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Coronavirus outbreak: real-time updates and news on June 30, 2020

People wait in line at the Covid-19 test station in Dallas, Texas on June 27.

Photographer: Montic Monroe/Getty Images

The World Health Organization warns that the worst coronavirus pandemic continues because of a lack of global solidarity. More regions in the United States have taken steps to reduce reopening, Arizona closed bars, and New Jersey suspended indoor dining plans.

Iran’s daily death toll is at a record high, while Australia, China and South Korea have new cases. New Zealand will use the virtual platform to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in 2021


Gilead Sciences Inc. says it will charge the US government and other developed countries $390 per bottle of anti-coronavirus drug remdesivir, while for a typical five-day course, it is about USD 2340.

Main development:

  • Global trackers: more than 10.2 million cases; 504,000 with the highest number of deaths
  • Testing in US hotspots means Long queues, delays
  • Johnson promises “New Deal” will rebuild Britain economic
  • Hotels in Bali Viruses hit tourism cheap
  • A big question: are we going Back to locked state? : QuickTake

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New cases in Australia, China, South Korea (11:39 am Hong Kong time)

According to Australian Broadcasting Corporation data, there have been 64 coronavirus cases in Victoria, Australia in the past 24 hours.

According to data from the National Health Council, China reported 19 cases on Monday. Seven of them are in Beijing. Four asymptomatic cases have been reported in the country.

South Korea confirmed 43 more cases, with a total of 12,800 cases.

New Zealand will use a virtual platform to host APEC in 2021 (8:28 am Hong Kong time)

New Zealand By 2021, the hosting of the APEC Forum will continue using the virtual digital platform instead of the usual series of meetings and high-level meetings.

Foreign Minister Winston Peters issued a statement in Wellington on Tuesday, saying that although the APEC annual meeting of leaders will not be held until November 2021, tens of thousands of people will start from the end of 2020 Need to enter New Zealand. He said the government is now making calls for planning and security purposes.

Mexico reported the lowest daily case increase in two weeks (8:27 am Hong Kong time)

According to data released by the Ministry of Health, Mexico reported 3,805 newly diagnosed Covid-19 cases, bringing the total to 220,657 cases. This is the lowest daily increase in confirmed cases since June 15.

Arizona will close bars, stadiums and theaters (6:39 am Hong Kong time)

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said the state will suspend the operation of bars, stadiums, movie theaters and water parks from 8 pm. Local time. The state’s goal is to reopen within 30 days.

Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, said Monday afternoon that the standard of crisis care will be launched and the hospital will be notified to prepare for a serious illness.

Los Angeles County warns of overwhelming hospitals (5:55 pm in New York State)

Barbara Ferrer, the director of the Department of Public Health, said at a daily briefing on Monday that the total number of new cases and patients hospitalized for the virus in Los Angeles County was the highest. The county said in a press release that the average rate of 7-day positive tests jumped from 4.6% at the end of May to 8.4%.

Ferrer said the data indicate that the virus is spreading more and more throughout the community, not only because of the increased testing. She said some companies also did not comply with public health regulations and urged residents to alienate and wear masks.

“Immediate action is required,” Ferrer said. “Otherwise, we will quickly move towards overwhelming our medical system.”

Last week, in Los Angeles County, one out of every 400 people was unknowingly infected and unquarantined. Christina Ghaly, director of the Los Angeles County Health Service, said this week the number has now reached one of 140 people.

Powell stressed the urgent need to contain the virus (5:40 pm New York time)

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized the importance of curbing coronavirus infection as the US economy rebounded from its worst contraction in decades.

In his testimony with the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday, Powell said: “We have entered an important new stage and completed it earlier than expected.” “Although economic activity is welcome Rebound, but it also brings new challenges-especially the need to control the virus.”

Texas cases rose 2.9% (4:45 pm New York time)

According to data from the State Department of Health, the number of new cases in Texas has increased by 2.9%, with a cumulative total of 153,011. The one-day increase is lower than the 7-day average of 4.2%, the lowest in a week.

In Houston, the emergency room and intensive care unit are strained by the influx of patients. In the ICU under the age of 40, the Covid-19 patient cohort is about 15%. The city’s emergency medical services director David Persse said in a press conference on Monday. Said on.

“They are very sick,” Perth said. “If they are thinking, ‘I will be sick, and then I will overcome it.’ Recognizing that 15% of people in the ICU are now in their 20s and 30s.”

Fire chief Samuel Pena said in a briefing that since late May, driven by respiratory distress cases, calls to the city’s 911 system have skyrocketed by nearly 40%. Emergency room is backing up to try recognition He said that the influx of large numbers of patients delayed the speed of ambulances returning to service and responding to new 911 calls.

Unions Sue Vegas Casinos conducted virus protection (4:30 PM New York time)

Mella Resorts International’s Bellagio and Signature condominiums, and Caesars Entertainment Corp.’s Harrah’s were sued by the Las Vegas union on the grounds that they failed to take Sufficient measures to protect workers from Covid-19 attacks.

The union of cooks and bartenders filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Las Vegas on Monday, saying that hotel and casino operators will not immediately close the deep clean areas where infected employees have worked, and asked employees to continue to work without immediately notifying them A colleague conducted a positive test or a contact follow-up test to see if it was exposed.

MGM Resorts told the lawsuit: “For us, the most important thing is the safety of everyone in the property.” “We spent a few months working with health experts to develop a comprehensive health and safety plan. We provide free testing to all employees before going to work, and if they show symptoms or are exposed to people who test positive, we will ask them to test.”

Caesar representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the allegations.

US cases rose by 1.2% (4 pm in New York State)

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States increased by 29,182 to 2.56 million compared with the same period on Sunday. The 1.2% growth is lower than the 1.6% daily average growth over the past week. The death toll rose by 0.2% to 125,928.

  • According to data from Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg News, Montana’s cases increased by 6.5% to 919.
  • Florida reported 146,341 cases, an increase of 3.7% over the previous day, while the average growth for the first seven days was 5.5%. 3447 people died, an increase of 0.8%,
  • The total number of cases in California was 216,550, an increase of 2.5%, which was lower than the 7-day average of 2.8%. The death toll rose by 0.5% to 5,905.

AMC postponed the reopening of the theater until July 30 (3:30 pm New York time)

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., the largest movie chain in the United States, will reopen its theaters on July 30, which is two weeks later than expected, after the Hollywood studios rescheduled to be released next month Almost all movies.

The chain said on Monday that it will reopen 450 business locations on July 30 and another 150 business locations next week. AMC initially planned to end its four-month domestic transaction on July 15th, which caused great damage to the company and warned that it might fail. AT&T Inc.’s Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) released the first summer large budget movie “Tenet” is expected to be released on July 17.

New Jersey suspends indoor dining plan on July 2 (New York State 2:58 PM)

Governor Phil Murphy said he would suspend New Jersey’s plan to resume indoor dining on July 2nd, citing concerns about such “fixed” activities, especially those without social distance “Remote” bars and restaurants.

Murphy said: “This brings me the joy of doing so, but we have no choice.”

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