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Congressional police are angry at the failure before the attack

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Capitol Police in the Rotunda on January 8, 2021.

After seeing one of their colleagues killed last Wednesday, Congressional police were angry at Republican congressmen’s refusal to accept the security reforms implemented since then, saying that if some lawmakers helped organize the attack, they would not even Will be surprised.

The military officer told BuzzFeed News that members of Congress generally believe that security is optional. Even after the deadly attack last week, some Republican members refused to pass metal detectors and pushed them to Congress police.

“Officials smoked, and only a few resigned.”

; An officer who has served in the army for more than 10 years told BuzzFeed News, just as Republicans came to protest and even adopted basic security measures last night. At some point today, the officer set up a table around the metal detector to stop the Republicans from just walking past.

One of the officials said that it is not uncommon for members of Congress to take dozens of people at a time and insist that visitors be protected. Some Democrats responded to the officers’ concerns. They have been talking about the security of the Capitol and the plans for members to participate in the uprising.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill claimed that some of her Republican colleagues had conducted “reconnaissance” trips to the building before the attack, although no evidence was provided to support this claim. The former chief of the Orlando Police Department, Val Demings, told CNN, “If members of Congress participate, help organize, coordinate… they must take responsibility.”

Andrew Caballero Reynolds/Getty Images

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene opened his arms as he passed security checks outside the House of Representatives on January 12, 2021.

Two police officers who spoke to BuzzFeed News said they would not be surprised if lawmakers were involved. One person said: “Once the investigation reveals the overall situation, there must be some members who need to be held accountable.”

A senior official said: “Let us be very clear that we are here in Congress.” “We are a buffer zone, so Congress does not have to deal with the chaos they create in their respective regions, so they do not have to deal with the public. This is mainly ours. Mission-police work is the second idea.”

Congressional police also stated that they lost confidence in management after the attack last week. Last weekend, two police officers described the chaotic scenes of Wednesday’s attack on the China Council Building and the racism they faced. This prompted the three officers to express frustration with the department, their distrust of the leadership, and doubts about whether everything would really change.

The official said: “If management is carried out, we will now vote of no confidence in management.” “There is now a collective anger, with a mentality of’them and us’ in management. This is not good.” Congressional police did not respond to BuzzFeed. A series of news requests for comment.

These officials said the Department of Defense appeared to be prepared for a potential attack between now and the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20. They said they were told that there would be at least 14,000 National Guards in hand to help maintain the peace. They said that in the early hours of this morning, the management distributed a six-page intelligence assessment report to officials, outlining several incidents that they thought might evolve into violence.

However, even though the officers expressed their hope to better prepare for future attacks, they are still struggling to cope with the casualties of them and their colleagues. The three officers described the distance they opened fire on the mob: After nearly two decades of fierce attack, the officer said: “I have never, never, never been physically or mentally to a place I have felt and need to use my Weapons, it took me about five seconds that day. I am reasonably concerned about my safety and the safety of the other police officers around me, because it is an understatement to say that we have fewer numbers.”

The three officers talked to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. They attributed the ultimate responsibility to what happened at the feet of their managers on January 6. They said that despite several weeks of opening plans, But they seemed completely blinded by the attack. Online by conspirators. All three officials said that their manager put them in an impossible situation that day.

“I was very angry. I participated in this battle. Fortunately, my injuries were not too severe, but one of my colleagues was hit in the back by a pipe. He has not been there since Wednesday. “I have another colleague who was left out in the cold. . We just had an official commit suicide, [Officer Brian] Hinick is dead.All these things happen if [management] Appropriate actions will be taken, which I think will alleviate this situation exponentially. “

The veteran military officer said that they were too numerous and unprepared, so that sometimes he had to stand helplessly next to his colleagues because they were under vicious attacks. They said: “We came to this door, they are like five or six officers on the other side.” “This is really heartbreaking to me, because we can’t do anything. On the other side of this door, there are indeed hundreds. Thousands of people, [the officers are] Literally [pinned] Leaning against the wall, but we cannot open the door, because if we open the door, they will be crushed and these people will take over. “

All three police officers said that before the riots last Wednesday, almost no regulations were made to prevent police officers from completely overspending. Usually, on the day when police leaders expect a large-scale protest or riot, they will organize a roll-up, where they will notify the police officers of the perceived threat and provide them with the expected information. The three officials said no such meeting was held on Wednesday morning. Each official pointed out separately that the management did not even take “simple measures” before the attack, such as building temporary barriers around the Capitol in advance.

