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Commentary: Demi Lovato transforms resilience into a musical in his new album

In Demi Lovato’s new album “Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Repeating the Past”, the Boldness brand is very important. After the pop star media blitz of the past few weeks, this claim is not surprising. Based on your strengths, this is not surprising, whether this is strength or a problem.

Did the album reach its culmination in a loop? She told her disturbing story in a documentary series and was interviewed thereafter, or did she emerge after that campaign? Since she became a popular news figure, she has been dominant, so much so that two and a half weeks have passed since the YouTube series “Dancing with the Devil” premiered in South By Southwest. Hearing the fascinating, now-legendary event she was addicted to in music was broadcast in the song, and it felt a bit like: you have seen this popular movie; you have seen this popular movie. It is now a musical adaptation of Broadway.

“The art of restarting”

; (hereafter referring to the album in the second half of the album’s fork to avoid confusion with the movie) is in full compliance with the popular tradition of regret, at least since John Lennon is about to become-in most Taylors “Plastic Ono Band” was re-released in Swift’s work. Perhaps, in this legendary tradition, any other record has shown frankness and shock on the day of release, but this has not kept up with a movie-length trailer, which makes this huge collection of 18 songs ( In the digital version with doubled bonus, 22 songs!) Self-assessment. This is not just a documentary: the half-song music video “Dancing with the Devil” released on Thursday night may further obscure the judgment, and the release of Lovato will inevitably arouse strong approval and disapproval. In the near-death makeup, she is reproduced The worst moment of her life, because when she sang on the gurney in the hospital, she replaced the earpiece with her nose.

If it is “start over” Have done Coming to us in isolation, without accompanying projects or hype to manipulate expectations, here, we will try our best to theorize this situation, which may be what we may finally say: in fact, it is bold And shameless and sometimes painful (using all the adjectives that have been used in the movie), Lovato has chutzpah from Malibu to Atlantic, and goes back to use this Arrange yourself in wording. In fact, in the confession pop rock music pedigree we just discussed, this is almost a landmark, because she doesn’t want to disclose how many filters in private life are to be disclosed. And… we hope the song can be better.

We should probably add that the evaluation is complicated due to “the art of restarting” because it doesn’t know exactly what kind of album it wants to be. This is a diary. After opening it, it becomes a score. The whole page is full of blood, yes…except for the moment when I just wanted to become a popular album. Hedging bets is basically a good thing: you don’t want a 22-song record to focus only on the suffering of one person.but it Yes When only three tracks enter a Lovato spoken insert and literally say the beginning of the album, “Starting Over” is going to be a bit difficult. None of them declared themselves so grandly).

It seems that Lovato thinks that the tracks before the first three episodes are their own EP-in-LP records… The surrealist soundtrack of the documentary “Dancing with the Devil” was shocked and first awed, and then gave the audience and herself a relaxation License. Among these three albums, and even in the entire album, the first album “Anyone” is the best track. The presentation is exactly the same as the way she tied the straps at the Grammy Awards in January 2020. With only a piano, it feels very insured, but in the best and most primitive way, even if Lennon is Her pride, and her personal misery remained undiminished… Even though the vocal version of her initial scream therapy always tilted towards Broadway, there was an avant-garde file in her throat. “I feel stupid when I sing” is still one of the most powerful things a performer has ever sang, at least in front of hundreds of natural people, in front of so many performers, at least the most popular performer.

It is a high enough sound (or high enough, if you will), and it is not a terrible thing to say that the rest of the album can never exceed it. However, it takes a very short time to dance with “Dancing with the Devil”, although this repetitive narrative begins with a promising first verse: “It’s just a little red wine, I’ll be fine/no Like I want to do it every night/I’ve always been good, shouldn’t I deserve it?/I think I won…” The addict’s defense gave way to a hellish image and a bland drama. The unforgettable exam preparation chorus makes the potential of this song a real attraction to purgatory. Then came another solo ballad “ICU” (Madison’s “Lullabye”), which was a sweet word to “Anyone”. Lovato shared her grief at letting her sister down because she ended up in the intensive care unit (ICU). Even with the most lofty intentions, it should never become a pun of “I see you”.

