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Colton Underwood (Colton Underwood) plays homosexuality. He was also charged for alleged harassment.

Last Wednesday Bachelor Star Colton Underwood (Colton Underwood) accepts gay interview Good Morning America.

When Underwood spoke to Robin Roberts, he explained that it took him years to admit that he was gay, and he even went to one of the most irregular TV shows on TV, while also paying attention to his own sexual behavior. And distressed.

Underwood said: “I have been running away for a long time. I have hated it for a long time.”

During the interview, Underwood’s turbulent and struggling years were clearly visible on his face. During that event, he was obviously emotional and nervous. He explained that his childhood was part of Catholicism, which made him feel that homosexuality is a sin, and the anti-gay slander he heard during his sports career (he played football at Illinois State University and briefly played in the NFL) It will only increase the shame he feels. He discussed personal issues in depth, suggesting suicidal thoughts and self-hatred.

Underwood, 29, said that when he was selected as a bachelor in 201

8, he thanked God for “making me straightforward” and said he thought his choice was that he might have the direct line he thought he needed. Sign of relatives. He repeatedly discussed his virginity during his season, making him known as the “primitive bachelor”. Underwood cleverly embraced this label and wrote a cheesy titled autobiography, the first time, Came out in March 2020. All of this made Underwood famous, but in the end, he realized that he had been escaping from his true self.

The interview immediately caused a media sensation, and Underwood was warmly welcomed by thousands of people online. The long-term custodian of franchisee Chris Harrison (currently on vacation) has returned from a self-imposed Instagram exile to express his pride in Underwood. Andy Cohen, Dan Levy, JoJo Siwa and several other gay celebrities congratulate Underwood online. A video recorded by comedian Billy Eichner during this season went viral.

Soon, it became clear that Underwood’s star will only continue to rise. Several media outlets reported on Wednesday that Netflix is ​​working with Underwood to shoot no episodes about his new life as a gay person, including several famous gay celebrities such as Olympia Gus Kenworthy (Gus Kenworthy). According to TMZ, there was even talk of bringing Underwood back to the bachelor, this time with a group of male suitors.

I am very happy with Underwood and his being able to live his life in a true and free way. I have no doubt that he is already struggling, and I am glad he is in a better place. However, I am disturbed by the extent to which the media and Underwood himself have completely eliminated a huge problem under the carpet: Underwood is suspected of stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph, which Underwood has neither publicly confirmed nor denied. Since the allegations first appeared last fall, Underwood has successfully written his own narrative through the media, a strategy that actually kept his reputation. Randolph has not had the same success in shaping the narrative of what happened.

Last September, Randolph, the winner of Underwood Bachelor In Ji, he filed a temporary restraining order against him, saying that he had been stalking and harassing her after breaking up in May. According to court records, Randolph stated that Underwood sent disturbing text messages to her, her friends and family; called her several times; and placed a tracking device on her vehicle to view her Whereabouts.

According to Randolph, after the breakup, Underwood also started tracking her apartment and parents’ residence in Huntington Beach, California, harassing her male friends who visited her, and sending her text messages, such as: “I want you Responsible.” These incidents eventually led to Underwood allegedly sending Randolph threatening messages from an anonymous number, and then said he was also attacked. Court records indicate that Randolph subsequently found the tracker in her car and filed a temporary restraining order and police report. The court approved the temporary restraining order, but did not rule on the allegations.

Many fans of the show, especially many women who have experienced intimate partner violence, are frustrated and angry at the news. Underwood has never publicly commented on the injunction, but the tabloids have provided Underwood with many opportunities to defend himself.According to US Weekly, Underwood was “completely blinded” by her accusations, with a source painting he As a victim.

“Colton absolutely fell in love with Casey. It was obvious that she felt different about him, which of course made him unhappy. The source told Us Weekly that it was really difficult for him. Look, as long as he is healthy, you can break up with him. [from COVID-19]. The source also told the magazine that Randolph had been “very worried about losing his fan base” after the breakup, and that Randolph kept seeing her ex-husband shortly after breaking up with Underwood. Randolph did not respond to “U.S. Weekly.” Report.

After news of the restraining order and Underwood’s tabloid defense broke down, her Instagram comments were full of hatred. People accused Randolph of “playing” Underwood, “manipulating” and “destroying Colton’s life.”

Underwood can continue to control the split narrative. In November last year, the People’s Daily reported that Randolph dropped the restraining order after the former couple was able to resolve the matter privately. Randolph did not speak publicly, but Underwood did.

He told the magazine: “Today, Casey asked the court to dismiss the temporary restraining order against me. The two of us were able to reach a private agreement to resolve any of Casey’s concerns.” “I don’t think Casey did not do anything when applying for the injunction order. If anything is wrong, I believe her behavior is sincere. I thank everyone for their respect for privacy in this matter.”

At the same time, Randolph remained almost silent. A source told Us Weekly that she just wanted the public to end back and forth.

Cassie just wants to move forward through new things in life, just like settling in a new place. The insider told Us Weekly: “She absolutely doesn’t want to mention her past.” “For her, dealing with his’version’ is already exhausting, so she chose not to make any comments or give in. “

Despite this, Underwood continues to attract this relationship to the public’s attention. In January, he released a new chapter in his memoir, which promised new details about his breakup with Randolph. He again insisted that Randolph turned a blind eye to the breakup, and wrote that she was “trying to find the right words and reasonable reasons.” None of them-at least not to me. “

In light of everything that happened, in all reports about Underwood’s upcoming appearance, it is understandable that no one asked Underwood to fully explain the accusations against him and reflect on the insults against Randolph by his defenders.

on GMARoberts did (briefly) resolve the temporary restraining order in the voice-over, but only asked Underwood if he had anything to say to Randolph.

He said: “I want to regret how things ended. I messed up.” “I made a lot of wrong choices.”

But his apology felt quite hollow. After all, there is a big difference between making a “wrong choice” and harassing and stalking someone. Although Roberts and those who participated in the Underwood interview news report did not want Underwood to face these allegations, there is one person who has not forgotten: the fans. Some people pointed out on social media that Underwood never really took on his so-called actions, or that he did make his narrative persist and caused his supporters to be held accountable for Randolph’s online harassment.

Many people criticized the opportunities piled up on him, saying that Underwood seemed to want to restore his image.

“Colton walked out and announced a Netflix special that seemed to try to cover up the fact that he was stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, and even put a tracker on her car. It was just the chef who *loved us* Kiss* That. Good job, @netflix,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

That’s it. Underwood has every right to tell the truth about himself, and he can even benefit from his career as the first gay leader of homosexuality. Bachelor Franchise.

But for him, he didn’t realize the real harm and pain he caused Randolph and the fans, which was wrong. It’s good to keep public view and share your truth after making a big mistake, but it feels more like sweeping away serious accusations under the carpet, rather than atonement.

As for Randolph, she continued to remain silent about Underwood on social media. “She didn’t know in advance that he was going to continue GMA An insider told US Weekly. “To be honest, she really hasn’t had time to browse her feelings yet.”

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