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College Basketball Draft-Can Texas continue to develop in West Virginia?

The Clemson Tigers ended one of the most historic winning streaks in college basketball last season, shooting down the North Carolina tar high heels in Chapel Hill for the first time. UNC performed better in the 2020-21 season, but so did Clemson, and Clemson entered the top 20 teams in their most recent ACC. Our experts watched this game and other top games on the weekend, and also provided highlights for the current situation of the 2021 Wooden Awards and some important, recent departures in major basketball teams.

(Editor’s note: Clemson, North Carolina was postponed on Friday)

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It took Clemson 60 games and 93 years to win at Chapel Hill. The 1
9th-ranked Tigers seem to have a reasonable chance of two consecutive games on Saturday (7pm EST, ESPN). Won the championship for the first time. What do you think of the position of the Tal High Heels team in March? Give fans a reason to think that it can still become a relevant team in North Carolina. (Editor’s note: Clemson, North Carolina was postponed on Friday).

Senior college basketball writer Myron Medcalf: I think this team will continue to develop into 8 or 9 seeds, but I don’t know it will move forward. These Tar Heels can grab a lot of offensive rebounds, but they can’t take advantage of these second opportunities because they can’t shoot. Therefore, in this bad season, they can easily fall into the first round.

On hooplens.com, when Caleb Love was on the court, they only produced 92 points per 100 rounds and committed nearly one-fifth of them. If they don’t know the position of the point guard, they will have more trouble in the next few months. Related? Well, they still have many top five-star recruits and top 20 defensive departments. If the offensive efficiency improves, they can win the game in March. Maybe.

College basketball insider Jeff Borzello: Entering the season, my biggest concern for tar high heels is their wing scoring and whether they can find a stable outside shot. I think Garrison Brooks and Armando Bakot will bear most of the internal burden. I liked Darren Sharp in high school, and I hope Love will soon become a good point guard. The last part has not happened yet, this is a huge problem.

Carolina made a difficult turnover and tried to shoot from 3 points. I’m not sure if these changes will happen soon. Having said that, I think the ACC ranking is not very high, so they should be ranked in the top six or seven in the league and become the NCAA tournament with a 9-10 seed. Compared with past Carolina iterations, this team’s defensive performance is better, the inside team is still the elite, and I still have hope for “love”.

College basketball writer John Gasaway: This is still a UNC-related team, because Tar Heels does two things well. North Carolina defended and knocked down offensive glass. As for shooting, did I mention that North Carolina played on defense and knocked down offensive glass? These two characteristics are enough to prove that they completed two or three games with a score of over .500 in the ACC competition and won the 9th place in the competition. If there is nothing else, high heels will always miss shots (this happens occasionally) and rely on Brooks, Bacot or Sharpe to get them.

ESPN Bracket Scientist Joe Lunardi: What Tar Heels really needs is to make Cole Anthony one year younger. The former star of last season will be an indispensable thing for this year’s team. However, in the real world, North Carolina’s winger still has a long way to go to balance its productive frontcourt. The size of UNC is still a big advantage, but compared to the best teams in the country, other teams will be severely defeated. Fortunately, there does not seem to be the best team participating in the ACC, so high heels should sneak into the game. They will not wear white clothes, and the top four are not impossible.

The watch list for the Wooden Award with 25 players was announced on Wednesday night. What will the top three of your wooden ballots look like now?

Medcalf: to be frank. Luka Garza in Iowa occupies all three attractions, right? I think this field is striving for second place. If I told you before the season, Garza, who was second only to Obi Toppin in last year’s game, would return with a 6-foot-11 big man’s three-point percentage and 49% from the three-point line, Arc and 74%. All of the charitable donations from KenPom are the best offensive team in the United States. You may not believe me. But this is what happened. This is his award.

For the second place, I will choose Corey Kispert from Gonzaga. In the 2013-14 season, Doug McDermott averaged 26.7 points and 7.0 rebounds per game, and his 45% three-point shooting percentage was also reflected. Kispert averaged 21.6 PPG, 4.5 RPG and 2.2 APG per game on the No. 1 team in the United States, and his three-point shooting percentage reached 51%, although he is adjacent to point guard Jalen Suggs, who may be the No. One pick in this year’s NBA draft. The third place is Ayo Dosunmu (23.0 PPG) of Illinois.

