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ColdSnap is a soft ice cream machine similar to Keurig

A new machine called ColdSnap, whose appearance and function are similar to the Keurig of soft ice cream, has become one of the hottest products at this year’s all-digital CES technology show. When most of the event (like most of our lives) is focused on adapting to the pandemic, ColdSnap promises to provide something sweeter on demand.

The sales method of the system is: put various flavors of shelf-stable, recyclable ice cream boxes in the refrigerator, then freeze them for about 90 seconds, and then distribute them into cups or cones. The company is also committed to making pods for smoothies, frozen coffee, protein shakes, non-dairy ice cream and frozen cocktails (such as mud cakes and daiquiri). The machine reads the QR code on the top of the pod label to find the specific freezing temperature of each product.

The product is only in the prototype stage and is scheduled to be launched in a specific location in the second quarter of 2021

and delivered directly to consumers early next year. Where am I in this life? category. But the price is not as cheap as the product: $1,000. (The company stated that its goal is to eventually reduce it by half.)

The product’s successor entrepreneur Matthew Fonte stated that creating safe, convenient (rarely cleaned), cost-effective and sustainable pods is a difficult task. The pod container is made of aluminum, just like a soda can. Keurig and other single-use pod manufacturers have long been criticized for not being able to recycle their products.

The Keurig system ColdSnap for software ice cream is expected to start shipping early next year

Fonte, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, said: “This is challenging and requires a lot of development and engineering expertise.” “In the beginning, many people didn’t think it was [scientifically] Such ice cream can be made in about a minute or so. “

The company said that the machine simultaneously extracts heat from the pods, which cools the liquid ice cream mixture and engages a part of the pods to agitate the ingredients during the cooling process. Air is sucked into the tank so that the ice cream achieves the desired bulkiness.

The idea started a few years ago, when Fonte and his two daughters were tired of reading the same book before going to bed and decided to write in the “Journal of Invention”.

He told the CNN Department of Commerce: “We include new toys, toothbrushes and hula hoops.” “One day, they asked for an ice cream maker.”

He explained that home ice cream machines are usually not efficient. Many people need to freeze a bucket overnight, and the mixing process must be consistent and clean up a mess. “How about the Keurig ice cream machine?” a daughter asked.

The rest is hisstrawberry.

Fonte’s background played an important role in promoting this process. He and his brother worked in the metalworking industry for 20 years with their father (an Italian immigrant), producing rocket engine shells for missiles. After selling the business, they began to focus on hyperelastic orthopedic implants. The company’s team later left and co-founded ColdSnap.

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He said: “My daughters are very interesting, they have seen the whole process of starting a company, buying a 2500 square foot building, obtaining a patent and owning shares in the company.” “I have been explaining how investors invest in us and we How not let them down.”

Since then, the company has grown into a team of 18 people. Despite the high price tag, Fonte said the company still attracts thousands of people to buy the product. “Sometimes we get some tips on the website saying:’Hurry up. I need this.'”

The ice cream machine inspired by Keurig is not new. LG demonstrated a prototype of a frozen yogurt pod system called “Snow White” at the 2019 SXSW conference in Austin, while startup Wim Yogurt developed a frozen yogurt machine priced at $299, but suspended operations in 2018 . At the same time, the price of a traditional home ice cream machine is less than $100.
The cost of the ColdSnap system may be reminiscent of the memory of Juicero, which is supported by Google and other companies, and is a $400 network-connected Keurig juice extraction system. It received US$120 million in funding, but ultimately failed due to high prices. Many people claimed that Silicon Valley was out of touch with the rest of the United States. There are also reports that squeezing the juice packs of startups with the bare hands of the machine can achieve the same results.

However, ColdSnap was originally used in commercial spaces, such as office lounges, car dealerships and student unions. When Covid went public earlier last year, the company refocused its work. Fonte said his goal is to reduce the price to $500 by replacing the stainless steel parts of the plastic fixture. The price of each pod is $2.99 ​​when it starts.

There are many derivative products like Keurig, from pod coffee, pod cocktail to pod biscuits, everything. ColdSnap claims that its products are cleaner to use due to recyclable aluminum containers similar to Red Bull cans and the process of keeping ice cream in the cold before shipping it.

Judging from the overwhelming response, people still seem to want such a product to become a reality. Fonte said US interest is high, but he also sees opportunities in regions with uneven cold supply chains such as India and China, and may benefit from an on-demand system like ColdSnap.

“We hope that maybe one day, 20 years later, people will look back and say:’Remember that ice cream is frozen all the time? How crazy is that?”

Perhaps innovation is the best choice.

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