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Colts coach Frank Reich reviewed the victory against the Titans, why the fast-paced offense worked, the important night of Michael Pittman Jr., etc.

»The Colts are confident in a non-disturbing/fast-paced offense in just one week: Not only does Reich have a wealth of past experience, he also needs to play with quarterback Philip Rivers when quarterback Philip Rivers is with the 2013-15 San Diego Chargers Fast offensive offense, and the third-year Colts head coach also borrowed from his experience with another team, the future Hall of Fame quarterback, when putting together plans for Thursday night’s game with the Titans.

Reich said he knows that Peyton Manning is very successful when there is less time to prepare for the game (such as in a Thursday night game) because he is good at performing basic offenses at a faster rate. .

Reich worked as an offensive assistant for the Colts in the 2006-08 season, as a quarterback coach in the 2009-1

0 season, and as a wide receiver coach in 2011. In the meantime, Manning’s Colts won 5-0 in Thursday night’s game.

According to a report from Pro Football Focus, this time the Colts used barrier-free offenses in all 14 offenses. In these games, Rivers hit 62 yards with 6 yards and 8 but in several other games, Indy did not waste much time. Reich said that the faster pace “gave us sparks and good energy”, and Indy will run all the way to a huge victory in the 34-17 division.

Reich said of the fast-paced offense: “These guys handled it very well.” “Part of the decision was because it was a short week. This is what I talked about with Philip-what you will do in a short week Well, one of the answers is—because when you are unrestrained you usually use some basic core content in a play call, because you don’t have so much movement and motion, so let’s run the core content and Let them run faster. “So it makes sense. I had a lot of experience when I was in Peyton. You still remember how successful Payton was on Thursday night. There are many reasons for this, but this is one of them. “

»Reich was delighted to see Michael Pittman Jr. showing off his athleticism on Thursday: Although some people may label Pittman Jr. as a “possession” receiver from the University of Southern California (USC) this year, and there is nothing wrong with being a possession receiver, the Colts know that Pittman Jr. (Pittman Jr.) Performs with certain athletic ability.

Reich said he felt that Thursday night’s game against the Titans would be an opportunity for Pittman to show off these talents, and he was finally right: the second round of 2020 (ranked 34th overall) draft is his best so far In the game, there were 7 catches for 101 yards (average 14.4 average), and 21 yards of running were added in the reverse game at the end of the third quarter.

Reich said of Pittman Jr: “We took a conscious effort to pass the ball to him. We saw this when he was in college. I remember Chris (Ballard). , I have talked a lot about this, but this guy is now fearless, he is fearless in all aspects, but when the ball is passed to his hands, he wants to hurt someone, he runs very aggressively, He grabbed the shallow road, he turned 24 corners and showed speed.”

In the big game on Thursday night, Pittman Jr. received 40 yards and 30 yards in addition to the reverse run. The Colts hope this trend will continue for the rest of the season.

Reich said: “That is not something possessive, but something big-name receiver.” “And we need to see more.”

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