One police officer said that it was really infuriating to see workers erecting barriers after the attack.

Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The day after the attack, workers installed a stronger fence on the east side of the Capitol on January 7, 2021.

A police officer said: “At three o’clock in the morning, when we finally had a chance to leave after the demonstration, they let people in and put up the 8-foot-tall barrier they had now.” “Twelve to 14 hours later, they Most of the work was done-it took 12 hours to figure it out. All the warnings these people told them, you couldn’t do it in advance. They knew the group was coming. They knew the group was coming.”

They added that there was no leadership at all that day.

They said: “The people above, I don’t respect them.” “I personally didn’t hear any radio calls from anyone. [senior officials]. I mean, nothing. The officials said that there was no news of Chief Steven Sander on the radio that day.

These officials said the agency has about 2,000 employees, a budget of US$515 million, and tools that can be used to prevent attacks on the Capitol-this money, intelligence shows that Trump supporters may be subjected to violent attacks, and a Chief protests and large-scale events with extensive expertise in the police field. Since resignation, Sander had previously been the commander of the Special Operations Department of the Washington, DC Police Department. One of his duties is to supervise the “civil riot force”, a specialized force that responds to mass protests. As a commander, he also served as the chief planner for the presidential inauguration in 2009 and 2013.

This agency is supervised by Congress. Its oversight committee includes the chief, the architect of the Capitol, and two sergeants in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“We have a complete intelligence service,” an official said. “There are many indicators that this will be much more than the usual situation… This is the situation where our intelligence agency loses or loses the ball. [management] Just saying they don’t care. “

Two of the officials, both of which were Black, compared last Wednesday’s attack with how the management handled this summer’s “black life” protests, and said it was in stark contrast.

An officer said: “This summer, when we held a BLM protest, everything was on deck.” “I mean we have a lot of body and support… The number of people they can get is really amazing. They are almost using it. We take root… [Wednesday], There is no more. “

He added: “Let me say this: If the same posture was taken on Wednesday, it was taken in the summer, together with the BLM protest, it would be completely different.” “I think [last Wednesday] Is a mixture of arrogance and incompetence, but I also think that a group of blacks and browns [management] Not a bunch of white people. I don’t want to say that, but it’s just that I am as objective as possible. “

An officer said that the force was “male-dominated” and “white-dominated”, adding that “minority officials are treated differently.”

Officials said the incompetence demonstrated last Wednesday was not a deformity, but the result of years of mismanagement by the agency’s leadership and the ultimate boss for many years, and the 535 members of Congress. In the environment described by military officers, members of Congress often disrespect them. Compared with sworn police officers, they are more like security guards and even personal safety details.

Every official said that the department needs to overhaul its culture, but some predict that Congress will only invest money in solving the problem, rather than making real changes.

An army officer said: “I think our budget may increase by 20% because it is a matter of Congress. When things hit them, they almost just write a check saying that what you need is what you get. “The culture must be thoroughly and thoroughly rectified, but people are resistant to every form or form of culture.”

He added: “You can’t invest money in culture.” The senior official believes that transparency, not money, is the answer.

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

On January 12, 2021, security personnel set up a metal detector in front of the entrance to the House of Representatives room.

“We don’t have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. Why are you not transparent? It’s incredible,” they said. Since the Congressional Police Force reports to Congress and is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, it is difficult to know what happened. “[Transparency] The sector will be improved on all levels. We are paid by taxpayers-they should be able to access everything that happens in the department within reasonable limits. “

Except Sander, the House of Representatives and Senate sergeants withdrew. Among the officials who spoke on BuzzFeed News, this was a welcome move. One of them said: “The sergeant is full of shit.”

Another representative said that the only reason for any responsibility to the leadership was because the attack was a national incident.

“I think letting them resign will make them easy,” said a senior who has worked in the department for nearly 20 years. “A lot of people are harmed, but don’t have to be harmed. Simple measures can be taken to alleviate this situation.”

The officer said: “I have too many colleagues and friends out now, which is not right… not so, okay, this is an unfortunate situation, people are not doing their jobs, they put us in a difficult position The place where we failed. This is not right. Sicknick is a good guy, he is not worthy [to die]. “●

Kendall Taggart provided a report for this article.

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