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Contact Sony as soon as possible to get virtual reality on PlayStation 5

Whether you want to explore the virtual world for the first time or the proud owner of a PlayStation VR headset who wants to play games on a brand new PlayStation 5 console, you need to do some work.Now your PS VR headset Cannot be used with Sony̵

7;s next-generation machines-but you can solve the problem without paying.

One thing you absolutely need to play PS VR on PS5

Playing in virtual reality On PS5, you need a key interface that allows you to connect the PlayStation 4 camera to the PlayStation 5. This is a special “Camera adapter“Sony offers it for free to all PlayStation VR owners-yes, including free shipping.

To get started, please send a request via Sony’s official form. You need to have a PlayStation VR serial number to verify your ownership of the device. You can find it in the following ways:

Check the rear panel of the PS VR processor unit to find the serial number, which depends on your region and begins with the letters C, M or P.

If you have trouble verifying this number, you need to contact PlayStation’s customer service for help. Don’t mess with it: it is very important to master the adapter, because it will not be included in the PlayStation 5 box by default. Sony expects to start shipping (in the US) in mid-November, and it may take two weeks to arrive.

If you are a novice, how to start using VR games on PS5

First, the most obvious isYou need one PlayStation VR headset Experience virtual reality on your PlayStation 5.buy One of many bundles Sony now provides, you should have (almost), all the equipment you need starts at about $350.

Otherwise, if you buy (or have previously purchased) the “core system”, then the headset canIt’s about US$290, you need to shop more.As Sony wrote recently, you need The following items In order to use the PlayStation VR headset on the PlayStation 5 console, please do the following:

  • A kind Double shock 4 ($65) or PlayStation Move ($100) Controller-or both, depending on which game supports each controller. To get a complete “VR” experience (waving your hands to interact with the environment), you need to spend a lot of money.
  • A kind PlayStation 4 camera ($60). Yes, PlayStation 5 will have its own camera. You will not be able to use it to play PlayStation VR games. For this, you need an old PlayStation 4 camera, and if I’m right, whenever you want to play a game in VR, you must change to a connected PS5 camera.

In other words, if you have a choice, please don’t install it randomly. Buy the bundle first and you will save $160 with cancel the deal.

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