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College basketball results, winners and losers: Some SEC teams have suffered heavy losses, but Alabama won the league championship

Saturday was a pretty noisy day on the college basketball team, and the performance of the teams inside and outside the bubble-both inside and outside the bubble echoed the most.

For some of the biggest brands in the sport, it is good or bad. North Carolina (North Carolina) defeated Florida State University (No 11 Florida State) with a stunning victory, and the gift pack package Roy Williams (Roy Williams) at home against Marquette (Marquette) also Strikingly fell for a few days and won the 900th championship. Statewide, this is not as optimistic as Duke’s defeat to Louisville in overtime. Both are among the “top four”

; of Jerry Palm who entered the day. Therefore, although UNC itself did play a certain role, the loss of Duke University was related to its archives. in contrast.

In non-bubble news, today (mostly) is a good day for the top ranked teams, with some exceptions. Michigan, ranked third, got rid of the wavering Indiana state, improved its resume, and gained the number one seed. A car was stolen from Illinois Route 5 on Wisconsin Route 23. Arkansas, ranked 20th, won the 1 billionth game in a row. This is the SEC’s 9th consecutive win.

But the others were not so lucky. The second place among them was Baylor, which was the first loss this season. Therefore, as these things proceed, naturally many losers will emerge from the dust of that day. So let’s start with our obsession at Duke and then move forward with some other winners and losers.

Loser: Duke missed a huge opportunity to improve his resume

After winning the last four games and unexpectedly reversing the season without the services of Jalen Johnson, Duke entered the periphery of the bubble on Saturday and had the opportunity to break into the bubble and enter 68 prediction areas . Louis, Louisville has other plans, and that is to go to Cameron Indoor and drive the Blue Devils out of their home court during overtime 80-73. Don’t nail it to Duke’s coffin for now. There is still enough time for course corrections. But this was one of Jerry Palm’s “final four” before the game, and it was a difficult home defeat for Cards, and it didn’t help him. The latter Is the expected eighth seed.

Loser: Baylor loses for the first time this season

The second-placed Baylor looked flat earlier this week when it suspended the COVID for three weeks and barely stepped on Iowa State University. On Saturday’s game against Kansas State No. 17, it looked similarly rocky-only hit 6 of 26 three-point attempts and shot 23 of 66 from the field-but Once it paid the price. Its 71-58 loss is Baylor’s first game of the season, which means that there is only one undefeated team left on the college basketball team: No. 1 Gonzaga.

Winner: Alabama locked in the regular season SEC title

Alabama, ranked sixth, is the second seed of Palm’s Bracketology and started the day. Before facing Arkansas earlier this week and falling to Arkansas, he only needs to win one victory to win the SEC regular season championship. However, the long-awaited victory finally came against Mississippi State on Saturday, because its 64-59 victory won Tide’s crown and brought them their first regular season SEC championship since 2002. -And retained two regular season games.

Winner: Xavier won the Big Bubble Award

Xavier (13-5, 6-5 Big East) chose a good time to stop the downturn in his counterparts with Creighton in the Big East. On Senior Day, the Musketeers defeated the No. 13 Blue Jays with a score of 77-69 and skid for three games. X’s victory was a key victory for the team sm fight in the middle of Jerry Palm’s frightening bubble, and it was the No. 9 seed that started the day. This is the first time they have surpassed their ranked opponents in the entire season, and after nearly twelve games have been postponed in a season, it has injected hope into their championship hopes.

Loser: Wisconsin lost the understaffed Illini

Wisconsin No. 23 faced an Illinois team that lacked Ayo Dosunmu. He was unable to take advantage of his absence during the disappointing senior day (a 74-69 loss on that day). Wisconsin (Wisconsin) was the seventh seed, but he never led the game. It did make it interesting later and climbed to a point where Illini’s lead. But this is not the night in Wisconsin.

Losing the game itself-to compete with the top five Illinois State University team, which ranked second in Bracketology and competed for first. -This is not the reason why the not team lost here, although it is certainly an important reason. The problem is that they ensured that they performed poorly in February. Their only three victories defeated the last three teams in the league (Nebraska, Penn State University and Northwestern University).

Winner: Arkansas is still hot in SEC drama

I finally figured out the real reason why Eric Musselman kept taking off his shirt during the post-match celebrations. This is because his team is absolutely positively hot.

Razorbacks, ranked 20th, are the third seed in Palm’s latest bracket. They won the seventh consecutive LSU game 83-75. A team won the No. 9 seed in Palm’s Bracketology, but on the bubble, There was no sign of a hangover after the elimination of the SEC. -Leader Alabama earlier this week. This is Razorback’s 9th victory in 10 games, and the 9th consecutive victory in the league as they continue to build momentum in the playoffs.

Winner: Cade Cunningham (Cade Cunningham) with Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma State)

What will happen when the future No. 1 pick competes with college players? Consider answering hypothetical questions: 40 points, 11 rebounds and 1 victory. This is how Oklahoma State University freshman Cade Cunningham (Cade Cunningham) played against his Oklahoma State opponent in Saturday’s Bedlam game.

After the game, coach Mike Boynton said: “People know that he is a very good player.” “For the biggest game we planned, during the trip, he stepped up and prepared to participate in the highest level of competition, I do not Surprised.”

Boynton added: “By the way, he is 19 years old, just in case someone needs to remind him why he is different.”