After that awkward, now really beginning episode, Lovato had a light R&B groove for the first time, which was a relief. other The theme song “The Art of Restarting”, although its delightful tastelessness is a bit shocking after the Götterdämmerung of the first three songs. “The Lonely Man” almost chanted in chorus during the rhythm guitar improvisation, which made the song feel like a decent enough Avril Lavigne/Selena Gomez hybrid. One of the best in the album, one of the acoustic “The Way You Don’t Look at Me” (this is the number of times you hear the steel guitar in Demi Lovato’s single), one of the voices in telling the lover’s quiet and indifferent feeling Excellent. Worse than going to “Hell and Retreat”; Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter are not the last time on the album, when she is dealing with “problems”, she is one of her very good Writing team.

“Melon Cake” tries to distinguish between the two sides of the album: Just like those early tracks, it is in that super-confessional mode-Lovato talked about how as a part of a child star, her managers put diet on their own On the diet. Replace the real birthday cake with the candles in the watermelon, but replace the musical with the pop of bubbles. In theory, this is a promising song, but hearing Lovato sing “No more melon cake” over and over again, which obscured the willingness to settle down on the album’s basic, choral chorus tracks.

Her collaboration with Ariana Grande “See him last night” is not the protagonist fight you hoped for. This is a “devil” song that does not lack sulfur images on the album, and this is one reason why Grande’s singles did not make their own recent albums-at best, the highest track level. That is one of the few tracks that Lovato rarely writes. Another (and very superior) name is “careful”. Without the autobiographical details of the singer, the singer tries to integrate it into every corner, “Carefully” stands out and is more personalized… But it is also a beautiful and melodic, carefully crafted work, so you hope her I will return immediately It’s a good thing to go to the recording studio to get the external contributions of non-concept albums.

“I am a lover” touched one of Lovato’s current topics-homosexuality. It feels like a real provocative couplet, “I don’t care if you have a dick/I don’t care if you have a WAP”, this song has been shoed into an existing song. But the producer Oak knows exactly how to sell the best simple, easy hooks in this album, and save the album from all hell with soft, layered background vocals and live recording bands and put it in Go somewhere in the tropical atmosphere full of sex. island.

The duo “Easy” with Noah Cyrus broke the sunny mood by returning to the melodrama-full of unnecessary strings and sounds like ProTools, despite the credit claiming that they are real . The Bummer mode continues, but at least speeds up the pace with “15 Minutes”, which is a kiss to the lover, who is said to have locked her in a short Warholesque reputation. In addition to the opening number, when Lovato (not a person who is used to measure personal humility) declares: “I am not innocent/I know I have a headache but I am working on it/when this album may reach its peak lyrically. It should be. It’s an honor/I even have time to bother.” It’s all our honor to have such a lyrical courage.

Saweetie’s collaborative work “My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend” gained the greatest frustration, simply because a better lyrical concept in the album, and even a good progressive execution was wasted on the most radical tracks of the album . No matter what the title seems to guarantee, this is not another nod to homosexuality, but a romantic love song above friendship, or, as Saweetie inevitably points out, “above the dick,” but the clear lines in the scripture Weakened by the nursery. -Rhythmic chorus, even children may get bored, not to mention that adult women need fresh girl night songs.

“California Sober” adds to the album a beautiful, Kali fanatical Santa Ana music interlude… It just implies that there is no controversial weed and alcohol that avoids the tough guy’s “stubborn” definition of Lovato. Lyrical quotes on. (In any case, Elton John will not include this song in her playlist.) “Mad World” is her frequently included “Tears for Fears” The version of the song, obviously belongs to the album, because… They set a target album of 21 tracks and were stuck at 20? Not bad, but this is a mystery. The non-luxury part of the album is satisfactory with “Good Place” At the end of the episode, this is a very happy summary in the future, which proves that Tranter and Michaels are good partners. Replaying the seductive feeling and the complicated, auditory melody, you can even convince yourself that the album is not that way. dispersion.

In fact, “Good Place” did an excellent job of displaying Lovato’s excellent sound in non-belt mode, making it a great bookend for the opening of the “Anyone” kick-off an hour ago. The things before “Good Place” are often felt everywhere-the planned tour troop should have decided whether it really wants to be the soundtrack of the “demon” work or just completely revert to the original soundtrack of the “demon” work, Fun Demi as in the documentary A tonic for all traumas. Among the public autobiographical figures, there are quite good and not too popular figures. The same unevenness will make the escapist of the album more lonely. If the “art of restarting” is pasted with an undeniable shatter to help overcome unevenness, then this may not be a problem. But there is no doubt that she is still alive and well, not only singing but also solving some small problems, such as how to make an album that feels coherent instead of dancing with Mr. D.

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