,987 cases of coronavirus, and 866 cases in the past two weeks.

Mr. Soulsby said that he does not think these restrictions are reasonable.

In addition, the police in Cumbria in northwestern England said they had issued Several fines One weekend after the discovery of 200 campers in the Lake District. Under the lock-in rules, camping is still prohibited. Last week, sunbathers swarmed English beaches during a particularly hot season and were fined a few days later.

How to safely return to exercise habits

Now, home restrictions have eased, and some people are going to the recently reopened park or playground for exercise. This is the method of safe operation.

Report by Pam Belluck, Emily Cochrane, Abdi Latif Dahir, Sheri Fink, David Leonhardt, Gina Kolata, Iliana Magra, Christina Morales, Daniel Politi, Austin Ramzy, Frances Robles and Mitch Smith.

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