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Coronavirus outbreak: real-time updates and news on July 2, 2020

Oxford university Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the vaccine project is currently in a leading position in other areas, but the world needs more than one injection method. Florida has the highest number of deaths in a day.

As the number of cases proliferates, the South African provinces with Johannesburg and Pretoria may impose local confinement and containment measures. With more than 60,000 deaths in Brazil and Mexico surpassing Spain as the sixth deadliest place in the world, Latin America is setting a serious milestone.

New York City plans to reopen its public schools in September. The rebound in the US labor market accelerated in June, as a wider reopening spurred hiring, although recent virus attacks have put earnings growth at risk.

Main development:

  • Global trackers: more than 1
    0.7 million cases; 517,000 deaths
  • Life, freedom and masks: viruses Loot America
  • Retail Apocalypse The gloom of the British landlord
  • Understand the virus and its Unanswered question
  • Covid-19 is not Kill cash. People ho accumulate more
  • of The hotel after the pandemic looks a lot like a cruise ship

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Coronavirus case world map inline 2020

New York City school plans to reopen in September (11:15 am New York time)

New York City Plan Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Thursday that it will reopen the nation’s largest public school system in September, including guidelines for social segregation and the maximum number of students it can accommodate from the beginning.

De Blasio said he expects that even with the new guidelines, some schools will provide enough space for all students. He said that schools that cannot accommodate all students will run on schedule, which will be announced “in advance.”

Everyone must wear a mask and perform daily deep cleaning of the facility.

Houston Hospital undergoes testing (11:05 am New York time)

According to data from the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Committee, in nine counties in and around Houston, the number of virus patients in conventional hospital beds is nearly 3 to 1 higher than that in intensive care units. These figures underscore the pressure of medical staff to take care of patients who are in poor condition and need to take the most invasive measures.

According to Setrac’s data on Thursday, the area had 691 Covid-19 patients in the ICU ward on Wednesday night, including Houston, one of the hardest hit cities in the U.S. Sunbelt epidemic. This population is comparable to the 1948 cases of virus in routine hospital care.

Covid-19 patients of all types accounted for 26% of hospitalizations in the region, up from 7.6% at the end of May. Setrac will not release data on regional ICU or hospital capacity.

Nashville reopens (10:45 am New York time)

Mayor John Cooper said in a statement that Davidson County (including Nashville) in Tennessee changed its route after reporting the one-day record of the new case, and that it is socially oriented to close events and entertainment venues, etc. Business.

He said that the restaurant can remain open, but the capacity must be reduced from 75% to 50%, and pointed out that when the capacity of bars and eating places is halved, the rate of new cases decreases. He said the city-a popular American tourist destination-will operate for several weeks according to regulations.

Denmark allows more travelers (10:40 am New York time)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Denmark will allow leisure travel from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that citizens of six countries can enter if they have booked at least six nights of accommodation.

Florida has the largest increase in death toll (10:30 am New York time)

Florida reported 169,106 Covid-19 cases on Thursday, an increase of 6.4% from the previous day, compared with an average increase of 5.6% in the previous seven days. A statement containing data as of Wednesday showed that the death toll of Florida residents reached 3,617, an increase of 67, the most in a month. The number of daily hospitalizations reached a record 325.

Airline obtains US loan (10:15 AM New York State)

The Treasury Department agreed with American Airlines Group and four other airlines have further strengthened their liquidity because the virus has almost killed the travel demand. American Airlines confirmed that it will borrow $4.75 billion to weather the travel crisis caused by the pandemic. Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, SkyWest and Spirit Airlines have also reached agreements to borrow from the Ministry of Finance.

Mnuchin reminded in Stimulus’ school assistance (10:20 am New York time)

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Trump administration is reopening contacts with schools and universities, and officials are considering providing help in the next round of economic stimulus plans to “appropriately” equip schools for social purposes Unblock and make other adjustments. Mnuchin said at the White House: “In most cases, the school will be able to open safely.”

US 30-year loan (10:00 am New York time) mortgage rates hit record lows

The US mortgage rate is To a record low-the fifth decline since the Covid-19 pandemic began to sweep the global financial markets.

The average value of the 30-year fixed loan is 3.07%, which is the lowest level for Freddie Mac to maintain data for nearly 50 years. The previous record was 3.13%, which was maintained for two weeks.

With the explosion of cases, the South African hub has increased beds (9:26 am New York time)

South Africa’s Gauteng province, including Johannesburg and Pretoria, will add more than 2,000 beds this month, and consider local and alcohol bans as the number of cases soars.

