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Coaching candidates in North Carolina: Hubert Davis, Wes Miller

An amazing news came out on Thursday: I think Roy Williams’ retirement in North Carolina has opened up the best job in college basketball.

So who will get it? Who should North Carolina contact? If you want to list qualified candidates, at least you will pick up the phone…then this list will have three more names. But let’s narrow it down here. The biggest factor still unclear is: Will North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham (Bubba Cunningham) choose to hire “Carolina guys,” or will he expand his search to provide him with the best candidate?

Obviously, the choice should be the latter, which does not mean that someone in the Tar Heel family will not get the show in the end. However, when a college basketball franchise is vacant, the best practice is to search a wide range so that the best possible candidate can find you.

Replacing Williams is not an enviable task, but one feeling that can overcome this pressure is the opportunity to be awarded the title: the head coach of the North Carolina Men̵

7;s Basketball Team.

Let us look at the candidates.

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Two UNC names are worth a look

Hubert Davis, Assistant of North Carolina The former UNC star cares about the coaching work of his alma mater so much that he left a relaxed ESPN show in 2012 to join the Williams staff. Davis, now 50, will have any candidate for nearly ten years in Chapel Hill for this job. Some of the news stems from asking me a loud question earlier today: Did Williams quietly promote Davis in the past few days, when he learned that he was about to retire? Even if he did, Cunningham should also owe the plan and its foundations in order to find the best candidate. But Davis is already regarded as the early leader of the position.

UNC Greensboro coach Wes Miller -The biggest factor in his favor is having ten years of program operation experience. Since 2011, Miller has been the coach of UNC Greensboro University (UNC Greensboro) and participated in the NCAA tournament twice, accumulating a record of 182-134. UNCG has been in the top three of SoCon for five consecutive years. Miller played for Williams (he was the national championship team in 2005) and has long been considered an ideal potential successor. He is 38 years old and may be one of the 5 best coaches under 45 in this sport. His young half-brother Walker Miller happened to be on the UNC roster. UNC fans may applaud this employee.

Six out-of-home goals

Gonzaga (Mark Few), Gonzaga (Gonzaga)- MAYBE is the only job that can free Spokane. The timing here is great. Few Bulldogs have won two wins in immortal sports. Over the years, he has rejected many high-profile opportunities. If someone wants him to pick up the phone and at least listen to it, this is it. Few people and Williams are very close friends. The 58-year-old man has the highest winning rate in the history of men’s DI college basketball. North Carolina needs to call him, at least ask. If he is completely interested, then the question becomes: Does winning the national championship at Gonzaga make him more or less likely to challenge Chapel Hill?

Tony Bennett, Virginia- In college basketball, you will find an excellent coach. Bennett has won a national championship and is the best coach in the seven seasons of the ACC. From a national perspective, UNC and Duke University will always be the top two programs in the conference, but the reality of the past seven years is that Virginia has surpassed both of them on the court and became the defeated team. . Is Bennett willing to pull Chris Beard and stay in the league when he quit? If he is willing to think about it, he succeeded there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls coach -A source told me that Donovan has long spoken highly of Carolina’s work. A source even told me on Thursday that if Tar Heels’s job was open while he was preparing for the Bulls show, he would consider it (if any). Donovan is unlikely to leave the NBA for college, not when he entered Chicago in his first season and still has a reputation in the league. But if UNC is hoping for higher goals and looking for an NBA coach, Donovan seems more likely than Brad Stevens-and Donovan is the only one on this list to win more than one national The candidate for the championship.

Scott Drew, Baylor -The Bears entered the fourth final in 71 years.He achieved incredible guidance Baylor Men’s Basketball. Drew is only 50 years old, but if he wants, he has won 390 games and has at least a 20-year lead on the bench. His manners are specially designed to handle such work. Is UNC interested enough? Will winning the national championship this year change everything? Remember, UNC advertiser Bubba Cunningham is on the selection committee and has witnessed all of this with his own eyes because he has been in Indianapolis for several weeks with the NCAA.

Chris Holtmann of Ohio State University -I think this is a stage. Even at this point, the coach who receives the call will say yes. The source confirmed to the CBS Department of Sports that Indiana has contacted the Holtman camp to express interest, but the negotiations have not escalated. North Carolina has a higher job than IU, and I believe he will accept it. Holtmann maintains a record of 201-128. However, before reaching this stage, UNC will have to obtain veto power from at least four or five other candidates outside the UNC family.

Matt Painter, Purdue University -If North Carolina wants to spy on the top ten giants after Holtmann, it will be a good choice. Overall, Painter’s record and resume have performed well, and no coach has entered the semifinals yet. Five sweet top 16 runs, which reached the highest level in 2019, including promotion to the elite eight, and then lost the classic in overtime, and finally won the championship Virginia. The painter’s career record is 380-189.

I will list the two unlisted names below at the bottom: Nate Oats with Jay Wright. Although Wright should make a phone call, it turned out that he rejected the interest of the NBA and won multiple national championships when he scored Villanova into the top ten national games, but I don’t believe he will leave. Compared to North Carolina, Villanova is doing a better job, but compared to UNC, the Villanova project is in a better position. Wright will not go anywhere. As for oats, it would be interesting for the media to hire a coach on record in Chapel Hill and adjust Mike Krzyzewski, but the fact is that the purchase price of oats is about 1,000 About ten thousand dollars, this will be a big price. There is almost no choice, and you can almost choose this job yourself.

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