Loser: Tennessee lays eggs

After losing to Kentucky and Louisiana State University in the past two weeks, Saturday became Tennessee’s 25th day of rebound, with the only victories coming from South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Instead, in the absence of the service of Tiger Star guard Sharife Cooper (Sharife Cooper), Vols issued a puzzling smell and fell on the road to Auburn (Auburn) 77- 72 on the way. Tennessee State was the fourth seed at the beginning of the day, and his shooting ability was better than Auburn on the court and in long distance games. But the big advantage of the Tigers is that with Auburn’s support, the free throw percentage reached an astonishing 37-10.

Walls coach Rick Barnes said: “I don’t understand this contradiction.” “There are enough people playing enough basketball now. But this week we have to look back and take a closer look. All of us , Everyone in the program. See if we can use this week to get better.”

Barnes added that the players’ lack of understanding of the role and lack of confidence in the game pose a real problem for Tennessee, which will continue to appear at inconveniences this season.

He said: “If we can do this: let people play their role in the way they should, then we can.”

Winner: Texas Tech University demonstrates strong defensive capabilities

In a fierce battle, it was tied at a rate of 33 points per game in the half-time in Lubbock, Texas, ranking 14th in Texas and 18th in Texas Tech. Until suddenly, this is not the case. The Red Raiders got rid of the half-time game by limiting defense. At the opening eight minutes and fifty-five seconds of the second half, Texas did not make a field goal. During that time, the Red Raiders took a 10-point lead, easily enough to win 68-59.

Techa is predicted to be the No. 6 seed, lost the last three games on the day of entry, and steadily regressed in the championship position during that slip, so it needs to confront the Longhorns, who is the predicted No. 4 seed.

Winner: Liberty won the A-Sun regular season championship

In the de facto winner-takes-all Saturday game between the two top A-Sun teams, the Liberty defeated Bellarmine 94-78 in the regular season finals, broke the tie and won the league championship. This is the ninth consecutive victory for the Statue of Liberty, raising the total points to 20-5 and ensuring that under Ritchie McKay (Ritchie McKay), the Flames have won 20 consecutive seasons. They will participate in the conference competition as the number one seed.

Winner: Texas State University won the Sun Belt

When Texas State University coach Danny Kaspar was about to resign in September in his eighth season, the Bobcats promoted assistant Terrence Johnson to interim head coach , I hope that the plan can be developed on the basis of the momentum of the 20-win season. Johnson did a great job and eventually defeated Louisiana Monroe on Friday night to win the project’s first “Sun Belt” title. In the cruel turn of fate, Johnson did not stand on the verge of victory due to the COVID-19 agreement. But in any case, the team managed to find an innovative way to celebrate with him. Not bad for a team ranked fifth in the league.

Loser: Indiana’s NCAA Tournament Hope

There is no shame in losing to Michigan State, but losing five thirds in a row on the NCAA tournament bubble is quite shameful, especially when you have a player like Trayce Jackson-Davis. If Indiana can achieve some victories, Jackson Davis will join Luca Garza of Iowa and Ayo Dusum of Illinois in the “Top Ten Player of the Year” dialogue. In any case, the No. 3 Wolverines will become the second seed in Palm’s next Bracketolgy update. They performed well in raising the Indiana star to a 73-57 victory, leaving IU in the winning field next week. Michigan State University and Purdue University’s regular season finals. But at this point, it is increasingly difficult to believe that Indians in Indiana are capable of winning large bids.

Georgia Institute of Technology’s senior coach Moses Wright was one of the most underrated players in the ACC for two consecutive seasons, and now he is starting to look like one of the most underrated players in the United States. The 6-foot-9 forward has barely graduated from high school, and under the leadership of coach Josh Pastner, he has continuously improved his productivity every season. It now appears that Wright’s task is to make the Yellow Jackets participate in the first NCAA tournament since 2010. His 31 points and 16 rebounds allowed Georgia Tech to beat Syracuse, the team’s fourth consecutive victory. Wright averaged 23.8 points and 10.3 rebounds during the winning streak. Those are Garza-like numbers. For a team just starting out, they arrived at the right time. This is one of the expected “final four” in the NCAA tournament field.

Loser: Miss Ole’s NCAA Tournament Hope

With five victories in the past six games, including two wins in Missouri and one victory in Tennessee, Ole Miss entered the bubble and entered the absent Vanderbilt game on Saturday. But the Commodores may have broken the rebel bubble with a 75-70 victory, which is only their third victory in the league. For SEC competitors, any victory is a good choice for the winning Commodores, but this is a very important moment because they do not have leading scorers Scotty Pippen and Dylan Disu. The two averaged 35.5 points per game. In their absence, the trio of Trey Thomas, DJ Harvey and Isaac McBride scored 37 points off the bench.

Winner: Clemson’s resurrection is real

With the coming of February, Clemson seemed to be done. The 9-1 start includes victories at Purdue University, Maryland, Alabama and Florida. But in January, Virginia lost 35 points, Georgia Tech lost 18 points, Florida State University lost 19 points and Duke lost 26 points. It turns out that the Tigers are just waiting for the second wind. Saturday’s 66-58 victory over Miami was not a beautiful thing, but it was Clemson’s fifth consecutive victory. The Tigers are now 15-5 (9-5 ACC), are the projected fourth seed in Palm’s latest Bracketology, and have won very well against Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

Winner: Gonzaga is the last undefeated man

Gonzaga pulled out his usual stunts and sniffed the food before swallowing. But when the Bulldogs began to withdraw from Loyola Marymount late in the first half, they never looked back and became the only undefeated team in the country with a score of 86-69, thus getting rid of this day. This victory also marked Gonzaga’s 51st consecutive victories, which is a new plan record. This is the longest consecutive home win record in the United States. It is worth noting that Zags’ regular season has ended and will enter the West Coast Conference next week with a record of 24 to 0.

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