The province’s prime minister, David Makhura, said Thursday that the country’s commercial centers have recorded about 3,000 infections a day in the past two weeks, the highest in the country, and hospitalization and death rates have both “rised up” . There are currently 144 patients in the area who need a ventilator, compared with only 4 a month ago.

Infection rates in the UK have stabilized: ONS (New York State 9:20 AM)

The National Bureau of Statistics estimates that between June 14 and June 27, an average of 0.04% of the community population (equivalent to 25,000 people) suffer from Covid-19. This figure was 0.06% in the first two weeks, and it was more than 0.3% when the survey began in April. Estimates are based on sampling tests conducted on people outside hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutional environments.

Jobs in the United States rose by 4.8 million in June (8:30 am New York State)

U.S. labor rebound As the wider reopening stimulated employment for more people, the market accelerated in June. Despite the increase in coronavirus cases, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits last week is still high. According to a report from the Ministry of Labor, employment in June increased by 4.8 million, after an increase of 2.7 million a month earlier. The unemployment rate fell to 11.1% for the second month in a row, still well above the lowest level of 3.5% in the first half century of the pandemic.

Wells Fargo Student Loan (8:11 am New York time)

Wells Fargo & Co. The surge in U.S. coronavirus cases has the potential to further damage higher education and the entire U.S. economy, so student loans have been cancelled.

The company has been reviewing the business under the leadership of the new CEO Charlie Scharf. The company said that student loans for the upcoming school year will only be granted to those who submitted the application before July 1, or already have Students with student loan balances from banks.

Schools in England will reopen in September (7:48 am New York time)

Education Minister Gavin Williamson said that the restrictions on the number of classes will be lifted to allow English schools, colleges and nurseries to be fully opened in September at the beginning of the next school year. The Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson Fearing that students are lagging behind, parents are unable to work effectively when educating their children, and they try to persuade schools to return to normal.

President Botswana’s aide tested positive after isolation (7:18 am New York time)

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi started quarantine for 14 days after “officially serving him closely” According to a statement sent by email from the president’s office, the coronavirus test was positive.

Interview with the new President of Botswana, Mogwez Masisi

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi took a group photo after being interviewed in Gaborone, Botswana on Monday, May 14, 2018. Botswana is the world’s largest diamond producer after Russia, and most of its gemstones are mined by 50-50 Debswana. A joint venture between the government and De Beers.

Airbnb restricts bookings for some American guests under 25 (7:12 AM New York time)

Airbnb Inc. will The company said in a statement that guests under the age of 25 are restricted from making less than 3 positive reviews for the entire list of houses close to where they live. The measure will support “safe and responsible” travel in the United States and follow similar initiatives implemented in Canada earlier this year.

The EU seeks to ensure the safety of Remdesivir dosage (7:01 am New York time)

A spokesman for the European Commission told reporters that the EU is discussing with Gilead whether it is possible to reserve sufficient doses of ridicixvir for EU member states.

Djokovic’s second Covid-19 test result is negative (6:14 am New York time)

The world’s top tennis player Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena recovered from the coronavirus, his public relations agency said in an email. After a tour in the Balkans last month, the couple tested positive.

Neither shows any symptoms and has maintained self-isolation for the past 10 days.

Adria Tournament Tennis

Novak Djokovic of Serbia will host Alexander of Germany during the Adria Tour charity exhibition held in Belgrade on 14 June 2020 by Novak Djokovic in Belgrade. · Alexia Zverev returned to Germany.

The German parliament supports the $246 billion debt frenzy to stimulate economic growth (6:10 am New York time)

German House of Commons Parliament approved more borrowing and this year will increase new debt to 218 billion euros ($246 billion) to fund expenditures that will bring the economy back on track.

The Bundestag also supports the government’s stimulus package aimed at improving long-term competitiveness and helping to achieve climate goals as the country seeks to shake off the worst recession since the Second World War.

After the infection of Audi virus (5:57 pm next year), next year is expected to quickly profit

Audi expects earnings to rebound Under the leadership of the new CEO Markus Duesmann, Volkswagen’s high-end automotive division accelerated its restructuring work, and therefore quickly.

