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College basketball scores, winners and losers: Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and UNC bloodlines are still fighting

For some of the most famous college basketball projects, this is not a good season. But on Saturday, some blue programs in the sport showed that they were not dead.

Kentucky, Duke University, and Michigan State University did not even participate in the “bubble observation” of Jerry Palm, a CBS sports bracket expert, but every winner or team is expected to make brackets or A team in a bubble. Other teams in the sport’s royal family, including Kansas State (expected to be ranked 5th) and UNC (one of the top four in 68 races at the start of the day) also achieved huge victories.

Despite the good performance of the traditional powerhouses, the two teams from the top ten have performed poorly.

The Minnesota State team is one of the deadliest teams in the country this year. It entered the game with a 1

3-1 record in the Williams Arena on Saturday, and managed to establish a rapidly growing NCAA tournament resume within its own field. This is what gave Illinois a 94-63 defeat in Minneapolis. Illini saw the record, crumpled it and trampled it, just like they did last month.

For a Golden Gopher team on the tour bubble, this loss and the way they lost such a high profit margin could be a cruel blow to their March madness. However, they are not alone, because Indiana, a member of the Big Ten League, took the lead in the second half of Michigan State University on Saturday, and its NCAA tournament record took a hit.

The Spartans have a long way to go if they want to become an NCAA tournament and become a large team, but the victory of Indiana makes Michigan State University a blue blood, showing that they still have a life.

Winner: Bluebloods is still playing

After falling with a total score of 5-13 at the beginning of this month, Kentucky did not completely fall, which is worth mentioning. Saturday defeated Bracketology’s No. 3 seed Tennessee No. 19 by a 70-55 advantage, bringing the Wildcats to a 7-7 record in the league and marking their first defeat of the No. 1 opponent this season. The Wildcats have scored more than 70 points in six consecutive games.

Duke University (Duke) has now won three consecutive victories after ranking 7th in a 66-65 lead over Virginia. The day when the Blue Devils entered the 60th position in the NET rankings, they did not even appear in the Bracketology bubble. But don’t be surprised if they are caught in a bubble conversation as they continue to flourish after Jalen Johnson leaves.

Can we quickly talk about Duke’s biggest competitor? The first day of the war in North Carolina was one of Bracketology expert Jerry Palm’s “top four” in 68 games. However, Tar Heels defeated Louisville with a 99-54 performance, and the shooting percentage was as high as 60.9%, which can be improved to 14-7 (8-5 ACC).

As Michigan State University defeated Indiana State, Kansas State won 23rd place at the University of Texas and won the 15th place at the University of Texas. Saturday’s game results became more normal in the long-standing project that was hit hard this season. Duke University, Michigan State University, especially Kentucky, have a lot of work to do in the NCAA tournament. But at least one day, they regained their collective status as champions in the sport.

Losers: Minnesota’s top four and disappear quickly

On January 16, when Minnesota handed Michigan State’s only defeat to the Michigan State team, the overall ranking rose to 11-5, rising to 4-4 in the top ten rankings, and Gophers ranked in the top 25 in AP Zhongyi rose to 17th place. It feels like they are quickly participating in the NCAA tournament. But in Saturday’s 94-63 loss to Illinois, coach Richard Pitino’s lineup was in trouble.

The Gophers lost eight consecutive games and lost six of the last eight games, falling to 13-10 (6-10 Big Ten). According to Palm’s Bracketology, they have fallen into the “top 4” category, and after the most unbalanced defeat this season, they will have more foundation to make up for. The Gophers play against star center Liam Robbins, who is restricted by an ankle injury. If they want to stop the bleeding, they will need him to recover as soon as possible.

Winner: Kansas State Parade

If you are not fully convinced of the recent turnaround of Kansas No. 23, I cannot say that I blame you. Of the 5 victories that opened in February, 4 were against a team that won (!) in 12 major league games, thanks to two faces against Iowa and Kansas. However, KU showed in Saturday’s game against No. 15 Texas Tech 67-61 that it has indeed turned. This was an impressive defensive game that showed how the Jayhawks team had to keep scorer Mac McClung for 11 points.

The fifth seed of Kansas State (Bracketology), before the playoffs, still has a lot of games to complete the regular season games with Texas and Baylor, but this team is now launching to all cylinders and gradually Gain confidence and rumble towards the most important period of the season.

After the game, Self said: “This is the most exciting moment for the team in my entire year.”

Loser: Indiana collapsed in the second half

As the great William Shakespeare once said: “Indiana, Indiana, why did you defend Indiana in the second half?”

That guy is really a fortune teller!

Last Saturday, the Husseans completely fell in the game against Sparty, and finally lost to 78-71. In the last 20 minutes, Michigan State University scored 52 points in the second half (!), averaging 17 of 30 points per game, 5 of 9 three-pointers, and only four turnovers per game. Before setting a seven-point victory, it once turned a double-digit deficit into a double-digit lead.

