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SportsPulse: COVID-19 has caused severe damage to most of the US economy. How does it affect college football coaches? According to our annual coach compensation database, the head coaches of the “Top Five” conferences have not received much impact.

USA Today

In the wild world of college football, there will be unexpected performances and unexpected results every weekend. Even if everyone knows they will come, it is difficult to guess when and where they will happen.

USA Today Sports Academy football team staff-Jess Evans, Paul Meberg, Brent Schrotenberg, Eric Smith, Eddie Timanus and Dan Walken -Made some bold predictions for week 9 of the season:

Jace Evans

Since quarterback Sam Ehlinger defeated the Longhorns by beating the Georgian Bulldogs in a sugar bowl on New Year’s Day 2019, quarterback Sam Ehlinger announced that the Longhorns “returned” , Texas is only 11-7. In hindsight, victory is clearly not a turning point for the plan, and more of an example of one thing that Tom Herman’s team seems to have been good at: treating losers as weak. When Texas went to Stillwater on Saturday, Oklahoma State, ranked sixth, was highly sought after and suffered heavy losses. The Cowboys are currently the only undefeated team in the college football playoffs. As we have seen him doing in similar situations in the past, I think Herman participated in this game against the top ten teams, which is still a mystery. Texas will win, which will shatter the conference’s playoff hopes and bring more anxiety to confused fans who can’t figure out why the Longhorns seem to find more success in losers because they should Become one of the most resourceful people in college football courses.

Paul Myerberg

Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett struggled with Kentucky in the first half, forcing Kirby Smart to enter the midfield for substitutions and return to D’Wan Mathis, who was the Bulldogs’ first season. This move triggered a victory, but created more drama, leading to a winner-takes-all game against Florida that determined the Eastern Division.

Brent Schrotenberg

Based on what happened last week, how do we know that Indiana’s game at Rutgers is not a better B1G game this week than Pennsylvania State’s Ohio? After a difficult victory last week, the Indians and the Scarlet Cavaliers clashed, which created a surprising situation: the Rutgers team may be 2-0 after this game, which is due to its new head coach Greg Schiano (Greg Schiano) led the possibility of the second round of ascent. This is the motivation for consecutive wins, enough to help the Rugers team win two consecutive victories, especially since Indiana has matured to be a reality check.

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Eric Smith

The observations in the first week are usually the worst observations about team performance. Yes, Michigan State failed in Mel Tucker’s first game against Rutgers, but seven turnovers caused losses.

Going to Michigan will give them some motivation and motivation to change. After the Golden Wolves’ outstanding performance in Minnesota, their defeat may also make them feel overconfident. This is human nature, especially favored by more than three touchdowns. However, this is a competition, and it will not be easy, especially if the Spartans can start quickly. This should always remain closed, shocking annoyance is not impossible.

Eddie Timanus

Trying to predict Big 12 is a fool’s business, as the fool fully demonstrated last week. Nevertheless, we continue to move forward.

It’s hard to imagine a team leading in this league. Although my first “L” prediction for Oklahoma State last week was unsuccessful, I still believe it will happen eventually. The Cowboys’ opponent this week is Texas, and a victory with Baylor is arguably the most complete performance of the season.

So, I tell you, Oklahoma State fans, I’ll give you some trouble. I will work with Longhorns this week to ease Stillwater’s frustration. However, if the cowboys prove me wrong again and win, I will become a follower and lead them to win the rest. Yes, even Bedlam.

Then cloud

Oklahoma State (Oklahoma State) rose to the top of the Big 12 college football playoffs because the record is 4-0, which no one else in the league can say now. But it’s not that 4-0 will shock you. The Cowboys played well defensively, but the offense was still in progress, scoring 16 points against Tulsa, 27 points against West Virginia, and 24 points against Iowa. Big quarterback quarterback Spencer Sanders (Spencer Sanders) returned last week with a high ankle sprain and he still needs high-quality representatives to really start clicking. Therefore, this may be a good week to catch up with Oklahoma State University, where Texas played a role in a 27-16 defensive victory over Baylor last week. Tom Herman can usually deal with one or two of these mistakes a year. It feels like a big disruptor game, suitable for a messy year in Big 12.


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