The German automaker stated on its website that its operating profit will reach 4.2 billion euros (4.7 billion U.S. dollars) next year and will reach nearly 5.8 billion euros by 2022, which will exceed pre-crisis levels. These figures are based on analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Kazakhstan life leader recovers from virus (5:28 pm Hong Kong time)

Kazakhstan According to a statement on Twitter, the 79-year-old former President Nur Sultan Nazarbayev was tested negative for coronavirus last month. Nazarbayev has the title of “national leader” and is the lifelong head of the Security Council, although he personally appointed Kassim Chomat Tokaev in March 2019. Jomart Tokayev) is the successor.

Spanish companies are most worried about the future and Dutch companies are most relaxed (4:45 pm Hong Kong time)

Recession panic

Spanish companies are most worried about the economic impact of the pandemic

Source: Intrum AB

A Spanish entrepreneur said that Spanish companies are most worried about the economic impact of the corona virus blockade, while Dutch companies are most worried about European survey conducted by Swedish debt collection agency Intrum AB. Of the 9,980 companies surveyed, two-thirds of the respondents cited the risk of a pan-European economic recession as one of the three major challenges preventing customers from checking out on time within the next 12 months.

Israel imposed a blockade on neighboring countries (4:34 pm Hong Kong time)

Due to the surge in coronavirus cases, Israel imposed a partial blockade on the Rhodes area (a mixed city of Jews and Arabs near Tel Aviv) and the coastal city of Ashdod.

From Thursday, access restrictions for three blocks in each of the two cities will be restricted. Nearly 1,000 cases of coronavirus were confirmed nationwide on Wednesday, bringing the total to over 26,000 and 324 deaths.

The Ministry of Defense will convene 500 reserve soldiers to help fight the epidemic, and most of them will isolate the hotel.

Accenture cut depending on The pandemic killed 900 people (4:12 pm Hong Kong time)

The consulting firm Accenture has laid off as many as 900 jobs, accounting for 8% of the UK workforce, because the demand for consulting jobs has fallen sharply. of The company has notified employees and plans to “collectively negotiate” to formulate a layoff plan.

China’s auto sales rose for the third consecutive month (4:12 pm Hong Kong time)

China’s car sales have been growing for the third consecutive month, which indicates that the economic rebound is accelerating as the pandemic weakens in China.

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said in a statement on Thursday that sales of passenger cars such as cars and SUVs and commercial vehicles increased 11% from the same period last year to 2.28 million units.

EUSA Pharma receives approval for Phase III treatment trial (4:00 pm Hong Kong time)

EUSA Pharma Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a phase 3 clinical trial can be conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of intravenous Siltuximab in patients with severe coronavirus.

Fauci believes that multiple vaccines are needed (3:39 pm Hong Kong time)

The world needs more than one Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the vaccine could respond to this pandemic. Forsy told the BBC that Oxford’s vaccine project is currently ahead of other projects.

Coronavirus Task Force members hold a press conference

Hungary tightens travel rules, rejects EU (3:05 pm Hong Kong time)

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, said that Hungary will not heed the EU’s recommendations and gradually begin to open the border to passengers outside the group, citing health concerns in the event of the outbreak of the virus abroad.

The European Union earlier this week suggested that member states begin lifting travel restrictions on 14 countries and China before confirming equivalence. Orban said that among the countries on the list, Hungary only allows unlimited travel to and from neighboring Serbia.

Musk said that Tesla is building an RNA micro-factory (2:52 pm Hong Kong time)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla is building RNA microchips for vaccine manufacturer CureVac and other plants at Tesla Grohmann The factory, which acquired the manufacturing automation company in 2017.

France says it contains a virus (2:17 pm Hong Kong time)

French Minister of Health Olivier Veran said in an interview with RTL Radio that all indicators indicate that about 200 clusters have been confirmed since the locking measures were relaxed, and in France, the coronavirus is under control.

The government imposed new restrictions in French Guiana, and the number of cases increased. This week, nationwide testing increased to around 300,000. Wiran said that the reopening of any nightclub is problematic.

California Principal quarantined after exposure (1:26 pm Hong Kong time)

During a face-to-face meeting in South Bay, more than 40 school principals in South Bay were isolated after being exposed to Covid-19. Santa Clara Unified School District, San Francisco Chronicle report.

The infection rate in Germany remains below the benchmark level (1:24 pm Hong Kong time)

The coronavirus infection rate in Germany is still below the critical threshold of 1.0, and the number of new cases is still far below the peak level of the outbreak.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, the country’s health agency, the reproductive factor (or R value) rose from 0.83 the previous day to 0.86 on Wednesday. This value is still far below last week’s level, when the local outbreak and increasing testing increased the number to 2.88.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there were 475 new cases in the 24 hours as of Thursday morning, up from 376 the previous day, for a total of 195,893 cases. In comparison, there were nearly 7,000 people at the peak of the pandemic in late March.

