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CodeMiko will see you now

When I watch CodeMiko, I think a lot about unreality-although not for obvious reasons. Although Miko is a virtual creation, a punk-like motion capture digital avatar and a knack for expressing her personality, I found myself more interested in the nature of her performance. She is just attractive, I am not sure I can describe why.

I can tell you that her video stream is a combination of interviews with large-scale streaming media, fiddling with motion capture software, and strange interactions with chat. It is worth mentioning that since taking office in March, Miko̵

7;s channel has attracted 640,000 followers, and now she has sent messages to more than 7,000 viewers at any moment during the live broadcast. But I don’t believe that any of them contains the true essence of her Gonzo.What am I Yes What is certain is that Miko will stay, no matter what she wants to do, she will reshape the Twitch landscape in her image-and provide everyone with healthy singularities in the process.

Behind CodeMiko is a real person whose name is Is not Miko, but seems to prefer to be called Miko, and the role played in Liu’s novel is called a technician. The technicians keep Miko’s hardware running, and I talked to her through video chat the other day to talk about the charm of the character.

“Miko is a failed video game character. Her dream is that she wants to participate in a 3A video game, but she is faltering and unable to do it,” said The Technician, who is also Miko. “So, she started to try Twitch streaming.” Miko technicians describe the virtual streamer as someone who fits the classic prototype of a struggling Hollywood actress-anyone who just wants to star in a movie, any movie, except in the case of Miko, this Actually any game. (Look up, game developer.) “She is an NPC,” Miko (technician) said.

I’m going to pause here to point out that yes, I’m doing a profiling of virtual creation-technically speaking, this is a streamer, technically speaking, it does not exist, at least not in our meat field. Although she is not alone, she still does not exist and creates content. By now, you may have heard of Miko’s companion vtubers (“virtual YouTubers”), a term that has now become a general term for a very popular group of online entertainers who use digital restoration techniques to cover their faces and bodies. I don’t think Miko is a real vtuber, because the people behind the whole thing are well known and often appear on the camera. I know that this distinction may be considered split hair.

Anyway: at least on Twitch, CodeMiko’s reputation has begun to surpass her. In the early days, Technician-Miko used her own words to do everything and all the design, programming, management and marketing work became full-time virtual streaming media. “When I did it myself, I had a very strict schedule, to fall asleep at around 9pm, wake up at 2am, and then develop until around 12am,” Miko said. “Then at 12:30 noon, I will stream and then stream to 5 or 6.” She used to do this every day.

However, now she has hired a team and her schedule is different. If there are thousands of concurrent viewers, then streaming will change the life of streaming media even if it is not necessarily a priority. She said that nowadays, Miko’s attention is divided in millions of different ways, and when she is not streaming, she is mainly responsible for managing and supervising her account. Of course, this is the result of Miko growing so fast on Twitch. She said: “I think I increased from 200 viewers to 10,000 viewers in just a few weeks.” The increase came from a viral tweet posted at the end of November, which showed a side-by-side video of Streamer Miko and Technician-Miko. She said: “This kind of tweets spread quickly and benefited my first 1,000 viewers.”

That’s when things started. Her clips began to circulate on r/LivestreamFail, which acts as a repository for Twitch plays. The larger streamers will see them, then surprise her, and then she will interview them in the performance. This is a virtuous circle that made Miko T a star on Twitch, and it is also obvious that she has not been completely dealt with.

“When I have 200 to 300 viewers, I’m like’When I attract 1,000 viewers, this will be my goal, and it will feel great. I will, good.” She said. “But I hit 1,000. Then the next day, I reached 2,000. The next day, I reached 3,000.” She told me she was grateful, yes, it was great. But until now, in the months since she became a prominent figure, she seems to have begun to accept the idea of ​​becoming a prominent figure on Twitch.

This makes sense; nobody Blew up quickly on Twitch. Miko started her streaming career because she was fired from the animation studio she had just left after moving to Los Angeles in March last year. As you remember, this happened to be the beginning of the American pandemic. She must continue to pay a monthly rent of $2,000 in Los Angeles, which will last for nearly a full year. She said: “And I think you know that one of the good things to do now is not to try to find a job.” “Let me put down 20 records and try to be successful on Twitch.”

And this is exactly what she did. “My suit is about 12 to 13k. Then, I have a computer, an iPhone camera, a helmet, and a software subscription. However, the mocap software subscription is actually very expensive,” she said. She invested $20,000 on the credit card. “I told myself that I would not have a backup. Because if I did have a backup, then I would give up.” She said. “If I don’t have a backup, I must do it.”

There are also witches. She has built a world full of fascinating characters and extremely edited moments around herself. In the past, she was temporarily banned from using Twitch twice. When I talked to her, although her livelihood was strained every time, she didn’t seem to feel too much pressure.Nathan Grayson report KosakuSo far, Miko’s ban seems to be due to some small slips that violate the text of Twitch TOS (if not mentally). (Just like she asked viewers to pay to send her “D picture”, this is actually a picture of the letter “D” displayed on the phone. Twitch doesn’t seem to find this joke funny.) IP is more interesting. “Miko said with a smile.”[It] Produce a little color. ”

No matter what happens, it is clear that Miko (Streamer or The Technician) will stay. She also plans to try new things to chat. “I’m trying to make myself like Grand Theft Auto Carpool Karaoke On the crack. I want guests, we want to drive there. “She said. “And we will travel through the city, trying to reach the destination, but chatting hinders all kinds of things. ”

Chatting with her gives a unique impression that Miko (no matter which Miko you want to imagine) is full of unlimited creativity in her channel. It’s like talking to someone at a party in the wee hours of the morning, when the world tilts slightly in the right way. This is effective, although she said it obscured how much energy she put into her channel. Successful performance is looking for something useful to the audience, and Miko is committed to trying anything she thinks may satisfy her fans.

She said: “I will do it, and if possible, keep it.” “If it doesn’t work, then throw it away.”

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