Gasaway: Garza, Jared Butler of Baylor and Hunter Dickinson of Michigan. To be clear, Dickinson did not appear in the middle of the 25th season, and he will not actually be within a mile of the Wooden Award. He is a freshman and was not hyped up before the start of the season, so he will not be able to balance with (worth!) people like Garza and Butler. But everyone did me a favor, comparing the young man’s two-point shooting and ball possession usage with what I saw at Duke (a famous freshman) two years ago. This is an enlightening comparison.

Lunadi: Garza is the obvious first choice, and this situation is unlikely to change. After that, I will go with the best players of the two best teams, Drew Timme of Gonzaga and Jared Butler of Baylor. In fact, if you click, Butler and Ayo Dosunmu will be tied for third place. And, if Butler had stars named after Jared Baylor, how confusing would it be?

Borsello: I think Garza is the obvious choice for the number one. He is the favorite who won the Wooden Award this year and became the darling of the season, but he did not let him down. His “bad” games are still 18 and 6, 22 and 9, 16 and 14. These numbers alone may be enough to attract players from all-American teams. Although I think there is a considerable gap between Garza and Dosunmu, I would choose Dosunmu to rank second. Dosunmu scored at least 30 points in three games. He performed very well late in the game and greatly improved his peripheral scoring ability.

I like Gasoway’s hunter Dickinson yelling, Jared Butler will join my mid-season team, but I will take my third player to the Gonzaga team. , That is Suggs. Then Timme will be the first choice. However, now, Kispert is working. In the past four games, he scored at least 25 points in all three games, shooting 75.8% in the second quarter and 50.8% in the third quarter.

The four players on the original wooden watch list-Keyontae Johnson (Florida), Caleb Mills (Houston), Chris Smith (UCLA) and Oscar Tshiebwe (West Virginia)-will no longer play this season. Which of them can withstand the absence of March the most and make some noise in March, and which team has the most trouble?

Borsello: I go to Houston. I think that with or without Mills, the Cougars are clearly a member of the AAC, which probably means that they should enter the NCAA tournament with their best seed. Kelvin Sampson was also installed on the periphery. Quentin Grimes has the type of season that we all expected to graduate from high school a few years ago, Marcus Sasser is great, and DeJon Jarreau It is know-it-all. Freshman Tramon Mark also has his own moment.

I actually think all four teams should survive their absence and participate in the NCAA tournament, but Florida may have the biggest trouble. Keyontae Johnson (Keyontae Johnson) is the best player among the four absentees, although the transfers to Anthony Trujhi (Louisiana Tech) and Colin Castleton (Michigan) have recently He performed well in the game, but my biggest concern is the Gators.

Medcalf: I also think Houston will be fine. The role of Mills is changing to become an excellent Cougars team that does not require him to record the game record from a year ago. We’ve already seen Justin Gorham (Justin Gorham has 12.5 PPG in the past two games without Mills) doing more offensively to help his team in Defeated SMU and Wichita State in back-to-back matches. Sampson knows the team well.

I also think Florida has the most influence on this list. Johnson was becoming a potential first-round pick when he fell from Florida State in the scariest event of the year. In addition, the SEC looks more complicated than entering this season.

Gasaway: Without Mills, Houston certainly looks good. The Cougars are an undefeated basket, and for now, we are likely to see this team have very few losses at the end of the regular season. Mills was the featured scorer last year, but he is not a tough guy in terms of efficiency. In his absence, Grimes could do this job, while UH overwhelmed American opponents with offensive rebounds and playing opportunities.

Lunadi: For all the above reasons, the subconscious answer is Houston. But West Virginia’s epic comeback in Oklahoma is still the most important thing, and Bob Huggins seems happy to play with Derek Culver. Be the only wolf. I think the climbers will be fine. Sadly, the biggest loss is Keyontae Johnson of Florida.

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