Thailand reported 6 more cases, total 3,179 (12:38 noon in Hong Kong)

Panprapa Yongtrakul, a spokesman for the Covid-19 Centre, said Thailand confirmed six new coronavirus cases on Thursday, all of which were in the country after returning from Indonesia, South Africa and Sudan Found in the quarantine area.

Australians run out of pension accounts (12:17 pm Hong Kong time)

According to an industry group, about 480,000 mostly young Australian workers depleted their retirement savings accounts after the government allowed early relief from financial difficulties during the coronavirus outbreak.

Estimated 395,000 people Aging Industry Super Australia said on Thursday that people under 35 have eroded retirement accounts. ISA said the move may make more people rely on government pensions in later life.

Record decline in Manhattan home sales (12:04 PM Hong Kong time)

Manhattan home sales In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, New York was closed and the second quarter fell to a record high.

A report released on Thursday by Miller Samuel Inc., an appraiser, and Douglas Elliman Real Estate, a Douglas Elliman real estate agent, shows that Condominium and apartment purchases in the district fell by 54% from the same period last year to 1,357. This is the largest annual decline since the two companies began retaining data in 1990.

Tokyo has the highest number of new cases in two months (11:44 am Hong Kong time)

107 new discoveries in Tokyo Coronavirus cases that occurred on Thursday were the most since May 2. “We are at this stage and we must be cautious about this infection,” said Governor Yuriko Koike.

Over 100

Tokyo coronavirus cases surge to highest since May 2

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Thai glove manufacturers surge after US$480 million IPO (11:41 am Hong Kong time)

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Pcl, Thailand’s largest glove manufacturer, has risen 77% in its initial listing on the Thai Stock Exchange. Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Pcl analyst Jaroonpan Wattanawong wrote in a report on Wednesday that it expects the company’s profits to increase fivefold this year.

U.S. case exceeded 50,000 for the first time in history (Hong Kong 11:05 am)

According to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News, daily cases in the United States exceeded 50,000 for the first time on July 1.

New cases increased by 51,374 on Wednesday, an increase of 1.95% from Tuesday, the fastest rate since mid-May.

Taiwan considers gradually relaxing border controls (11:01 am Hong Kong time)

The Mainland Affairs Commission said on its website that the government will gradually eliminate border control without affecting the virus containment work, depending on the global and domestic situation of Covid-19. The decision will be announced in time.

Washington Brothers’ record-breaking widespread infection (10:57 am Hong Kong time)

At least 80 students in a dozen fraternity houses on the University of Washington campus test positive, with hundreds of results to be determined, Seattle Times report.

Michelle Ma, a spokesman for the university, said that three fraternity residents had symptoms of COVID-19, and public health officials noticed a surge in cases in the area between 18 and 20 years old.

US House of Representatives extends small business loan program (10:08 am Hong Kong time)

The House of Representatives was approved by Congress on Wednesday to extend the popular small business payroll protection program to August 8. There are still more than $130 billion in funds available several hours after the application deadline.

The Senate passed the extension on Tuesday, just before the Small Business Administration stopped accepting new loan applications at 11:59 pm. People familiar with the matter said that both chambers adopted accelerated procedures and sent the bill to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.

77 Victorian Record Cases in Australia (9:28 am Hong Kong time)

Victoria said on Thursday that there have been 77 new infections in the past 24 hours, and most other states and territories have not recorded community transmission within a few weeks.

The new infection means that Victoria has known 415 active cases. State Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said on Thursday: “This means that there are other cases of infection and there is a risk of spreading to others. .”

54 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea (9:16 am Hong Kong time)

According to data from the Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention, South Korea found 54 confirmed cases of Covid-19 within 24 hours, with a total of 12,904 cases.

Among the new cases, 44 cases were locally infected and 10 cases were imported. The death toll remained at 282.

China reported 3 cases of coronavirus, 2 of which were imported (8:54 am Hong Kong time)

A statement from the National Health Council of China stated that China reported three new cases, including one in Beijing and two imported cases in Shanghai and Guangdong.

On Wednesday, three local cases in Beijing were reported nationwide, down from seven cases the day before. China has reported 83,537 confirmed coronavirus cases, and the total number of deaths is currently 4,634.

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