IU’s victory may push it to the safe end of the championship bubble and enter a difficult closing stage. Instead, as Jerry Palm stated, IU took photos with Rutgers University, Michigan State, Michigan State University and Purdue University outside to close the regular season.

Winner: Syracuse returns

Syracuse may lose to Notre Dame on Saturday, but the two-quarter odds make them unbearable, but it looks like Orange took the lead when he was 20 points behind early in the second half. At that time Buddy Boeheim took over and led the biggest comeback of the project in the past decade. In the final 11:10, the junior guard scored 17 of his career-high 29 points to help Syracuse rally maintain a 75-67 victory on the NCAA tournament bubble.

If the Orange team (ACC 13-6, 7-5) were to shoot 68, he may have a lot of work to do, but they have now won four of the past five games, and Saturday’s e-sports results may be good . The springboard enters the stretching exercise. Syracuse defeated the Irish Fighters (9-11, 6-8 ACC) 40-12 by 40 points.

Loser: Miami’s worst performance since 2014

Few teams this season are more vulnerable to the double whammy of injury and COVID-10 destruction than Miami. Therefore, despite frequent winds on Coral Gables, it is still very difficult for hurricanes. However, Georgia Tech’s 87-60 loss at home is the pinnacle of an annoying, annoying season, as it qualifies as the biggest victory the Yellow Jackets have achieved in an ACC road race. For Miami, this is the biggest loss since December 19, 2014, when it lost 72-44 to Eastern Kentucky.

Winner: Ryan Daly soars for Saint Joseph

In the first game in two months, St. Joseph’s star Ryan Daly returned hard on Saturday to lead the Eagles to their first A-10 victory after the 0-0 start of the league. Daly tied for a season high with 30 points in 39 minutes of action. They defeated La Salle 91-82. This is St. Joseph’s second victory of the season and the first victory since crossing Albany on January 9.

Winner: Villanova resists the fanatical UConn and stays on Big East

In the top five of the AP Top 25 rankings, eight weeks later, Villanova fell to tenth after losing 16 points in Creighton last Saturday. In the first game since then, the Wildcats rebounded well by handling UConn 68-60 and denying the Eskimos a major victory. The Wildcats (14-3, 9-2 Big East) trailed 42-41 at 14:07, but thanks to the strong closure of stars Collin Gillespie and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl. Together they scored 37 points out of Villanova’s 68 points.

The Wildcats are the second seed in the latest Bracketology.

Loser: Longhorns suffer the collapse of Texas at home

In the second half, Texas led West Virginia by 19 points, but eventually fell with an 84-82 loss. For a team in Texas, this in itself is not ideal. In the past month, a Texas team could not imagine the magic of the beginning of the season. However, the way it fell apart is particularly worrying.

Only a few minutes in the second half, when Andrew Jones and Courtney Ramey entered the oral debate on the field, the game began to fall apart, causing the two to separate. From there, the third seed of West Virginia (Bracketology) ended the game with a score of 34-18 and successfully prevented a potential game win and tie in the final seconds.

The fourth seed of Texas Bracketology is undoubtedly still in the game field with its strong resume, but the loss is the least troublesome thing to develop on the court in Austin, Texas. The loss is really disturbing.

Winner: Noah Williams has a professional game

Washington State sophomore guard Williams (Williams) contributed 40 points and led the Cougars to a 85-76 victory over Stanford in a triple overtime. Williams needs 35 strokes to reach the total, but his three-pointer percentage of 18 points and 8 points-including the score that forced the first OT-made his team one of the best victories of the season.

The loss was particularly cruel to Stanford University. According to Palm, Stanford University became one of the “top four” in the NCAA tournament field. Since Klay Thompson scored 43 points in 2011, Williams is the first player in Washington State to score 40 points.

Winner: The team that won the league championship

Both Cleveland State University and Wright State University won Saturday’s Horizon League regular season championship. This milestone is particularly important for Cleveland State University’s plan, which had experienced five consecutive losing seasons in the conference before this year. The Vikings beat Purdue Fort Wayne by 20 points in the second half on Saturday, overcoming a 12-point break at halftime.

Remember UMBC? The Hounds-known for their historic mistakes in Virginia in 2018, and ranked 16th in the NCAA Championship-won the US Eastern Conference regular season championship this weekend. This is actually UMBC’s first regular season league championship since the 2007-08 season. Maybe we will see hounds in the big dance.

Belmont also looks very suitable for the NCAA tournament. The Bears defeated Tennessee Tech 90-66 and won the OVC regular season championship. This is the plan’s 12th league championship in the past 16 years.

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